Canon 18-55mm Lens Minimum Focus Distance

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A quick guide to the Catechism EF-S 18-55mm lens

Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 all versionsWhich version of this f/three.five-5.6 lens do you accept and how does it compare with the others?

In that location is regular defoliation as to what version of Catechism’due south standard ‘kit lens’ is fitted to cameras. The EF-S 18-55mm dates back to 2003, and by 2013 existed in 8 different guises. Actually, at that place are (Nov 2013) nine versions, since in Japan, Canon announced a white version of the IS STM version to become with the white Buss-7 (100D)

The latest STM version is optically the all-time, and quietest, if you want to shoot video.

The IS, IS II and III are side by side downwards in prototype quality and differ just in external condescend and the lack of IS in the 3 (this model indentification causes the well-nigh confusion)

The USM, I, Ii USM and II are similar, differing in the focus motor type (the I and II actualization just as kit option lenses, i.e. originally available simply in conjunction with a camera body)

If you have a choice, avoid the original versions. The lens is non of peculiarly loftier image quality, which is much more obvious on modern higher resolution cameras. Whilst software will ameliorate some issues, there is merely so much you tin do to ‘fix’ things.

Lens features
Image stabilisation  No  Yes (4 stops)  No  Aye (4 stops)
Micro USM  Yes  No  Yeah  No
Stepper motor  No  Aye
Internal focusing
Front end of lens moves if not internal
 No  Yes
More obvious differences.

Note that at that place may be undocumented ones too

Identical to the Mk I USM but without an ultrasonic motor Similar optics to the Mk I, simply with changes to the shape of the zoom ring and the tapered surface area at the front of the lens Identical to the Mk II USM just without an ultrasonic motor Adds paradigm stabilisation and improves epitome quality problems of the Mk I and Ii. Improved bokeh from new aperture blades. Identical to the IS I but with a revised external design Similar to the IS Two simply without epitome stabilisation Featuring a revised optical design and utilising stepper motor engineering science
Concrete data
Weight 190 g 200 k 190 k 205 thou
Diameter x Length
68.5 mm x 66 mm 68.5 mm x 70 mm 69.0 mm x 75.ii mm
Filter diameter 58 mm
Technical data
Groups/elements 9/eleven 11/xiii
Aperture blades 6 7
Min. focusing distance 0.28 m 0.25 m
Max. magnification 0.28x 0.34x
Lens hood EW-60C EW-63C
Case LP814 LP1016
Retail information
Announced Sept. 2003
(with 300D)
Feb. 2005
(with 350D)
Aug. 2007
(with 40D)
Feb. 2011
(with 600D)
April. 2013
November 2013 (W)
Price $239.99 Kit only $239.99 Kit merely $199.99 Kit just $249.99
Current?  No  Yes

In Feb 2017, Canon announced a new EF-S18-55 f4-v.half dozen IS STM lens alongside the EOS 800D and EOS 77D

The lens widest aperture is reduced to f/four and the lens is shortened.

It’s 215 thou just only 62mm long, retaining the aforementioned 58mm filter size.

new 18-55mm lens size comparison

Spotting which EF-S 18-55 you have

18-55 mk1 and USM

The non USM version was simply establish in kits

xviii-55 mk2 and USM

Note change of focus ring and taper at front.

The non USM version was only constitute in kits

eighteen-55 IS
18-55 IS Mk2

Annotation lack of argent ring and lettering changes compared to original 18-55 IS

18-55 mk3

Note lack of IS switch compared to IS mk2

18-55 STM
15-55 f4-five.six IS STM

Shorter than the previous f3.5-v.6 version

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