Can You Do Professional Photography With Iphone

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There are dozens of articles pitting iPhones confronting typical pro-form cameras. Dozens of iPhones shootouts. But, what happens when a professional person photographer actually relies on an iPhone to shoot and evangelize piece of work to clients?

Jenn and Steve Van Elk are wedding ceremony photographers shooting out of Indianapolis. After experimenting with the new iPhone for a while, they matched upward with a couple that was eager to experiment with them:

We saw a few shoots where people used iPhones to see if they would exist a viable pick. What we didn’t see was anyone actually shooting a full nuptials with an iPhone xi.

The Van Elks covered their couple’s twenty-four hours with two shooters equipped with their normal cameras and a third sporting an iPhone.


According to the Van Elks, perhaps the biggest benefit of shooting with an iPhone is how unobtrusive it tin can be. Shooting with a phone is going to let you alloy in. Big cameras and bigger lenses can attract attention and ruin otherwise candid moments. In item, the Van Elks notation that the iPhone allowed them to shoot candid emotional moments throughout the 24-hour interval where the guests just didn’t notice them as pro photographers.

No one paused and looked at the iPhone when we were shooting candids. People thought we were just another guest and treated us as such. Choice up a 5D Mark IV, and suddenly, that all changes.

Second, the Van Elks gushed near how straightforward it was to cull images that were already on your device. As whatever wedding photographer knows, downloading, rendering, and culling a mean solar day’s worth of shooting can take hours or fifty-fifty days. Jenn Van Elk was able to cull and provide a mobile Lightroom edit to the hymeneals images on their bulldoze home. In fact, their excited couple received a wedding gallery before the reception was finished.


The Van Elks feel that the iPhone lacked the creamy shallow depth of field that you tin get from shooting details at f/two.8. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but information technology does set the iPhone images autonomously from their DSLR counterparts.

The iPhone can force you to get too close during intimate moments. Shooting a first await from just a few feet away can exist a bit intrusive in comparing to shooting with a 200mm lens.

The Van Elks also note that subsequently shooting with DSLRs for years, using an iPhone throws off your whole shooting positioning.

On the subject of ergonomics, in that location isn’t a proficient push button for taking photos. You’re either tapping the screen, which requires visual or audio confirmation that it was tapped, or you’re pushing the volume rocker, which is stiff and doesn’t experience expert to push. Neither i of those things seems bothersome when you lot just have one or two photos at a fourth dimension, but after viii hours of constantly tapping the screen or pushing the book rocker, you beginning to notice these things.

A Few Tips

Practically speaking, the Van Elks explain that y’all should turn off passcode entry to become on the iPhone. Nuptials photographers demand to be quick on the describe. You lot need to exist able to pick up your telephone and outset shooting at the drop of a hat, particularly during the reception. Too, they advise that you plough off facial recognition, every bit the program may boring downward the iPhone’s response, leading to missed shots.

Last Word

What do you think? Would yous ever shoot a professional gig with a mobile phone? Do yous think that in a few more hardware and software generations we’ll come across a big enough change that you’d be comfortable using a mobile equally your master pro photographic camera?

The Van Elks’ decision:

Would we prefer to shoot with an iPhone eleven Pro? No. While we exercise enjoy looking more like guests, nosotros’d rather have a device that produces consistent results. Information technology’south bothersome in its current state. Also, we adopt the way the pistol grips and buttons experience with the DSLR/mirrorless cameras.

All images provided by Van Elk & Co. Wedding Photographers.


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