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By | 21/10/2022

Lightroom iPad

How to Install Presets & Apply Lightroom on Your iPad

Lightroom for mobile devices like the iPad is fast becoming a popular manner to edit images on the go.  The ability to sync photos between your devices and the sheer portability of an iPad are huge reasons many are turning to mobile devices for editing.

If you want to utilize presets and edit in Lightroom on your iPad, this tutorial volition show you exactly how to practise that.And you lot will exist editing on the become in no time!

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How to Install Presets in Lightroom for iPad

There are two ways to install presets in Lightroom for iPad.  Y’all volition demand to determine which of the following volition work for yous.

IF you
DO HAVE a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, yous can easily install your presets in Lightroom CC.  Once installed, they will automatically testify upwardly in the Lightroom mobile app.  To do that, follow the instructions in this post to install them.

IF you
DON’T HAVE a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud but DO HAVE the gratuitous Lightroom app on your iPad, follow the instructions BELOW to install your presets:

Stride one.  Download Your Presets

Nosotros recommend doing this step
on your estimator
since there is no easy manner to do this on a mobile device.  If you can’t do this, download the WinZip app on your mobile device and and so unzip them in the app.

Pace 2.  Unzip the Preset Folder You Downloaded

Most presets you buy volition come in a zipped file folder, and y’all will need to unzip it before proceeding.  Again,
we recommend doing this pace on a estimator, if possible.

  • On a PC, you lot will right-click on the zip binder and choose
    Extract All.
  • On a Mac, just double-click on the zip folder.
  • If you need to unzip on your iPad, locate the zipped file and tap it to extract them.  (If y’all are unzipping on another mobile device, follow these instructions for more assist with unzipping on a mobile).

How to Import Presets Into Lightroom iPad

Step 3.  Salve Your Presets to the Cloud

Salve the preset files you just unzipped to your favorite deject service (we highly recommend Dropbox) so that you tin then access them on your iPad.  You lot tin can also save them straight to your device via the Files or Photos apps.

Can I Use Lightroom on iPad

Step iv.  Load Presets in Lightroom Mobile for iPad

  • Open the Lightroom App on your iPad and click on an album to add the DNG photos to “All Photos.”
  • Click on the three dots (…) in the upper-right corner of the Lightroom app.
  • Choose the “Add Photos” choice.
  • Cull the location of your photos – “From Camera Curl” if they are saved to your device and “From Files” if you are accessing them through your Files or from the Dropbox app.
  • Highlight the DNG image files and click “Add” or “Done.”

Delight Annotation: The file images may look strange or may even take a question marker over the file image.  This is because the files are DNG files, and most devices aren’t set up to read them.

SELECT AND INSTALL THEM Anyway.  Lightroom Will be able to read them


How to install Lightroom presets on iPad

  • Select one of the DNG files you only added and so click the iii dots (…) in the app’s upper-right corner.
  • Choose “Create Preset” and give the preset a proper noun (we recommend the original one).
  • Put the preset in a Preset Group named for the preset collection (i.e., Dark and Moody) to keep them organized.
  • Follow this same process for each of the DNG files.
    This may seem wearisome, but it is currently the best option for installing presets on an iPad.

Can you use Lightroom on iPad Pro

Your new presets are now installed on your iPad

**Read on to learn how to
utilise presets
and edit on your iPad**

How to Add Presets to Lightroom on iPad

Editing in Lightroom on Your iPad

Now that you have your presets installed in Lightroom on your iPad allow’s become over a few tips to assist y’all start editing right away!

1.  Where to Find Your Presets

Once your presets are saved on your iPad, you lot will find them in your Lightroom App on the right side by clicking on the icon that has 2 overlapping circles (see image below).
Brand sure the “Yours” folder is highlighted.

If you have organized your presets in folders (and I hope y’all have!), click on that folder name to open it.  The presets should be inside!

ipad pro Lightroom

2.  Using a Presets on Your iPad

Calculation a preset to your image in Lightroom on your iPad is as like shooting fish in a barrel as clicking on it.  You can click and try different presets on your epitome until you detect the i you lot like best.

When you have settled on your preset choice, click “Washed” at the bottom of the screen, and it will use that preset to your image.

three.  Making Other Image Adjustments on Your iPad

The Edit Section is where you lot will spend most of your time and find about of the essential editing sliders.  To become to the Edit Section, click on the three horizontal lines with a circle on each line (located on the correct side of the app).

adobe lightroom ipad tutorial

In the Edit Section, you volition find several subsections, including:

  • “Light” –  Utilize this to suit exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadows.
  • “Color” – Use this to suit the white balance and color saturation.
  • “Effects” – Use this to adjust clarity or add a vignette.
  • “Detail” – Apply this to sharpen your images or reduce the noise.
  • “Optics” – Use this to enable lens corrections.
  • “Geometry” – Use this to turn on the Upright tool or arrange the distortion in your prototype.

Along the right side of the Lightroom Mobile App on your iPad, you will besides run into icons for cropping, healing, and other selective edits like linear gradients (formerly graduated filter), radial gradients (formerly radial filter), and the castor tool).

The last two icons allow you to utilize edits from a previous edit or create a different version of your current edit.

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