Canon 5d Mark Iv Battery Drain

By | 30/10/2022

Many photographers all around the world are fans of Canon cameras. Especially to the 5D serial! After the amazing launching of the 5D Marking III, Catechism decided to bring another camera to the table, with more improvements, the Canon 5D Marking IV!

The Canon 5D Marking 4 is a digital SLR photographic camera that has some slap-up features built-in. It features the 30.four Megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor and the DIGIC half dozen plus paradigm processor. Overall, the camera is a dandy 1 and it is one of the fastest when it comes to the 5D series.

Some of the most important features that this photographic camera owns are:

  • Image Quality is Great
  • 4K Videos
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • WiFi, NFC, and GPS

However, there is something quite important but I didn’t mention above, the battery life! The reason that I am writing this article is the battery life of the amazing Canon 5D Mark Iv photographic camera!

Stick till the end to find out more information about the bombardment life!

Canon 5D Marker Iv Battery Life

Being a digital SLR camera, the Catechism 5D Marking IV is able to requite you 900 shots on just a single charge via the optical viewfinder. When used via the LCD screen, the number of shots that you tin can take may drib to 350.

It is important to mention that I used this camera in heavy style, meaning that I used it near nonstop during the day and when I got dwelling, there was still a battery left to take some more than shots. However, the rating goes effectually 800 merely by and large 900 shots.

What Type of Battery Does Canon 5D Mark Four Use?

In club to piece of work properly and bring the number of shots mentioned above, the Catechism 5D Mark 4 uses a Catechism LP-E6 battery.

Information technology is a rechargeable lithium-ion bombardment, like in all camera batteries, and it has a power chapters of 1800 mAh.

What drains the Battery Life of Catechism 5D Mark 4?

What I will mention in this section is fully the connectivity technologies that Canon 5D Marking 4 uses, how do they function, and how they drain the battery life.

So, the connectivity technologies that this camera uses are WiFi, NFC, and GPS. In order to function and to work properly, the three technologies mentioned work with some power that they basically accept from the battery of the camera, the LP-E6 bombardment.

All the technologies are quite powerful and strong and they work super properly. Still, they take besides much power from the battery on the Canon 5D Marking 4 and they are the well-nigh important enemy of the battery life in this camera.

Try to non use them when not needed, so by that, there is quite an comeback in the battery life of your Canon 5D Mark IV camera.

Final Words

If you need communication regarding the Canon 5D Mark Iv as a camera in general, I would like to mention that it is definitely a great photographic camera. However, it is a bit pricey then you should consider and wait deeper into everything that the photographic camera brings and owns.

I hope the article that I wrote for you is fully advisory! Enjoy!

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