Canon 1ds Mark Iii Vs 1dx

By | 07/11/2022

Canon 1D X Ii


Catechism 1Ds MIII





Canon EOS-1D X Mark II front

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III front





Catechism 1D X 2 vs Canon 1Ds MIII Key Specs

Canon 1D X 2

(Full Review)

  • 20MP – Full frame Sensor
  • 3.2″ Fixed Screen
  • ISO 100 – 51200 (Push to 409600)
  • 1/8000s Max Shutter
  • 4096 x 2160 video
  • Canon EF Mount
  • 1530g – 158 ten 168 x 83mm
  • Introduced February 2016
  • Previous Model is Canon 1D X
  • Refreshed by Canon 1D 10 Three

Canon 1Ds MIII

(Full Review)

  • 21MP – Full frame Sensor
  • 3″ Fixed Display
  • ISO fifty – 3200
  • 1/8000s Max Shutter
  • No Video
  • Canon EF Mountain
  • 1385g – 150 x 160 x 80mm
  • Launched August 2008
  • Superseded the Canon 1Ds MII
  • Successor is Canon 1D X

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Catechism 1D 10 Ii vs Canon 1Ds MIII Overview

Here, nosotros are reviewing the
Canon 1D X II
Canon 1Ds MIII, both
digital cameras and both are created past Canon. The paradigm resolution of the 1D Ten II
and the 1Ds MIII
is very well matched and both cameras posses the identical sensor size
(Total frame).

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The 1D X II was announced 7 years later than the 1Ds MIII and that is quite a big gap as far as applied science is concerned. Both cameras feature the same body design
(Large SLR).

Earlier delving correct into a more detailed comparison, here is a quick synopsis of how the 1D X II matches up versus the 1Ds MIII when considering portability, imaging, features and an overall course.

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Reasons to pick Canon 1D X Ii over the Canon 1Ds MIII

1D Ten Ii 1Ds MIII
Launched Feb 2016 August 2008 More recent by 91 months
Display size 3.ii” three” Larger display (+0.2″)
Display resolution 1620k 230k Crisper display (+1390k dot)
Impact friendly display Easily navigate

Reasons to pick Canon 1Ds MIII over the Catechism 1D X II

1Ds MIII 1D Ten 2

Mutual features in the Canon 1D Ten II and Canon 1Ds MIII

1D 10 II 1Ds MIII
Focus manually Very authentic focus
Display blazon Stock-still Fixed Fixed display
Selfie screen Neither contains selfie screen

Canon 1D X II vs Catechism 1Ds MIII Physical Comparison

For those who are aiming to lug effectually your camera, you volition want to take into account its weight and book. The
Canon 1D X II
has got physical dimensions of
158mm x 168mm 10 83mm (6.2″ ten 6.6″ 10 iii.3″)
having a weight of
1530 grams (3.37 lbs)
and the
Catechism 1Ds MIII
has sizing of
150mm ten 160mm x 80mm (5.9″ x 6.three” 10 3.1″)
with a weight of
1385 grams (3.05 lbs).

Wait at the Canon 1D X Two vs Catechism 1Ds MIII in the new Photographic camera with Lens Size Comparing Tool.
Camera Size Comparison with Lenses

Remember that, the weight of an Interchangeable Lens Photographic camera will vary dependant on the lens yous are utilizing at the fourth dimension. Below is a front end view overall size comparison of the 1D X Two against the 1Ds MIII.

Canon 1D X II vs Canon 1Ds MIII size comparison

Looking at dimensions and weight, the portability course of the 1D X II and 1Ds MIII is

Canon 1D X II vs Canon 1Ds MIII top view buttons comparison

Canon 1D 10 2 vs Canon 1Ds MIII Sensor Comparison

Mostly, it is hard to imagine the deviation betwixt sensor measurements purely by checking specs. The visual here should give y’all a much meliorate sense of the sensor sizes in the 1D Ten II and 1Ds MIII.

Every bit y’all can plainly see, both of those cameras come with the identical sensor size just different resolution. You should look to come across the Canon 1Ds MIII to give extra detail with its extra 1MP. Greater resolution will also help you ingather images a good deal more aggressively. The more recent 1D X Two provides an reward with regard to sensor technology.

Canon 1D X II vs Canon 1Ds MIII sensor size comparison

Canon 1D X II vs Canon 1Ds MIII Screen and ViewFinder

Canon 1D X II vs Canon 1Ds MIII Screen and Viewfinder comparison

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Photography Type Scores

Portrait Comparison

Canon 1D X Ii Portrait photography info

Canon 1Ds MIII Portrait photography info


transmission focus

MP count decent (20MP)

big sensor size (Full frame)

features face notice autofocus

saves RAW formats


focusing manually

MP count decent (21MP)

large sensor size (Total frame)

saves RAW files

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Street Comparison

Canon 1D X II Street photography details

Canon 1Ds MIII Street photography details


big sensor size (Full frame)

saves RAW formats

supports focus by bear on

environs sealing

very good ISO range (51,200)

fixed screen

no image stabilization


big sensor size (Full frame)

saves RAW files

environment sealing

screen is stock-still

no image stabilization

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Sports Comparison

Canon 1D X II Sports photography highlights

Canon 1Ds MIII Sports photography highlights


maximum shutter speed is high (1/8,000s)

loftier max frames per second (xvi.0 frames/south)

MP count decent (20MP)

large sensor size (Full frame)

features tracking focus

surround sealing

supports phase observe autofocus

no image stabilization

depression bombardment (1,210 CIPA)


nifty max shutter speed (1/viii,000s)

MP count decent (21MP)

big sensor size (Total frame)

surround sealing

supports stage find autofocus

max frames per second very slow (5.0 frames per 2nd)

no epitome stabilization

low battery (i,800 shots)

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Travel Comparison

Canon 1D 10 2 Travel photography information

Catechism 1Ds MIII Travel photography data


environment sealing

supports focus past touch

MP count decent (twenty megapixels)

no Timelapse office

depression battery (1,210 per accuse)

screen is non selfie friendly


environment sealing

MP count decent (21MP)

low battery (ane,800 per accuse)

doesn’t take a selfie friendly screen

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Landscape Comparison

Canon 1D X Two equally a Landscape photography camera

Canon 1Ds MIII as a Mural photography photographic camera


manual focus

alter lenses (Canon EF mount)

nice screen size (3.2 inch)

MP count decent (20 megapixels)

big sensor size (Full frame)

very practiced ISO range (51,200)

saves RAW formats

environment sealing

has double storage slots

no image stabilization

low battery (ane,210 per charge)

no Timelapse function


focusing manually

change lenses (Canon EF mountain)

screen is a decent size (iii inches)

MP count decent (21 megapixels)

large sensor size (Total frame)

saves RAW files

environment sealing

two card slots

no prototype stabilization

low battery (1,800 per charge)

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Vlogging Comparison

Canon 1D X 2 Vlogging details

Canon 1Ds MIII Vlogging details


touchscreen enabled

features face detect autofocus

adept video quality (4096 ten 2160 pxls)

comes with microphone port

screen is not selfie friendly

no image stabilization

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Catechism 1D X II vs Canon 1Ds MIII Specifications

Detailed spec comparison table for Canon 1D X II and Canon 1Ds MIII
Canon EOS-1D X Mark 2 Canon EOS-1Ds Marking 3
Full general Information
Make Canon Canon
Model Canon EOS-1D 10 Mark II Canon EOS-1Ds Marker Three
Class Pro DSLR Pro DSLR
Introduced 2016-02-02 2008-08-18
Physical type Large SLR Big SLR
Sensor Information
Processor Dual DIGIC half-dozen+
Sensor blazon CMOS CMOS
Sensor size Total frame Full frame
Sensor measurements 36 ten 24mm 36 10 24mm
Sensor area 864.0mm² 864.0mm²
Sensor resolution 20MP 21MP
Anti aliasing filter
Aspect ratio three:2 iii:2
Highest resolution 5472 x 3648 5616 10 3744
Highest native ISO 51200 3200
Highest additional ISO 409600
Min native ISO 100 50
RAW pictures
Min boosted ISO 50
Manual focus
Autofocus touch
Autofocus continuous
Single autofocus
Tracking autofocus
Autofocus selectice
Center weighted autofocus
Multi surface area autofocus
Live view autofocus
Face detection autofocus
Contract detection autofocus
Stage detection autofocus
Number of focus points 61 45
Lens mount Canon EF Catechism EF
Bachelor lenses 250 250
Focal length multiplier one one
Type of screen Fixed Type Stock-still Type
Screen diagonal 3.2 inch three inch
Screen resolution 1,620k dots 230k dots
Selfie friendly
Touch on friendly
Viewfinder Data
Viewfinder blazon Optical (pentaprism) Optical (pentaprism)
Viewfinder coverage 100 percent 100 percent
Viewfinder magnification 0.76x 0.76x
Slowest shutter speed 30s 30s
Maximum shutter speed 1/8000s 1/8000s
Continuous shooting charge per unit 16.0 frames per sec 5.0 frames per sec
Shutter priority
Aperture priority
Manual mode
Exposure compensation Aye Yes
Set white residue
Paradigm stabilization
Built-in flash
Flash range no built-in flash no congenital-in flash
Flash modes no built-in wink External
Hot shoe
AE bracketing
WB bracketing
Maximum wink synchronize ane/250s
Multisegment exposure
Average exposure
Spot exposure
Partial exposure
AF area exposure
Center weighted exposure
Video features
Supported video resolutions 4096 x 2160 (60p, 30p, 25p, 24p, 23.98p), 1920 x 1080 (120p, 60p, 50p, 25p, 24p, 23.98p)
Highest video resolution 4096×2160 None
Video format MPEG-4, H.264, Motion JPEG
Microphone port
Headphone port
Wireless Optional None
USB USB 3.0 (5 GBit/sec) USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/sec)
GPS BuiltIn None
Ecology sealing
Water proof
Dust proof
Shock proof
Crush proof
Freeze proof
Weight 1530g (three.37 lb) 1385g (iii.05 lb)
Physical dimensions 158 x 168 x 83mm (vi.two” x 6.6″ x 3.iii”) 150 x 160 x 80mm (v.9″ x 6.iii” x 3.1″)
DXO scores
DXO All around score 88 80
DXO Color Depth score 24.i 24.0
DXO Dynamic range score xiii.five 12.0
DXO Depression low-cal score 3207 1663
Battery life 1210 shots 1800 shots
Form of battery Battery Pack Battery Pack
Battery model LP-E19
Self timer Yes Yeah (2 or 10 sec)
Time lapse shooting
Storage type Compact Wink (Type I or Two), SD carte du jour
Card slots 2 2
Launch price $v,999 $6,652