Canon 5d Mark Iii 4k Video

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Do you know how to shoot a video with catechism 5d mark iii? If no, then read this review.

Technology has been seeing rapid changes from 20 years, and with the growing results of technological devices, the people’southward demands are also disarming. The ability of the inventions had been wider. Do you lot recall a film camera? They used to be a great invention during our childhood that used a film function to play a film or a video. However, with the passage of generations, this film camera kept irresolute, and today, we run across the latest form of cameras in the town.

Cameras have become a part of u.s.a. in today’s life. It is virtually next to incommunicable to imagine someone without a camera. If not a professional, nosotros at least behave a camera through our mobile phones. Still, for people in love with photography and a reasonable budget, they oft purchase a professional camera. It is relatively easier to beget ane these days considering of the advancement of technologies and the availability of thousands of camera models.

Due to this, the cameras accept been widely popular with various price ranges and varsity of features. When we talk of cameras, Canon is one of the leading names and brands that take up the higher places in the photography world.


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About canon

how to shoot video with canon

Canon company was set upward in 1997, emerging as one of the leading digital imaging and solutions companies. It has an extensive product portfolio that provides one of the world-class digital products of imaging and solutions.

The various types of digital products that it produces are –

  • Copier MFDs
  • Managed document services
  • Fax machines
  • Cheque scanners
  • Digital cameras
  • Cablevision ID printers
  • Medical imaging products
  • DSLRs
  • Mirrorless cameras
  • Cinematic imaging products
  • Camcorders
  • Surveillance cameras

This company has offices in over 14 cities beyond India that use thousands of people. Besides, in that location are also retailer stores of Canon company in many more cities and towns.

They include –

  • Camera collection points
  • Camera repair centers
  • Printer repair centers
  • Printer sales and dealers

The company offers all these services at almost eighty percent of the pin codes of India. Information technology has launched nearly a ton of digitally efficient products that would come into millions of people beyond the country. It has also partnered with many organizations merely to increase its base and service reach over the cities and towns.

Today, we see almost of the highlighted and popular products of Canon over online retailers. This company’southward product quality is undoubtedly one of the best among the other leading digital imaging companies.

Catechism 5d mark iii

Catechism 5d mark three was launched on 4th October 2012, and it continues to be on the wish list of many customers of the company. It came up with many improvements and improved characteristics. Apart from that, many modifications were made to the design, interface, and development of this photographic camera. To know more about the camera, permit’south look down at the key highlights and specs of the photographic camera –

how to shoot video with canon

Specifications –

  • The resolution tin can be increased to 22.3 megapixels
  • CMOS total-frame sensor
  • DIGIC 5+ image processor
  • ISO speed increased to 25600
  • Autofocus system of 61-point
  • 5 dual cross-type points
  • High-density reticular AFs
  • Intelligent tracking and recognition
  • It is inherited from the latest EOS-1D X
  • Faster continuous shooting at 6fps
  • 63 new metering zones
  • 100 pct viewfinder coverage that offers 0.71x magnification
  • Depression vibration at single shot mode
  • The images fill the 3.2-inch LCD
  • Hard disk videos remain letter-blocked
  • Dual card slots
  • UDMA back up

  • Water and grit resistant
  • Shutter life rated at 150,000 cycles
  • Auto-focus improved
  • Accident proof

How to shoot a video with Canon 5d mark iii

Specific steps need to exist followed for equipping the Canon 5d mark iii into clicking the best pictures and shooting the best videos of all time. Follow the steps written below –

  • Plow the mode punch to M
  • Go to the Menu
  • Click on the 6th Menu to the right (2nd yellow)
  • Click the First option on the top LV role Settings
  • Select the last, third selection – Stills + movie
  • Press SET
  • Out of the three options you have, choose Movie display, press SET
  • Get Back in the View/Movie Settings
  • Ready Grid brandish to Off
  • Ready Silent shoot to Mode 1
  • Set Metering timer to i min
  • Gear up the AF Fashion to Live Fashion
  • Set Movie Recording size co-ordinate to your wants
  • If you are not using microphones, set the Sound Recording to Motorcar
  • Shut Menu pressing Menu button twice
  • Click on the Alive view option
  • Switch AF to MF on your lens
  • Set White Balance
  • Press INFO button to check all Video settings along with the Histogram
  • For best focus you should zoom in first 10x (printing magnify button twice) and use the joystick to select the part of the frame where you desire to focus and and so focus your lens manually
  • Pick a desired exposure and aperture
  • Set ISO settings by your needs, lower ISO number, less grain
  • You tin option a preset you lot would similar to shoot with pressing a push
  • To Offset and Stop Press the middle (Set up) push on a dial

These steps are important to be followed to go the best videos on your camera.


The improved specs and the refinements only make it a better tool for all the videographers keen to buy a special videography photographic camera.

According to the price, this camera is treated every bit the best affordable tool always and is popular amongst videographers.

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