Can You Whiten Teeth On Lightroom

By | 15/10/2022

How to Whiten Eyes and Teeth in Lightroom

How to Whiten Teeth and Eyes in Lightroom

Welcome to our multi-part blog series showing how to use Pretty Presets brushes and presets to edit portraits.  This is essential because nosotros all want our subjects to look their very best, and knowing how to use Lightroom portrait brushes volition aid you do that.

This tutorial will focus on whitening teeth and eyes in Lightroom!

Before we get started, I want to encourage everyone to prepare whatever issues with their image’due south white balance commencement.  This should be done before doing whatever brushwork.  The white residue is the overall color temperature and tint of the photo.

Lightroom Portrait Brushes

How to Whiten Teeth in Lightroom

Once your white balance is set, click on the Masks icon, which is the farthest-correct icon below the histogram on the summit-right side of your Develop Module.

Once the Masks tool is activated, select the castor tool. In the new slider console that opens, click on the word to the right of “Effect:”  Scroll downwardly the menu list until you get to
“Teeth Whiten.”  In the Perfect Portrait Lightroom Brush Collection, there are two brushes y’all tin use for whitening teeth:
“Teeth Whiten Gray”
“Teeth Whiten Yellow.”  Select the tooth whitening brush that best fits your needs to correct teeth that are besides yellow or too gray.  There is also an
“Eye and Teeth Whitener”
included in the Clean Edit Portrait Collection.

In this case, the subject area in our example image has slightly yellow teeth.  And then to whiten them, I would use the
“Teeth Whiten Xanthous”
brush or the
“Eye and Teeth Whitener”

Whiten Teeth in Lightroom

When editing teeth and eyes, which are small, defined areas, you will want to reduce the plumage so that your brushing tin be more precise.

For those who do not know what “feather” means – information technology’s how much the edit will blend into the pixels around it.  In portrait editing, it’south normally best to use a larger feather –
except when whitening teeth and eyes.

The feather slider is located just above the
flow sliderat the lesser of the Aligning Brush Console.  I fix the brush plumage to 54 for my case edit, meaning the castor is neither super hard nor super soft.

Teeth Whitening Lightroom

One time the feather and flow are set, click anywhere on the teeth and brush over the xanthous areas to whiten them.   When you click on an expanse for the commencement fourth dimension, Lightroom volition place a pin and show a black/white brush or flag-shaped icon.

If the overlay mask is on, the areas brushed will bear witness ruby which is often helpful to show areas that have already been brushed.  Even so, sometimes it can exist more advantageous to see the real-time changes every bit you castor.  In those cases, you should turn off the mask overlay by clicking the option in the Masking console or borer the

Tapping the
cardinal will turn the overlay mask off OR on!  For more dandy Lightroom shortcuts, click hither.

How to Whiten Teeth in Lightroom

How to Whiten Eyes in Lightroom

Now, let’s movement on to the eyes!

To whiten a field of study’s optics (the white area around their iris), click the
“+” at the top of the Masks panel and choose the
option.  And so click on the brush proper noun and choose the
“Middle Whiten”

Can You Whiten Teeth in Lightroom

Equally with whitening teeth, I use a lower feather setting and so castor over the whites of the eyes.  Once once more, the carmine surface area is a mask overlay which shows the areas that have already been brushed, and the black/white pivot indicates that the brush is currently active.

Whiten Eyes in Lightroom

When your edit is done, close the Masks panel by clicking the
push button at the lesser of the paradigm or tapping the Masks icon in the toolbar merely below the histogram.

To bear witness all of the pins, activate the brush tool once more.  The brush pins will prove equally flag shapes as you lot move your mouse over the image.  If you wish to edit or modify an area that has already been brushed, click on the pivot or the specific layer in the masks console and brand adjustments as needed.

Teeth Whitening Eye

Thanks to the Pretty Presets Lightroom Portrait Brushes,
WHITENING TEETH and WHITENING EYES are both very easy changes to make!

If yous are a visual learner, follow along with the video beneath to quickly whiten eyes and teeth in Lightroom.

Video: How to Whiten Eyes and Teeth in Lightroom Classic

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