Can You Put Presets On Videos

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Lightroom Video Editing

Can you edit videos in Lightroom?  The unproblematic respond is Yes!

In this tutorial, I will show you Lightroom’s video capabilities, including making bones adjustments, capturing a still frame, and applying your favorite Lightroom Presets to a video.

Note – Keep in mind that Lightroom will only allow you to edit all the frames as a whole, so you will not be able to splice video clips together.  Any adjustments yous make to exposure and color tones volition be applied to the video in its entirety.

Dark & Moody Presets

Importing Video to Lightroom

To import your video to Lightroom, do information technology the same way you would import a photo by selecting
or dragging and dropping, etc.

The only affair that will look dissimilar is the file proper noun extension: it will reflect the video format rather than epitome file extensions like JPEG, PNG, DNG, NEF, CR2, or TIFF:

Can You Edit Video in Lightroom

How to Hand Edit & Apply Your Favorite Presets to Video

When editing videos, make certain you stay in the Library Module.  Lightroom does not permit you lot to edit a video in the Develop Module, so if you click away from the Library module, you will go this message: “Video is not supported in Develop.”

Lightroom Video

Just as you would with a photo, you can edit a video’southward overall exposure, white balance, etc., in the Library module.  Y’all tin also employ presets to your video by clicking on the Preset tab:

How to Apply Lightroom Presets to Video

Lightroom comes with several presets customized specifically for video editing.  Y’all tin also apply any of our Lightroom Presets to video as well.

How to Edit Video in Lightroom

While many adjustments tin be applied to photos, some of those adjustments won’t piece of work on videos in Lightroom.  Here is a list of adjustments that


be practical to videos in Lightroom:

      • Machine Settings
      • White Residuum
      • Basic Tone: Exposure, Contrast, Whites, Blacks, Vibrance & Saturation
      • Tone Curve
      • Treatment (Color, Black & White)
      • Color Grading (prev. Carve up Toning)
      • Process Version
      • Calibration

The proficient thing is that all of the almost important adjustments like exposure, white residue, and color tones,including those settings from your favorite presets, CAN be applied to video in Lightroom, so if you like the look of a detail preset, it will probably expect VERY Similar when applied to video!

Lightroom Video Editing

In this example prototype beneath, I practical the following stackable presets from the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow to my video – Clean colour, Soft Matte, and Celadon Light-green (to counter some of the red).  Edits will apply to the entire length of the video prune.

Lightroom Video Editing with Presets

In the following video, I applied a blackness and white preset – London Fog from the Pretty Presets Film Noir Collection:

How to Apply Presets to Video in Lightroom

Capturing Video Stills in Lightroom

Who doesn’t love a expert freeze-frame?  If in that location is a detail moment in your video that you would similar to capture as a still epitome, yous tin exercise that by clicking the rectangle at the bottom of the play menu and selecting Capture Frame.

To view your still frame, you will need to be in Grid view.  I’ve highlighted where to find the grid view beneath (see the pointer on the left).

Lightroom Video Screen Capture

Once you are in Grid view, correct-click to unstack the withal frame.  You will need to navigate out of Previous Import to view the still photo:

Lightroom Video Editing

Editing Your Video in Lightroom

You cannot splice clips together, simply you can trim your video to begin and end at a designated fourth dimension.  Start, click the gear icon on the playback bar to show more video options.  Drag the slider on the left inward to trim a portion of the get-go of your video.  Drag the slider on the right in to cut a bit from the end of your video:

How to Edit Video in Lightroom

Exporting Your Video From Lightroom

Once you’re happy with the video, information technology’south time to export it from Lightroom.  Once more, follow the same steps that you would typically take to export photos.  FOR Best RESULTS, in the Export dialogue, make sure that your video is set to Max quality:

Exporting Video from Lightroom

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