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The Sims 3: Belatedly Night Expansion
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The Sims 3: Supernatural Expansion
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The Sims 3: Vampire

Vampires in the Supernatural and Tardily Night Expansions

Past Thomas Hickman (aka samoht04)

Vampires were first introduced into the game through The Sims 3 Tardily Night Expansion. Some people have said that Vampires are ane of those features that y’all want to turn off merely can’t, equally the Story Progression will automatically create Vampires in any Neighbourhood. I personally find them to be corking additions to the game. They are the Supernatural Brute of the Late Night Expansion like the mummies of Earth Adventures and the Simbots of Ambitions. At that place is a lot to larn nigh the new Vampire life land, so I will endeavor to prove you as much as I tin.

The Sims 3 Supernatural
The Sims 3 Supernatural: Vampire Improvements

Simmers who buy The Sims iii Supernatural will also get vampires, which are in a slightly improved state. Vampires don’t proceeds hidden skill levels equally fairies, witches, and werewolves do. However, they practice now take their own Lifetime Wish (Plough the Boondocks) and their fangs can be customized in Create-a-Sim. Vampires get a few new social interactions with Supernatural every bit well.

Mayhap the biggest improvements for them are their new options in the daylight. Alchemists can make sunscreen that allows vampires to dodge the ill effects of the dominicus, and an Elixir which will turn a Sim into a Vampire. With the Immortal Lifetime Reward, they non only stop crumbling but likewise become a +30 moodlet for being in the sun, as they now sparkle.

How to become a Vampire:

First your Sim must befriend a Vampire otherwise they won’t become the option to become i. Your Sim must choose to ‘Be Turned’ into a Vampire from a Vampire Friend. You can not go turned without selecting the ‘Inquire to be turned’ interaction. This will and then pb to the period of Metamorphosis. After a bite on the neck…

The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires
The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires

Sims are covered in swirling red mist and black bat shapes, and so the chaos settles. No changes in advent volition be axiomatic at this stage. An unusual blotch moodlet will be placed on the Sim, and ane of several letters from the Vampire who turned them, such as:

“You took that well! I am Impressed! Your future is nigh to get a trivial more interesting!”

“It is done. Prepare to wake into an eternal night!”

For a few days your Sim will stay the same, just during that period several letters volition popular up:

“The bite itches ever then slightly. Information technology’s enough to resist the urge to scratch though.”

Followed a day or 2 subsequently with:

“The heat! It’s every bit if my claret is on fire, literally boiling inside my veins. What accept I gotten myself into?

And then finally a few days later the Sim will ‘Complete Metamorphosis’ . The Sim will brainstorm to glow with a few blood-red sparkles and so a consuming burning light. Ruddy lasers shoot from the Sim’s eyes and one time over again the swirling red mist and black bats will announced. When the metamorphosis is complete you lot will be left with a Vampire. Their Eyes will polish — they practice not turn red but get sharper and brighter. My Sim had blue optics and now has vivid blue shining eyes. During that transformation you will receive the message:

“I experience as if a function of me has died, yet every other fibre of my being is raging with vitality, I crave something, even so I don’t know what. Information technology’due south…Similar..a…Thirst..”

The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires
The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires
The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires

It is now that you can use your Vampire Powers! If information technology is night fourth dimension your Vampire will receive the ‘Vampiric Vigor’ Moodlet which is supposed to give your Vampire energy due to the darkness. Congratulations you now have a Vampire!

Vampire Moodlets:

At that place are a few new Moodlets from being a Vampire or being nearly one, they are listed below:

Vampiric Vigor: This moodlet is a permanent moodlet when it is dark, information technology gives your Vampire free energy at dark time, forth with boosting their skill gains dramatically.

Sated: This is from feeding on other Sims’ plasma. Only your mortal friends can give plasma to your Vampire through feeding.

Thirsty: As opposed to hungry, your Sim needs some Plasma.

Hunted: This is a not-vampire moodlet from Vampires; information technology is from being in the presence of a vampire yous are non friends with. Information technology normally does not mean anything, just that your Sim is feeling uncomfortable.

Changes to the User Interface:

There are a few changes to your Sim’s Interface. First is that your Vampire’s needs will alter. Hunger will modify to Thirst and the needs console will alter to a dark blue/majestic color with black bars. Your Vampire’southward favourite food volition likewise change to a Blood Type. The largest bear on will be on aging, equally below.

Vampire Life Spans

Baby: three Days from Birth
Toddler: 7 Days
Child: 7 Days
Teenager: fourteen Days
Young Adult: 105 Days
Adult: 105 Days
Elder: 72 Days +

Vampires beyond the Generations:

With Vampires we can now have Full and One-half-Blood Vampire Bloodlines. Sims tin can have Vampire children which are horribly creepy. They are stake and have bright eyes. They fully receive their powers when they become Immature Adults, and at that time accept on the desire for plasma.

Vampire children and toddlers can benefit from the Vampire country’due south faster learning speeds, so at that place is an exception to the life state’southward issue on immature Sims.

The Vampire State’due south Influence on Skill Gains:

Condign a vampire volition assistance your Sim to proceeds skills faster, and they will non suffer from fatigue when exercising.

Vampire Social Interactions:

There are several new interactions bachelor afterwards a Sim has turned into a Vampire:

Make Sim think of you: This makes the other sim remember about yours.

Read Mind – Traits, Career, Sign, Relationships, Favorites: Lets your Sim find out more information virtually the target Sim.

: Makes your Sim beverage the plasma of some other Sim.

Offer to turn: This gives another Sim who is a friend or higher the pick to exist turned into a vampire past your Sim.

Y’all tin can merely use these powers on one sim once every and so often since the minds of normal sims are weak.


Vampires don’t dice in the sun without The Sims three Seasons Expansion installed (they die like all other Sims to heat). They do need to stay out of it to avoid a nasty moodlet. First, heating up volition appear and you’ll have a few hours to get indoors. Afterwards a while ‘Too Much Dominicus’ appears and lasts two full days, with the Sim needing to stay out of the lord’s day for it to go away. The vampire’s mood will fall through the floor until information technology’due south gone. The moodlet manager and day spa can both remove this effect early. Supernatural owners can use sunscreen and the immortal lifetime reward to combat the lord’s day’s ill furnishings.

Vampire Powers:

To sum upward all of a Vampire’s powers, they receive:

  • Super Speed when running
  • Listen Reading/Command of other Sims
  • No Fatigue from working out at night
  • Massive boost to skill gains at night
  • The ability to plow other Sims into Vampires

The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires

How to feed Vampire Sims

Every single Vampire that is over the age of Immature Adult volition need plasma. They will have to suck the plasma of other Sims who are friends or higher, or eat Plasma Fruit. They can grow the Plasma Fruit Found or buy some from the Supermarket. Additionally, Plasma packets tin can exist found in the fridge nether ‘Quick meal’. Children and Teens consume normal food.

The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires
The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires

Here is some information on the Plasma Fruit Plant gathered by Caitie on the forum:

Rarity: Special (manifestly)
Fertilizer Forcefulness: Outstanding
Harvest Value: $26-$80*
Growth Time:Fertilized w/ Life Fruit: viii days
No Fertilizer: 12 days
Yield: ii fruits
*Note: Considering at that place are no Plasma Found spawners under buydebug, and no “naturally occurring” plants that I’ve been able to notice, the minor end of the range refers to not a “normal” quality fruit, but a “overnice” quality, like you would get in a grocery store.

Special Notes on Plasma Plants:

  • Vampires will eat plasma fruit at times in lieu of “plasma” at the source.
  • It grows on a bush, much like a bong pepper or life fruit.
  • The bush tends to produce one fruit, and then another a few days later, at which time the plant dies. �But I did have one bush-league that coughed up both fruits at the same time.
  • Having a plasma plant on a lot will attract the vampire magic gnome. �Because this is the first fourth dimension I’ve ever dealt with plasma plants, I don’t know exactly when in the growth procedure the gnome generates, or even how many plants you need to have on the lot to spawn one. I do know that in my experience, it was generated when my first batch was mature.
  • Cooking with plasma fruit in their inventory (stu surprise, pancakes, waffles, cobbler) will allow a vampire Sim to make dishes that replenish thirst, just this could brand normal Sims sick!

How to plough back from beingness a Vampire

If you are tired of existence a Vampire only hop on over to your local Scientific discipline Facility and pay $3000 to be turned back into a normal Sim!

The Sims 3 Late Night Vampires

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