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In 1997 Canon launched an EF 24 mm f/one.4L USM lens on the marketplace. With such parameters, that device was a real care for for many professional photographers. A full frame lens with the angle of view of 84 degrees and f/1.iv aperture to boot made an incredible impression on anybody. Especially that information technology was virtually a class of its own for a very long time. Sigma tried to get close to these parameters, constructing an ane.8/24 model; then did Pentax, presenting a 2/24 instrument. None of reflex cameras producers, though, was able to offer f/1.four discontinuity with the focal length of 24 mm.

Such a state of affairs lasted really long, because the 24L, however unrivalled, saw the worldwide launch of its successor in 2008. Simply afterward that launch other companies became encouraged plenty to catch up. Nikon reflex cameras’ owners had to wait till 2010 for such a piece of equipment. It is worth adding that, since 2008, the owners of total frame M system rangefinders accept had the 1.4/24 parameters at their disposal (or fifty-fifty more extreme 1.4/21) because in September 2008 Leica organized the launch of its new lenses: a SUMMILUX-M 21�mm f/1.4 ASPH and a SUMMILUX-M 24�mm f/i.4 ASPH. In their example, though, nosotros must spend such a huge corporeality of money that even the new L-series lens seems cheap in comparison…

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You can add here some other thing. A 24 mm focal length lens is a journalistic lens on full frame, which tin can exist likewise used for mural or architecture photos. On the other mitt, though, the aforementioned applications are available for the owners of an APS-C format sensor camera in the shape of a wide angle, fast classic device. It will give you an angle of view of 59 degrees and, because its fastness, information technology might become a lens you would hate to detach from your camera body.

The lens was lent for the testing purposes past the RTV EURO AGD shop.

Information about our review method can be read in our article “How do we test lenses?”

Canon EF 24 mm f/1.4L II USM - Introduction