Canon 1dx Mark Ii Recording Time

By | 17/10/2022


Still Photos: Number of Shots that can exist Saved on Memory Cards


  • The number of possible shots is based on Canon’s testing standards and an eight GB carte.
  • The maximum burst is with Catechism’s standard testing CF card (Standard: viii GB, High speed: UDMA 7, 64 GB) and CFast card (CFast 2.0, 128 GB), and based on the following weather condition set by Canon’s testing standards: Viewfinder shooting,

    Loftier-speed continuous shooting, JPEG quality viii, ISO 100, and Standard Picture Fashion.
  • The file size, number of possible shots, and maximum burst will vary depending on the subject, card brand, ISO speed, Picture Style, Custom Functions, and other settings.
  • Even if yous utilize a UDMA CF carte du jour or CFast menu, the maximum burst indicator remains the same. Yet, the maximum burst shown in the table on the preceding page applies to continuous shooting.
  • If you select both RAW and JPEG, the same image will be recorded simultaneously to the menu in both RAW and JPEG at the epitome-recording qualities that were fix. The two images volition be recorded with the same file numbers (file extension: .JPG for JPEG and .CR2 for RAW).
  • In accordance with the selected image size, the [

    ] or [

    ] icon will be displayed on the right side in the viewfinder.

Movies: Total Recording Time to Memory Carte and File Size Per Minute


  • Moving picture Files Exceeding 4 GB

– Using CF cards up to 128 GB formatted with the camera

If you use the photographic camera to format a CF card with 128 GB or less in chapters, the camera will format information technology in FAT32.

With a FAT32-formatted CF card, if you shoot a movie and the file size exceeds iv GB, a new movie file will be created automatically.

When y’all play back the motion picture, you volition have to play each movie file individually. Movie files cannot exist played dorsum automatically in sequent club. Afterward the moving-picture show playback ends, select the side by side movie to be played back.

– Using CF cards exceeding 128 GB and CFast cards formatted with the camera

If you utilise the photographic camera to format a CF card with more than 128 GB in capacity, the camera will format it in exFAT.

When using an exFAT-formatted bill of fare, even if the file size exceeds four GB during movie shooting, the movie will exist saved equally a single file (rather than being split into multiple files).

  • Moving picture Shooting Fourth dimension Limit

– When shooting movies other than High Frame Rate movies

The maximum recording fourth dimension of one pic clip is 29 min. 59 sec. If the movie shooting time reaches 29 min. 59 sec., the movie shooting will cease automatically. You tin start shooting a movie again by pressing the <

> button. (The movie volition be recorded every bit a new movie file.)

– When shooting High Frame Rate movies

The maximum recording time of one movie clip is 7 min. 29 sec. If the movie shooting time reaches 7 min. 29 sec., the motion-picture show shooting will cease automatically. You can start shooting a high frame rate motion-picture show again by pressing the <

> push button. (The picture show will be recorded equally a new movie file.)


  • When shooting movies, use a big-capacity carte du jour. For data on compatible cards, meet “Uniform Cards (EOS-1D X Marking II)”.
  • If you utilize a slow-writing card when shooting movies, the moving picture may not exist recorded properly. Too, if yous play back a picture on a menu with a slow reading speed, the motion-picture show may non play back properly.
  • To bank check the carte du jour’southward reading/writing speed, refer to the card manufacturer’s Spider web site.
  • An increase of the photographic camera’s internal temperature may cause pic shooting to end before the maximum recording fourth dimension shown in the tabular array.
  • To optimize the utilize of the card, formatting the card with the camera before shooting movies is recommended.
  • When movies cannot be recorded usually, format the card and try again. If formatting the carte du jour does non resolve the trouble, refer to the card manufacturer’s Web site.