Canon 5d Mark Iii Video Settings

By | 27/10/2022

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Shooting video clips tin be challenging at times, especially when you’re not sure what settings to use. If y’all’re having trouble with exposure consistency, or you always end up taking new clips, we’re giving the complete guide to assistance improve your videography skills.

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Canon 5D Mark Three Video Settings Cheat Sheet

5D Mark III is a meaty camera that works with variable lighting atmospheric condition and different types of lenses. To give you a starting signal, these are the general settings you can use and arrange every bit yous shoot.

Shooting Mode

Using the manual mode on the Catechism EOS 5D Mark 3 provides you artistic command when setting the exposure.

Different priority shooting modes, manual mode helps you lot get a better understanding of the depth of field, lighting, and focus.

Bated from manual shooting mode, the carte in the Canon EOS 5D Mark III also lets you select a different setting depending on your situation.

  • Auto
    : In contrast to the manual setting, Auto allows the camera to automatically select the optimum aperture, shutter speed, and flash settings. When you desire to salve fourth dimension in programming, all you have to practise is printing the shutter button and take the shot.
  • Aperture Priority
    : For this one, you can set the aperture and ISO while the camera chooses the corresponding shutter speed for your frame.
  • Shutter Priority
    : This is the best setting if you prefer more control over the shutter speed, while the device automatically sets the appropriate aperture.
  • Bulb
    : Ideal for long exposure shots, particularly during night video shoots.
  • Program
    : Keep your photographic camera in this setting if you lot want the camera to dial the exposure for you lot as you printing the shutter button and depending on the available light, peculiarly if you don’t take an available flash.

To give you a amend thought,
try using Manual when taking a flick, then experiment with the various settings commencement earlier moving to full-length movies.

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Getting the right exposure is one of the ways to make your shots wait practiced. When taking a motion-picture show, it’s tempting to zoom in on elements or subjects equally you shoot. Nevertheless, you must brand sure that the exposure won’t change whenever yous zoom in or out.

Similar to when you need to apply another lens with a unlike maximum discontinuity, you must prevent the shot from concealment due to less lite reaching the camera sensor.

With that said, these are the 5D Mark 3 exposure settings you demand to modify.

  • Aperture: This controls the amount of low-cal hitting the prototype sensor. A high aperture means less light entering the camera, which is platonic if you desire a more than focused frame. On the other hand, you can go on a low aperture for more light to reach the sensor and brand a much more blurred background.
  • Shutter speed: The shutter speed indicates how fast the shutter opens and closes for a sure period of time. As opposed to shooting pictures, shutter speed in videography requires y’all to double the frame charge per unit. If y’all’re shooting at sixty frames per second, you lot can set the shutter speed around 1/120.
  • ISO: The ISO indicates the photographic camera’s sensitivity to light. Usually, yous can set a low ISO value to produce darker images, whereas choosing high ISO creates brighter shots.

White Balance

Choosing the white balance is subjective, especially since it depends on the overall look you desire to reach.

It would be all-time to set the camera to Custom White Balance and so that the white balance won’t modify even if you change the ISO or discontinuity. Likewise, you can notwithstanding change the white residue as you lot shoot.

With Auto White Balance, the white balance besides changes as you adjust other settings, making it more difficult to process your shots afterwards. Likewise, you may find Car White Residue also cool when there’southward too much light.

Color Temperature

Whether it’due south for a picture or footage, you’ll have to do colour grading in post-procedure, so you need to make sure you cull the correct color temperature first. Note that you would reduce the color date if you pass up the saturation.

Like in other kinds of photography, it’s much easier to desaturate a shot than to heave saturation and contrast. For instance, a standard-setting means keeping the dissimilarity, saturation, and color tone in the middle and the sharpness on the far left of the adjustment settings.

For punchy color temperature, yous can still put the sharpness level on the far left of the menu, although yous would nigh likely increase the dissimilarity, saturation, and colour tone.

Temperature Warnings

Like most EOS DSLRs, the 5D Mark III has a temperature alarm that notifies you if the sensor is becoming besides hot due to long recording. Y’all must exist aware of these automatic photographic camera settings considering they can help plan your shots.

  • White temperature gauge: When the white gauge shows upward on the LCD screen, this means that it’s fine for you lot to keep recording. Yet, the image quality of stills won’t exist equally great equally usual, then you may have to wait for the photographic camera to cool down.
  • Reddish temperature approximate: Y’all will see a blinking reddish icon on the LCD screen if the temperature goes further upwards. The recording will shut off automatically to avoid dissentious the sensor.


This 5D Marker 3 camera automatically turns off sharpening. Depending on the shot y’all like to achieve, you may suit the lens to increase or decrease the sharpness. Another choice is to enhance sharpness in mail service-production.

Frame Rate and Aspect Ratio

Equally a general dominion of pollex, you may record videos at 24 frames per second to produce an artistic or cinematic result. In this way, you can get the all-time paradigm quality and highest resolution for video footage.

Meanwhile, you can shoot movies at a higher fps, or around 60 frames per second, if y’all want to create slow-motion movie clips.

For the aspect ratio, information technology would be best to consider the shape of your video’s final format so that you won’t take problem cropping in post-processing. Make sure to calculate the corresponding width and tiptop for the equipment where you lot will prove or view the movie clips.

A black and white DSLR camera on a table

File Type

Similar to choosing the file type for shooting a motion picture, it’south also essential that you select the correct movie file type for in-camera playback. EOS DSLR cameras normally contain two file types: movie file (.MOV) and thumbnail file (.THM).

You may delete the thumbnail files if you only demand to transfer your moving picture clips to a calculator for editing. However, you have to continue the .THM files if yous need to put the moving picture files back to the camera. Without the .THM files, y’all won’t exist able to play the .MOV file dorsum.

Audio Recording

The headphone jack of the EOS 5D Mark III enables you to put a microphone for recording audio exactly how it sounds in a given situation. In issue, you become to know if you demand to plow the volume upwardly or downward or if in that location’s any distortion in the sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tin Y’all Modify Lenses When Recording Movies?

A 50mm or prime lens is among the easiest lenses to apply with this camera for videography because its f-stop lets in more than light. You can also use a zoom lens, like a 24-105mm lens, to go multiple perspectives from a single location. Learn more most what lens to option with our guide.

Are There Pinch Choices in Canon Cameras?

The photographic camera contains IPB compression settings for videos that go along with the fps and resolution settings. The IPB is the compressed setting, which is platonic for keeping the file sizes downwardly. Meanwhile, the ALL-I results in uncompressed files for meliorate prototype quality and easier editing.

What Are the Improvements from 5D Marking Ii to 5D Marking III?

Unlike the 5D Mark 2, the 5D Mark III has 300% college max ISO, more focus points, a larger epitome display, and longer bombardment life, letting you lot shoot more than frames and obtain better video control.

Where Tin I Watch Catechism 5D Mark Three Video Setting Tutorials?

A keen place to start is to go to and wait for “Catechism 5D MK III video focus.” Another proficient class on shooting real estate video is Grant Johnston’s Learn to Shoot Real Estate Video class.


The Canon EOS 5D Mark Three is amidst Catechism’south line of cameras that made it easier for people to accept pictures and video footage using a single device. With practice, you tin can alter the Canon 5D Mark III settings depending on your needs and capture incredible movies even in depression light conditions.

Bonus: Check out our guide to picking the best flash for a Canon 5D Mark Three.