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Can You Add Text In Lightroom

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A friend asked me this question the other solar day. His website host doesn’t allow him to show a picture’southward filename on the website which makes it difficult to communicate with his clients about which photos they like best. He just wanted to be able to post the pictures with the filename showing, and he wanted to do this with several pictures all at once. Lightroom is non a terrific tool for adding text to photos, but there is a way this can exist accomplished and it may be the fastest style to get information technology washed even if you accept another tool that could do it.

Use the Impress Module

In the
Print Module, yous can layout a moving picture as if it were on a piece of paper and and then save it using
Impress To File. Here’s how to do that.

First, choose your
Folio Setup
from the lesser left corner of the window. Choose a
Newspaper Size
and press ok.

In the
Layout Style
tab at the peak right console, choose
Single Prototype/Contact Canvas. You can mess around with the layout settings and work your style down through the panel, but the essential setting to get text showing with your photo is nether
Folio–cheque the box that says
Photograph Info. You can cull what the text is by twirling down the drop-downwards menu. My friend chose to use
Filename, but you can utilise whatsoever you like. If you choose one similar
Caption, then the text will be drawn from the
field in the
tab in the
Library Module.

Print Job, switch
Print to:
so it reads
JPEG File. You tin choose the resolution so click
Print to File…
at the bottom. The only affair about this method is that printing to file doesn’t include the new photos in the Lightroom catalog, so you’ll have to re-import them manually.

You tin select equally many pictures from the filmstrip every bit you lot similar and when you click Print to File… they will all exist exported with the text showing.


If you need to testify text on a bunch of images, then creating a print layout in Lightroom perchance the fastest style to get it done. Some website hosts don’t include the option to show filenames on images, so this may be a peachy way to communicate with your clients.

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