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Canon EF-South fifteen-85mm f/3.5-v.six IS USM Lens Sample Pictures

Saint Patricks Cathedral, New York City Saint Patricks Cathedral, New York City

Saint Patricks Cathedral in New York Metropolis is a spectacular piece of architecture. The trouble, from a photographical standpoint, is that it is always full of people. The solution is to shoot upwards. The other problem is that it is extremely dark inside. Prototype stabilization immune this picture to be taken handheld.

  15mm  f/5.0  1/5s  ISO 1600

Yellow Trees on Campus Yellow Trees on Campus

A row of large trees and their fallen leaves glow yellow against a blue sky and green grass. A circular polarizer was used for this picture.

  19mm  f/viii.0  1/100s  ISO 100

Christmas Balls in the Water Christmas Balls in the Water

New York City has some of the greatest Christmas decorations. These giant Christmas balls are stacked in a fountain across the corner from Radio Metropolis Music hall. I was sitting on the side of the fountain shooting handheld for this 1/iii second shot.

  26mm  f/eight.0  1/3s  ISO 320

University Building Academy Building

The grand archway of a academy building stands against a circular-polarizer-caused super-blue sky.

  40mm  f/viii.0  1/125s  ISO 100

Black Lamp Post Picture Black Lamp Post Picture

Fall yellowish leaves frame a blackness lamp mail service against a blue sky. A circular polarizer was used for this shot.

  50mm  f/eight.0  one/80s  ISO 100

House Reflecting Sunset Picture House Reflecting Sunset Picture

Large windows on this house reflect the sunset-caused orange heaven. This picture was shot handheld in a crouched position with a one-2d shutter speed.

  15mm  f/five.6  1s  ISO 200

85mm Headshot 85mm Headshot

85mm on an APS-C/1.6x body is a swell focal length for head shot manner portraits. With this lens, zoom out to 15mm and grab an environmental portrait at the same time.

  85mm  f/5.6  1/80s  ISO 160

Colorful Fall Woods Scene Colorful Fall Woods Scene

Green on the basis and a heavy tree trunk i/3 of the way into the frame anchor this otherwise busy simply colorful woods scene.

  17mm  f/8.0  1/30s  ISO 100

Wide Angle Closeup Pooch Broad Angle Closeup Pooch

A broad angle lens focused close provides a unique perspective of this Gilt Retriever pooch – complete with a move-blurred natural language.

  15mm  f/8.0  1/80s  ISO 100

Radio City Music Hall Radio City Music Hall

The famous Radio City Music Hall in New York City as decorated for Christmas.

  24mm  f/5.half-dozen  1/13s  ISO 200

Sunset Over maiden Grass Plumes Sunset Over maiden Grass Plumes

The sun sets over the very-photogenic plumes of Maiden Grass.

  65mm  f/v.6  1/250s  ISO 100

Yellow Leaves Staining Green Grass Xanthous Leaves Staining Green Grass

Bright yellow leaves stain the bright green grass they have fallen onto.

  24mm  f/8.0  ane/80s  ISO 100

Motion Blurred Flags and Christmas Lights Move Blurred Flags and Christmas Lights

Flags flight in the strong winds at Rockefeller Center in New York City are move-blurred during the 1/6 second exposure used to capture this image. Christmas lights and heaven scrapers provide the background. This shot was captured handheld.

  15mm  f/eight.0  1/6s  ISO 640

Saint Patricks Cathedral Saint Patricks Cathedral

Every bit I accept said before, getting practiced images at Saint Patricks Cathedral in New York City is hard. This is not because of the the architecture itself (information technology is amazing), just because of the huge crowds typically in the edifice. And so once again, I shot up to avoid the other visitors.

  32mm  f/  1/8s  ISO 1600

Girl on Her Horse Girl on Her Horse

A young passenger smiles in the belatedly-day sunlight. Past shooting from a low bending, I was able to remove all background distractions. The number of lines intersecting the image border has also been minimized.

  29mm  f/8.0  ane/100s  ISO 200

Ricketts Glenn State Park, PA Ricketts Glenn State Park, PA

Ricketts Glenn State Park, PA has then many beautiful waterfalls that I could spend weeks shooting there. This shot is of i of the larger falls deep in the valley during an especially potent menstruation. My daughter was shooting with me on this solar day and was lament nearly how loud the water was.

  15mm  f/eight.0  i.6s  ISO 100

Pumpkins for Sale Pumpkins for Sale

Moving in close with a wide bending focal length emphasizes the foreground subjects – the pumpkins – and de-emphasizes the groundwork subjects – the house. The deep blue sky is courtesy of a circular polarizing filter.

 A shutter speed of one/250 was not needed for this shot, but I was shooting moving subjects (approximate what they were) before and after grabbing this shot. ISO 200 is and then clean that in that location is nearly no consequence for this setting.

  15mm  f/viii.0  ane/250s  ISO 200

Shawnee Falls, Ricketts Glenn State Park Shawnee Falls, Ricketts Glenn Land Park

Shawnee Falls is one of many cute waterfalls in Ricketts Glen State Park, PA. I was about the edge of a ledge for this shot. This position allowed the layered rocks on the right side of the epitome to grow in relation to the residue of the subjects in the frame.

  15mm  f/11.0  .6s  ISO 100

Backlit Wild Grasses Backlit Wild Grasses

A late day dominicus casts a warm calorie-free on these backlit grass plumes.

 An 85mm lens with a maximum f/ aperture does non create the most strongly-blurred backgrounds, but with a close subject and a distant and carefully-selected groundwork, a very smooth image is the consequence.

  85mm  f/5.six  i/40s  ISO 100

Mountain Stream Picture Mountain Stream Motion picture

I decided to line up the pair of tree trunks along the left side of the frame while the large rock formed the base for my epitome.

  16mm  f/xi.0  3.2s  ISO 100

Girl and Her Black Horse Girl and Her Blackness Horse

This wide angle portrait of a girl and her horse was taken from a far enough distance to avoid significant perspective distortion, but close enough retain the viewer’due south sense of presence in the picture show.

  15mm  f/5.6  ane/200s  ISO 100

Drop of Water in a Big Leaf Drop of H2o in a Large Leaf

Finding this big leaf with a drop of h2o in it called for a photograph. I advisedly aligned the lens so that the relatively shallow depth of field (due to the close focus distance) would falls beyond the aeroplane of the leaf. I rotated the camera so that the veins in the foliage were angled throughout the frame.

  85mm  f/8.0  1/50s  ISO 200

Pattern in Leaves Blueprint in Leaves

These 2-toned leaves positioned closely together created a design that I liked. Lighting is sunlight diffused by a greenhouse.

  78mm  f/5.6  1/80s  ISO 100

Black-Eyed Susan Picture Blackness-Eyed Susan Motion-picture show

Finding a patch of beautiful flowers can make finding a great subject area piece of cake. The work comes in positioning one or more of the flowers then that the background supports the field of study. Here I positioned the foreground Black-Eyed Susan blossom so that it was about i/3 of the manner into the frame and centered information technology between the 3 most-visible groundwork flowers. Using the longest-available-in-this-lens focal length, a broad open discontinuity with a close focus distance allows the background to go blurred. Lighting is from a cloudy heaven.

  85mm  f/5.6  1/50s  ISO 200

Greenhouse Studio Flower Picture Greenhouse Studio Blossom Picture

Your neighborhood greenhouse is calling you. Greenhouses create ideal macro and flower photography lighting almost any fourth dimension the sun is up. And they are typically filled with beautiful subjects. Become permission to take your camera to your local greenhouse (and buy a couple of flowers to insure good will towards your next visit).

  85mm  f/v.6  one/100s  ISO 100

A Girl and Her Horses A Girl and Her Horses

To become a happy subject area, capture them with something they beloved.

  19mm  f/5.6  one/250s  ISO 200

Colorful Flower in Greenhouse Colorful Flower in Greenhouse

This colorful flower was captured in a greenhouse – which delivered a very soft lite – which allows the natural colors of the bloom to create the patterns in the paradigm.

  85mm  f/5.6  i/100s  ISO 100

Green Plant Leaf Pattern Green Plant Leafage Pattern

The tight green growth of these not-nonetheless blooming flowers create an even busyness that I like.

  26mm  f/v.6  1/80s  ISO 100

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