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By | 18/10/2022

The Pinterest app is ever-changing. Learn how to mail on Pinterest in 2022 whether it’due south on the desktop site, mobile app or fifty-fifty through Tailwind.

Learning how to postal service on Pinterest six years agone has done wonders for my travel weblog. It’s what actually helped my web log grow organically within a yr of blogging.

Since and so, I’ve been teaching modest businesses and bloggers alike the power of Pinterest, which more or less begins with posting to information technology!

In this post, you’ll learn how to post on Pinterest through the desktop site, mobile app or fifty-fifty through the Tailwind scheduling tool.

Side note:
I beloved Pinterest and so much I bought stock in it during its IPO. Tin can’t look to see this visitor grow.

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What Pinterest is and Why You Want to Utilize it

Pinterest is a social media site that you can relieve images and videos to. This content leads back to websites, web log posts, YouTube videos or wherever else you want to link to.

Pinterest is more than a social media site though; it’s a search engine. This alone is the biggest reason that you desire to be on this site.

Because Pinterest is a search engine, your content is
for a lack of better words!

Your posts don’t disappear after a twenty-four hour period or 2 like they do on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. They stay within the Pinterest platform for months and fifty-fifty years
based on my own Pins
meaning they can bring you traffic all that time.

Basically, you want to exist on Pinterest to get organic traffic to your site, which include potential readers and buyers!

4 Central Benefits of Pinterest for Business

What Y’all Can Post to Pinterest

If you’re a blogger or business organization, most likely you’ll desire to post your ain content to Pinterest. That style, your posts tin lead dorsum to your website.

The content you mail can be an image, video or a mix of both.

All the same, every bit a Pinterest user or even a blogger or business who wants to save something they find on the internet, you tin can also mail service other peoples’ content to Pinterest too.

Most of the time, saving other peoples’ content is done in the course of images.

Pinterest Tips + Best Practices

Hither are some basic Pinterest tips to know to help yous navigate the app and this post easier.

  • Someday you put a slice of content onto Pinterest, you Pivot information technology or are Pinning information technology to Pinterest (verb). The piece of content itself that you lot put on Pinterest can also be chosen a Pin (noun).
  • Content on Pinterest is best optimized for vertical viewing meaning similarly to Instagram, yous want your images and videos to be vertical (up to down), non horizontal (side to side).
  • Equally of 2021, the best Pinterest dimensions are 1000px wide x 1500px tall for image and video Pins. For Idea Pins, they are the same dimensions as Instagram and TikTok, which is 1080px wide and 1920px alpine.
  • It’s best to have a Business account and then that you can go analytics for how your Pins are doing.
  • Make sure to employ Pinterest keywords in your Pivot title and clarification. Pinterest SEO is a must to get your Pins to rank in Pinterest since information technology’s a visual search engine.

Want to acquire more than basics of Pinterest? Get all the Pinterest tips here.

How to Post on Pinterest as a User

If you’re a Pinterest user and using information technology to collect things y’all similar from the net (vs Pinning your own posts to get traffic back to your website) then Pinning from a website to Pinterest is easy. You tin do it one of three ways.

Method 1: Pinterest Browser Button on Desktop

All you have to do is add the Pinterest browser push button to your browser, then click on the button anytime you want to save annihilation from the web.

After you click on the push button, all the photos from the site you’re on volition show up. Yous’ll need to click on which photos you want to save so choose a board to Pin to (provided that y’all have an account and are logged in).

Y’all can grab the Pinterest browser button for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge hither.

This method won’t exist available on all sites, merely more likely than not, the site you’re on will have a social share button. It may be in multiple spots similar at the superlative, side or bottom or even directly on images.

Simply printing the Pin button wherever you meet information technology, and so choose a board to Pin to.

Method 3: Direct on Pinterest on Desktop or Mobile

If you’re on your phone browsing the internet and see something yous like, you tin can mail a photo to Pinterest past:

  1. Copying the link of the page yous want to Pin from.
  2. Opening up the Pinterest app
    and then yous volition need to download and be logged into the Pinterest app kickoff.
  3. Clicking on the black pop-up at the top.
  4. Selecting the images you lot want to Pin.
  5. Choosing a board to Pin to.

If you’re on your figurer browsing the internet and meet something yous similar, you can post a photo to Pinterest past:

  1. Going to
  2. Clicking on the Create button on the peak left of the screen.
  3. Clicking Create Pin.
  4. Selecting “Save from site” at the bottom.
  5. Copying and pasting in a link from a site that you want to save.
  6. Selecting the pointer.
  7. Selecting the Pins you lot want to salvage.
  8. Clicking “Add [#] Pins”.
  9. Adding a Championship, Description and Alt Text.
  10. Choosing the lath you desire to Pin to.
  11. Hitting Publish.

How to Post to Pinterest on Desktop (every bit a blogger or business)

My preferred way to post to Pinterest is on my Macbook because information technology’s easier to load multiple images and videos at once.

Earlier you do this, y’all’ll want to accept Pinterest-worthy graphics aka photos or videos ready to post to Pinterest.

Pro Tip:
You can make Pinterest-worthy graphics easily with Canva. Read why I love Canva here or jump right to Canva here.
I used the gratuitous version for years and so it’due south plenty if you’re on a budget.

Post a Photo or Carousel/College to Pinterest
on Desktop

The Pinterest Pinning tool is the best it’s e’er been. Yous tin can create multiple Pins at once and schedule them out for the adjacent couple of weeks.

Nonetheless, if you detect the instructions beneath to be too tedious, yous can use Tailwind like I practice. Jump down to the section on Tailwind.

To mail service a photograph to Pinterest:

  1. Login to Pinterest.
  2. Click on Create Pin.
  3. At this point, yous can either
    (come across to a higher place prototype for reference)

    1. Drop an individual prototype into where it says “Drag and driblet…” to make 1 Pin with 1 epitome.
    2. Drib multiple images to where it says “Elevate and driblet” to make a one Pin in the form of a carousel or collage.
    3. Drop multiple images (and/or videos) in the larger gray area to make multiple Pins, each consisting of one prototype.
  4. Whether y’all brand one Pin or multiple Pins, fill out the Title, Description, Alt Text and Destination Link, which is where a Pinterest user would be led to if they clicked on your Pin.
  5. Then you tin can choose which lath to publish it to and if you desire to Publish it immediately or after.
    • The “Publish at a later date” selection is a great option if you lot want to schedule out multiple Pins over the next couple of weeks.
  6. Lastly, hit Publish.

Post a Video on Pinterest
on Desktop

Creating a video Pin on Pinterest on desktop is virtually the same as creating a photograph Pin except that you can non create a collage or carousel Pin with videos.

You can create multiple video Pins and fifty-fifty upload a separate video encompass image. Here’southward how to post a video to Pinterest.

To post a video to Pinterest:

  1. Login to Pinterest.
  2. Click on Create Pin.
  3. At this signal, you can either
    (see to a higher place image for reference)

    1. Drop an individual video into where information technology says “Drag and drop…” to make ane Pin with i video.
    1. Drop multiple videos (and/or images) in the larger greyness area to make multiple Pins, each consisting of one video (or image).
  4. Whether you make one Pin or multiple Pins, fill out the Title, Description, Alt Text and Destination Link, which is where a Pinterest user would be led to if they clicked on your Pin.
  5. Unlike photo Pins, you also have the selection of:
    • calculation Tags to your video Pin
    • and choosing which function of the video you lot want to be the video cover epitome or upload a separate video embrace epitome.
  6. Choose which board to publish information technology to and if you want to Publish it immediately or later.
    • The “Publish at a later appointment” pick is a keen choice if you lot want to schedule out multiple Pins over the side by side couple of weeks.
  7. Lastly, hit Publish.

Pro Tip:
An easier mode to upload multiple Pins at one time is past using Tailwind. Leap downward to the department on Tailwind.

Post Story Pins on Pinterest on Desktop

Story Pins is a relatively new feature on Pinterest as of late 2020/early 2021.

To access this, you will need to go to the Create button in the top left of your Pinterest desktop and request admission if you don’t have information technology. One time you become access, you’ll want to really use this feature because Pinterest is really pushing Story Pins out to its users!

To create Story Pins:

  1. Login to Pinterest.
  2. Click on Create Story Pin in the top left.
  3. Drag and drop in multiple images, videos or a mix.
    I find that at least 4-5 images or videos is a good number to have.
  4. Fill out all the steps*.
  5. Hitting Publish.

*I more often than not don’t like using their text function. I volition create graphics beforehand and so upload them.

How to Postal service to Pinterest on Mobile

If you are a user of Pinterest (and not a brand or blogger) who wants to Pivot to Pinterest from websites y’all found while on your phone, delight head back up to this section on posting to Pinterest on mobile or desktop. Y’all volition larn how to Pin to Pinterest with a social share push button and directly within the app here.

If you are a brand or blogger and want to larn how to post your own content (i.e. graphics and videos) to Pinterest, then proceed reading.

How to Post a Photograph or Video to Pinterest on Mobile

To post a pic or video to Pinterest on your mobile device:

  1. Open the Pinterest app on your phone.
  2. On your homepage or profile, locate the buttons at the bottom at the screen. Click on the ‘+’ symbol.
  3. Select Pivot.
  4. Choose a photo or video that you want to upload to Pinterest. Click Adjacent.
  5. Make full out the details. Click Next.
  6. Choose which board you want to Pin it to, and Publish.

If you upload a video, you volition see that y’all have the choice to fill out Video tags!

How to Post Story Pins to Pinterest on Mobile

To mail service Story Pins to Pinterest on mobile:

  1. Open the Pinterest app on your phone.
  2. On your homepage or profile, locate the buttons at the bottom at the screen. Click on the ‘+’ symbol.
  3. Select Story Pin (request admission if yous don’t take it yet).
  4. You can record correct in the app, or if you click on the square in the bottom left, then yous can admission your videos and photos.
  5. Select on a video or photo to upload. Click next.
    • Yous can now add text, music, audio and fifty-fifty tag people on your video.
    • Click Done.
  6. To add another page to your Story Pins, which can have multiple Pins in a carousel, swipe left and click on the ‘+’ button.
  7. Repeat steps #5 and 6 until you are satisfied with how many pages are in the Story Pin. Click Next.
  8. Fill in the details such as Title, Board, Details and Tags.
  9. Hit Publish.

How to Post to Pinterest with Tailwind, a Pinterest Scheduler

An absolute timesaver for me has been to mail to Pinterest with Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduler.
Yeah, they have a free trial yous can try out here.

I dear Tailwind over Pinterest’s ain scheduler because it:

  • pins the same Pinterest graphic to multiple boards for me,
    • vs. if I did that in the Pinterest app, I would have to upload the same Pinterest graphic multiple times to cull different boards
  • pins at the about optimal times,
    • vs. when I use the Pinterest app, I choose different times but don’t know the best times for my audience
  • has Tailwind communities where others volition rePin your Pins to their own Pinterest boards,
  • has SmartLoop so information technology’ll rePin whatever Pins you want again and over again,
  • and then much more.

Plus I dear how I can easily type in the description, championship and links all in one area vs. having to curlicue up and down in the Pinterest scheduler.

Try Tailwind for costless here.

How to Automatically Mail service Your Instagram Posts to Pinterest

Pinning your Instagram posts to Pinterest is a dandy idea if y’all want to become more than optics on your photos, increase brand awareness and potentially get click-throughs and follows back to your Instagram.

Y’all tin Pivot your Instagram posts with a couple of the methods above, or you can apply to Pin your Instagram photos to Pinterest automatically.

That means, every fourth dimension you post your photos to Instagram, it’ll automatically upload to Pinterest without you lot doing anything. Hither’south how:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Click on this IFTTT link, which leads you correct to the Applet yous demand to practice this automatically.
    • Applets connect two or more services together and aid you do something that you couldn’t do with just one service alone.
  3. Follow the instructions to attach your Instagram and Pinterest to IFTTT.

Voila! Your Instagram photos should Pivot to Pinterest automatically.

How to Relieve Time Posting to Pinterest (Pinterest Management)

If yous are too busy focused on your pocket-sized business concern or blog and demand to salve time posting to Pinterest, you can use Tailwind app as mentioned above.

If you still discover that to be too fourth dimension consuming, I get it! You lot should definitely stay focused on your core business organization.

To help you out, I am accepting three new clients for Pinterest management. You can discover the service here.

Please electronic mail me ( with your website and
social media channels and your target customer to run across if we’re a good fit! I volition e-mail you lot back results of my current clients I’m working.

Looking forward to hearing from yous!

Hope you found this mail service to be helpful. With your new skills on how to post to Pinterest, consider Pinning this to help others!

If yous need more assist with Pinterest, feel free to ask me anything in my complimentary Facebook group.

xo, Sarah

How to Postal service on Pinterest: 2022 Guide