Canon 5d Mark Iv Flicker Warning

By | 12/10/2022

Canon 5D Mk IV

30MP 7FPS Full-Frame, 4K, WiFi, GPS

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Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk Four
(31.370 oz./889.25g with battery and cards, nigh $2,699) and 50mm f/i.2 Fifty. bigger. I got mine at Adorama; I’d also get it at Amazon, at B&H or at Crutchfield.

Also comes as:

Body merely: $2,699 at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield.

Body with 24-70mm f/iv L IS: $3,399 at Amazon.

Body with 24-105mm f/iv L IS II: $3,799 at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield.

BG-E20 Battery Grip: $299.

This junk-free website’s biggest source of back up is when you use those or whatsoever of these links to my personally-canonical sources when yous get
annihilation, regardless of the state in which you live. Canon does not seal its boxes in any way, then
purchase at retail or whatsoever other source not on my personally canonical list since y’all’ll have no mode of knowing if you’re missing accessories, getting a lacking, damaged, returned, store demo or used camera. Buy simply from the approved sources I use myself for the best prices, service, return policies and option. Thank you for helping me assistance you! Ken.

August 2022

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Pro DSLRs Compared

Canon 5D Mk IV

Catechism 5D Mk Four and 50mm f/one.2 L.

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk Four.

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk 4.

Please help


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The Canon 5D Mark IV is the world’southward most universal DSLR. Information technology is competitive for sports and action as well as for hymeneals, nature, portrait, landscape and product photography.

With 7 FPS on tap, the 5D Mk Four is fast enough for merely about anything other than defended full-fourth dimension sports coverage for which yous need a 14 FPS 1DX Mk II.

With xxx full-frame megapixels, it’s also state of the art in resolution. Nikon’s highest resolution camera today, the old D810 from 2014, has essentially the same resolution simply just runs at 5 FPS. The just photographic camera with significantly more than resolution than this 5D Mk Four is Catechism’s 5DS and 5DSR, which are essentially a college resolution only slower version of this 5D Mk Four.

This is why I’m so impressed that Canon chose to innovate this 5D Mk Iv. Canon didn’t demand to; it already has this covered in the 5D Mk III that runs at vi FPS, and the 5DSR has more resolution simply less speed at nigh the aforementioned price. The 5D series sells very few cameras compared to Canon’s APS-C DSLRs, and so we ought to exist glad that Canon actively develops new models that don’t exercise much for Canon’due south profits (and swallow into sales of other Canon cameras), but give usa all more photographic camera choices.

Bravo Canon!


blue ball icon ©

blue ball icon ©
GPS also tags elevation.

blue ball icon ©
WiFi for use with Canon Photographic camera Connect App.

blue ball icon ©

blue ball icon ©
In-camera, as-shot baloney correction (absent-minded in the 5DS and 5DS R).

blue ball icon ©
In-photographic camera, as-shot diffraction correction (absent-minded in the 5DS and 5DS R).

blue ball icon ©
In-photographic camera, as-shot Digital Lens Optimizer (absent in 5DS and 5DS R, but works so slowly in this 5D Mk IV that it’s not that helpful).

blue ball icon ©
New programmable control button (between the big rear dial and the thumb nubbin). I gear up mine to bandy between AUTO and Single AF surface area modes.

blue ball icon ©
Touch Screen.

blue ball icon ©
“Color Tone” aligning for the rear LCD (Card > WRENCH 2 > LCD colour tone) lets yous brand information technology a picayune more orange or more than blueish if y’all prefer.

blue ball icon ©
All 61 AF points work at f/8; 41 of these are cantankerous-blazon besides.

blue ball icon ©
153,600 pixel (480 x 320) RGB + IR light meter.

blue ball icon ©
AF rated to work down to LV -3, and to LV -4 in Live View.

blue ball icon ©
4,096 × two,160 Digital Cinema Initiative 4K video.

blue ball icon ©
“Dual-Pixel RAW,” an odd organization Canon claims lets us touch-up focus later on shooting.

blue ball icon ©
IPTC metadata entry.


green ball icon ©
Touch-command LCD with Motorcar Brightness Command and anti-smudge and anti-reflection coatings.

green ball icon ©
iii total-recall C1, C2 and C3 memories on the mode punch (also in 5DS and 5DS R).

green ball icon ©
Multi-shot noise reduction (also in 5DS and 5DS R).

green ball icon ©
Shoots-through flicker (also in 5DS and 5DS R and other recent Canons).


red ball icon ©
Digital Lens Optimizer runs so slowly every bit to exist near useless for most practical shooting; it locks-up the 5D4 for three seconds afterward each shot!


gray ball icon ©
No built-in wink.

gray ball icon ©
No flipping LCD.

gray ball icon ©
No as-shot, in-finder cropped-sensor options. (no 4:5, 1:1, APS-C or other crop options as we have in the 5DS and 5DS R).

gray ball icon ©
No magnetic compass as in the 5DS and 5DS R.

gray ball icon ©
Focus screen is not interchangeable.

gray ball icon ©
No Mup shutter filibuster.

Lens Compatibility

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Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk Iv.

Works perfectly with all Canon EF lenses ever fabricated since 1987.

EF-Southward and EF-M lenses won’t mountain; they won’t comprehend this full-frame sensor anyway.


   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

AccessoriesUSA Version   Operation

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Image Sensor

30 MP.

24 × 36 mm full-frame.

one.5:one aspect ratio.

5.36 µm pixel pitch.

Ultrasonic cleaner.

In-camera DSP for Digital Lens Optimization and Diffraction Compensation for JPEG shooting.

Image Sizes      specifications       peak

Uncropped iii:2

Large JPG and raw: 6,720 × 4,480 pixels
(30 MP) native.

five,040 × 3,360 (17 MP).

Medium JPG:
four,464 × 2,976 (xiii MP).

Pocket-size JPG and sRAW:
three,360 × 2,240 (seven.five MP).

Minor ii:
1,920 × 1,280 (2.5 MP).

Small three:
720 × 480 (346 kP).

iv:3 Crop

Large JPG & raw: v,952 × iv,480 (27 MP).

mRAW: iv,480 × three,360 (15 MP).

Medium JPG: iii,968 × two,976 (12 MP).

Small JPG or sRAW: two,976 × two,240 (7 MP).

Small 2 JPG: 1,696 × 1,280 (ii MP).

Small 3 JPG: 640 × 480 (307 kP).

Foursquare Hasselblad ane:1 Crop

Large JPG & raw: iv,480 × 4,480 (20 MP).

mRAW: 3,360 × 3,360 (11 MP).

Medium JPG: two,976 × 2,976 (9 MP).

Small JPG or sRAW: 2,240 × 2,240 (five MP).

Pocket-size 2 JPG: ane,280 × one,280 (ane.6 MP).

Modest 3 JPG: 480 × 480 (230 kP).

16:9 crop

Large JPG & raw: vi,720 × 3,776 pixels (25 MP).

mRAW: 5,040 × 2,836 (14 MP).

Medium JPG: 4,464 × ii,512 (11 MP).

Pocket-sized JPG and sRAW: three,360 × 1,888 (6 MP).

Small ii: 1,920 × 1,080 (2 MP).

Modest iii: 720 × 408 (290 kP).

      specifications       top

ISO 100 ~ 32,000 in regular modes.

ISO 50 ~ 102,400 in expanded modes.

Auto ISO with full manual and shiftable Auto slowest shutter speeds.

White Balance
      specifications       top

Motorcar (two settings: “Ambience” lets tungsten stay warm, and “White” which fully corrects tungsten.)





White Fluorescent




±9 steps bister/blue and magenta/dark-green trim.

Still Formats      specifications       top

JPG and/or 14-bit raw.

sRGB and Adobe RGB.

      specifications       elevation

MOV files

4,096 × 2,160 (Digital Movie house Initiative 4K) at 29.97, 24.00 or 23.976 FPS. These 4,096-wide images are platonic for ‘scope (2:40:ane) shooting.

1,920 × 1,080 at 59.94, 29.97, 24.00 or 23.976 FPS.

1,280 × 720 at 119.88 FPS.

Motion JPEG (4K) or MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (HD) video.

Linear PCM sound.

MP4 files

1,920 × ane,080 at 59.94, 29.97, 24.00 or 23.976 FPS.

MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video.

AAC sound.

Audio      specifications       top

Recorded simply along with video.

Autofocus      specifications       height


61 points, all of which work at f/8.

41 of these are cantankerous-points.

Rated to piece of work down to LV -three.

Standard SLR TTL secondary image-forming phase-difference detection system with defended AF sensor.

Alive View

Contrast detection or Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Rated to piece of work downward to LV -4.

Finder      specifications       summit

100 % coverage.

0.71× magnification with 50mm lens.

21 mm eyepoint.

-3 ~ +1 diopters.

Stock-still focus screen; not interchangeable.

Data shown in finder:

AF point information

AF functioning*

Area AF frame

Metering mode*

Spot metering circle

Paradigm quality*

Electronic level (dedicated indicator)*

Digital Lens Optimizer*

Battery (remaining capacity)*

Dual Pixel RAW setting (shooting)*

P/Av/Tv/Thousand Shooting mode*

Flicker detection*

White balance*

Warning symbol

Bulldoze mode*

AF status indicator

* these items you can activate or conciliate.

Shutter      specifications       top

Vertical metal focal-plane.

1/8,000 ~ thirty seconds.

Frame Rates

7 FPS.

6.6 FPS with flicker reduction.

Much slower with Digital Lens Optimizer enabled.


Flash      specifications       top

1/200 sync speed.

E-TTL-II system ideal with all EX-series flash.

Congenital-in Wink


External Flash

Dedicated hot shoe.

Standard PC (Prontor-Compur) flash sync, works with either polarity..

Light Meters      specifications       top


153,600 pixel (480 10 320) RGB + IR sensor.



6% fractional.

1% spot.

Range: LV 0 ~ 20.

Live View

315 zone (21 10 15) evaluative.


half dozen.3% partial.

3% spot.

Range: LV 0 ~ 20.

Alive View      specifications       top

Stills and video.

five× or ten× magnification (stills just).

Mode 1 and 2 silent shooting.

3 x 3, 6 x vi grids and also diagonals at iii x three.

LCD Monitor      specifications       meridian

3.2″ Touchscreen TFT.

Total touch-screen interface, including f AF area pick.

1.v:i aspect ratio.

1,620,000 dots.

170º viewing angle.

Paradigm Dimensions:

   ane.77 x 2.65″ (3.19″ diagonal).

   44.9 x 67.4 millimeters (81mm diagonal).

Does not swivel.

Clear View LCD II anti-smudge and anti-reflection coatings.

Electronic Level      specifications       top

In Finder

±7.5° roll and ±iv° pitch in i° increments.

On Rear LCD

360° roll and ±10° pitch in i° increments.


1° to ±10°

3° to ±45°

Connectors      specifications       acme

USB. This is also how nosotros connect the WFT-E7 and CS100 Connect Station.

HDMI type C. CEC compatible.

WiFi      specifications       top

For use with Canon Camera Connect App.

Also has NFC.

Storage      specifications       top

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk 4 CF and SD menu slots.

Ane CF and ane SD slot.

Work either as ane menu at a time, or to overflow to the side by side card equally needed, or to tape different paradigm formats or sizes on each, or my favorite, recording the same thing to both as a real fourth dimension backup.


Type I only (Type II and Microdrives won’t fit and CFast cards are besides completely unlike and incompatible.)

Up to UDMA Mode 7.



UHS-I supported.

No MultiMediaCards (MMC) or UHS-2. (UHS-Two will work, but probably will exist
than a UHS-I card.)

Convenience      specifications       peak

LCD Auto brightness control

C1, C2 and C3 total camera-state recalls on the manner dial.

My Menu carte du jour.

Quick Control [ Q ] button.

Quality      specifications       tiptop

Canon 5D Mk IV

Catechism 5D Mk IV.

Made in Nippon.

Power      specifications       top

Either of the LP-E6N (new, included) or the quondam LP-E6 batteries work. The new one has more capacity than the older LP-E6 battery, and they are interchangeable and both accuse in the usual Canon LC-E6 charger.

The LP-E6N is rated for 900 shots. (850 at 0ºC/32ºF; 300 with live view or 280 with live view at 0ºC/32ºF.)

When used with a 2nd battery in the grip, the rated number of shots doubles.

LP-E6N Battery

LP-E6N Battery (looks the same as the older LP-E6).

LC-E6 Charger

Battery Charger LC-E6


LC-E6 folding plug 100-240V 50-lx cps charger.

Optional Air-conditioning Adapter Kit ACK-E6.

Internal rechargeable bombardment for the clock: charges in viii hours and runs for three months if yous take out the LP-E6N.

Size      specifications       superlative

4.58 × 5.93 × 2.99 inches HWD.

116.4 × 150.7 × 75.9 millimeters HWD.

Weight      specifications       summit

31.39 oz. (890g) with battery and card.

28.22 oz. (800g) stripped.

Surroundings      specifications       summit


0 ~ 40º C (32 ~ 104º F).

Upward to 85% RH.

Included      specifications       top

Canon 5D Mk IV

United states of america Warranty Carte du jour, Discs and Manuals, Canon 5D Mk IV (United states Version).

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk IV.

5D Mk IV torso.

Body cap.


Eg eyecup.

LP-E6N bombardment.

LP-E6 Charger (folding plug without cord in USA)

IFC-150U USB 3 cord.

Software disk.

English and Spanish printed manuals.

USA Warranty Card.

(Lens, hood and sack if part of a kit.)

Announced      specifications       pinnacle

12:01 AM NYC fourth dimension, Thursday, 25 August 2016.

Promised for      specifications       pinnacle

Early on September 2016.



specifications       tiptop

Baronial 2022

Body only: $ii,699 at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield.

Body with 24-70mm f/4 L IS: $iii,399 at Amazon.

Body with 24-105mm f/four L IS II: $3,799 at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield.

BG-E20 Battery Grip: $299.

August ~ November 2016

Trunk but: $3,499 (likewise at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield).

Body with 24-70mm f/4 L IS: $4,399 (besides at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield).

Torso with 24-105mm f/4 Fifty IS II: $4,599 (too at Amazon, at B&H and at Crutchfield).

BG-E20 Battery Grip: $349.

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk Four box.

Optional Accessories

   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

AccessoriesU.s. Version   Performance

Compared   Usage   Recommendations   More than

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk IV with 24-105mm L IS 2 and BG-E20 grip.

BG-E20 Battery Grip: $349.

Rain Embrace ERC-E5S/E5M/E5L.

Protecting Cloth PC-E1.

Getting a Legal USA Version

(for Us only)

   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

AccessoriesU.s.a. Version   Functioning

Compared   Usage   Recommendations   More than

U.s.a. versions include a white Catechism USA warranty card marked
“U.s.A & Canada only.”

It lists the serial numbers of whatever’s in the box:

Canon USA Warranty

Canon USA Warranty Card.

If yours has no USA card, you got ripped off with a greyness market version from another country. This is why I
buy anyplace other than from my personally approved sources. Yous only tin’t take the hazard of buying elsewhere,
retail store, considering non-USA versions accept no warranty in the United states, and you won’t fifty-fifty be able to become firmware or service for information technology — even if you’re willing to pay out-of-pocket for it when you demand information technology!

If a gray market place version saves you lot $one,000 it might be worth it, but if saving simply $100 I wouldn’t gamble having no warranty or support.

Always be certain to check yours while you lot can still return it, or just don’t purchase from unapproved sources or at retail and then you’ll exist able to have your camera serviced as needed.

Get yours from the same places I practise and you won’t have a problem, just if yous accept the risk of getting yours elsewhere, exist sure to check everything while you yet can return it.


   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

AccessoriesUnited states of america Version   Performance

Compared   Usage   Recommendations   More than


Autofocus is every bit nosotros expect for the 5D series: fast enough, but it’s no 1DX Mk II.

Specifically, like all Canons it’s as fast as can be if you select just one AF point, but if y’all set AF Surface area Select to AUTO, then the 5D Mark IV doesn’t car-select or track amongst all the AF areas very quickly. This is in stark contrast to the 1DX Mk 2, which auto-selects and tracks amongst all its AF areas pretty much instantly. In other words, the 5D4 focuses in and out as fast as every other camera, however the 5D Mark Iv’southward power to select among the AF areas by itself (if you utilise this feature as I exercise), isn’t that fast.

It’s as good equally the 5DSR; no better and no worse. Either of these 5D series is tedious in dim light, especially if you lot expect the photographic camera to select the AF surface area for you.

With the 100~400mm f/4.5~5.half dozen Fifty IS II and the 1.4x extender II, only a central horizontal stripe of 9 AF zones piece of work. The great news is that they are outlined then nosotros know exactly where they are.

With the 100~400mm f/4.five~5.6 L IS II and the 2x extender Two, at that place is no autofocus considering the combination is too slow (f/nine~xi).


Canon 5D Mk IV finder

Actual view through Canon 5D Mk IV viewfinder.
Note two-axis level display at top. bigger.

The agile AF areas are black LCD boxes that tin block our view of the subject. They tin can light in red in the dark, but it’due south nowhere near as squeamish as the truthful LED active AF areas of the 1DX Mk II.

There are also settable night LCD text overlays along the bottom of the ground drinking glass to warn of diverse settings.


Flash exposure is good; no dissimilar from other Canon DSLRs.

The 5D4 is smart enough to optimize exposure and EXIF information on the fly if you flash hasn’t recycled from the previous shot. If the flash isn’t prepare all the same, the 5D Mark 4 takes the flick, exposes it correctly without the flash, and records the image with right EXIF exposure and “wink not fired” data.

High & Depression ISO Performance & Sample Image Files

High ISO performance is spectacular. Regular ISOs run from ISO 100~32,000. It can also run as low every bit ISO 50 or equally high as ISO 102,400 (H2), but simply if you lot enable these at Menu > Camera 2 > ISO SPEED SETTINGS > RANGE FOR STILLS.

Other cameras similar the Nikon D5 allow setting foolishly high push ISOs that expect awful and are included only for marketing purposes, while this 5D Mk IV looks pretty adept at every ISO setting, including H1 and H2. As you’ll see in the complete images, the pictures all look the aforementioned at every ISO at normal spider web and print sizes, and if y’all crop them to prove extremely high magnification (45 x 67″ or 115 10 175 cm prints), the highest ISOs never get noisy or blotchy; they just get dirtier and lose fine details and texture only visible at high magnifications.

In other words, while other cameras like the Catechism 1DX Mk II and Nikon D5 can exist gear up higher, they look much worse. The 5D MK IV looks equally good at ISO 102,400 every bit these other cameras.

Consummate Images

Click any for the camera-original © files to explore on your computer; mobile devices rarely show the full resolution files properly.

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Crops from above

These are 600 10 450 pixel crops from the original images. They will vary in size to fit your browser window; if they are about vi” (15cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at 45 x 67″ (115 x 175 cm) at this same magnification.

What nosotros lose at loftier ISOs if y’all look at the original images and crops below are details and subtle textures. Every bit ISO climbs, we lose grain in the wood, the sparkles in the black grain on the right, and everything gets softer. Fireplace bricks inside the grille disappear outset on the left and so the right, and the dust on grill vanishes.

Click any for the aforementioned camera-original © files as above to explore on your computer (mobile devices rarely show the full resolution files properly).

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Canon 5D Mk IV High ISO Sample Image

Mechanical Sound and Racket

This 5D Mk Four is every bit quiet every bit the 5DS and 5DS R. It is much quieter than the 1DX Mk Two.

In unmarried shot or three FPS modes, the 5DS and 5DS R are only a
scrap quieter than this 5D Mk 4.

At 7 FPS this 5D Mk Four is a bit louder than the 5DS and 5DS R are at 5 FPS because the 5D4 is running faster.

In serenity mode this 5D Mk IV is a petty bit quieter than the 5DS and 5DS R, once more not unlike enough to detect unless you have them both in your hands for comparing.


Information technology’due south the aforementioned as other current Canons. Just similar the top-of-the-line 1DX Mk Two, a zoomed playback image doesn’t become sharp as yous scroll effectually until after you lot release the thumb nubbin.

The 5D Mk IV is deadening when swapping amidst Large JPG images, taking 850 milliseconds each.

Clock Accuracy

Every sample volition be different.

My 5D Mk IV runs fast 1.66 seconds per solar day (51 seconds per month).

This is the internal clock; if y’all set it to prepare itself to the GPS it should be meliorate, but I didn’t test that.


   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

AccessoriesUSA Version   Performance

Compared   Usage   Recommendations   More

Pro DSLRs Compared.

Compared to the Catechism 5D Mk 3

The 5D Mk III is the older model, introduced in 2012. It’due south also a fantastic photographic camera, just i FPS slower and with slightly lower resolution (there is negligible visible deviation between 22MP and 30MP). I’d pick a 5D Mk Iii over a Nikon D810 any day.

The 5D Mark Iii lacks features like GPS, WiFi and flicker shoot-through, and otherwise takes the same spectacular pictures. If money matters, by all means become a 5D Mk III, and if you can beget it, you’ll love the new features of this Mk IV.

See Is It Worth It.

Compared to the Canon 5DS and 5DSR

The 5DS and 5D Mk 4 sell for the same toll.

There is no difference other then the price between the 5DS and the 5DSR. The images are duplicate; the R is merely a way for Canon to get more than of our coin — merely yous’ll probably recoup the $200 difference at resale time.

I adopt my 5DSR considering I set up my Thou-Fn button for real-time in-finder notwithstanding-image cropping, a feature not in the 5D Mk IV. I don’t utilise the Mk IV’south GPS, WiFi or touch screen absent in my 5DSR, only I often do like to shoot in i:1 or 4:five cropped sensor modes in my 5DSR.

In bodily utilize, 30MP looks the same every bit 50MP.

seven FPS isn’t that much faster than 5 FPS if yous’re non a defended sports shooter, and if you are, you need the 10 FPS 7D Mk II or fourteen FPS 1DX Mk 2, not the 5D Mk Iv.

It’south a money flip, which is why the prices are similar. Get the 5DSR if all the same subjects are your thing, and go the 5D MK IV if occasional sports and action shooting are more of import.


   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

AccessoriesUSA Version   Operation

Compared   Usage   Recommendations   More

Don’t bother using the Digital Lens Optimizer option, unless you don’t heed it locking-upwardly the 5D4 for several seconds after every shot. When I tried this option, I didn’t come across whatsoever difference with it ON or OFF anyway.

See my 5D Mk Three User’due south Guide for now; I set my Mk Four the same mode and haven’t written a specific Mk IV guide yet.


   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

AccessoriesUSA Version   Functioning

Compared   Usage   Recommendations   More

Catechism has actually hit it out of the park over again with this 5D Mark four. The but bad affair is that it costs the aforementioned equally the 5DS just to confuse yous. I prefer the 5DS (or the identical but $200 more expensive 5DSR) because I prefer its in-camera as-shot ingather options, while if you prefer more frames-per-second, WiFi or GPS, you lot’ll prefer this Marker 4.

If you
shoot sports and action, go the 7D Mk Two or 1DX Mk II. Sports, news and action shooters live for speed. On the other hand, if you
shoot things that don’t move for Sunset Magazine or large gallery shows, the 5DS/R remains state of the art for nature and landscape merely for its slightly college resolution.

Most of united states of america shoot a footling of everything, so this new 5D Mark 4 will be a little of the best of everything. I own some cameras for speed and others for resolution, and now this 5D Mk IV does it all in one camera. It’southward got nigh of the insane resolution of the 5DS/R, with more speed than any other 5D or 6D series camera e’er.

This Mk 4 excels at both speed and resolution in a style that no other camera from anyone has ever done. There’due south no reason non to get this camera; fifty-fifty if all you shoot is landscapes and test charts or merely sports, it has no weak points other than having no built-in flash, missing in all of the 5D series.


I use my Canon 320EX wink with my Marking Iv. Information technology has more enough power and is modest and works fast.


The only lenses you need are a tele and a midrange or wide zoom.

The 100-400mm L IS Ii is the country-of-the-art in tele lenses. It is the globe’s all-time for nature, landscape and particularly sports. It focuses and so closely information technology eliminates the need for a macro, and is the fastest focusing tele I’ve ever used.

Add your choice of a midrange zoom, and if y’all do nature, landscapes or interior, add together the 16-35mm 50 IS.

Meet also Best Canon Lenses, but all you demand for everything are the 100~400 and a midrange or 16-35mm lens.

Where to become yours

I got mine at Adorama; I’d too become it at Amazon, at B&H or at Crutchfield, and it besides comes every bit different kits with lenses.

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purchase at retail or any other source not on my personally approved list since you’ll accept no way of knowing if you’re missing accessories, getting a defective, damaged, returned, store demo or used camera. I use the stores I do because they ship from secure remote warehouses where no one gets to touch your new photographic camera before you do. Buy just from the approved sources I apply myself for the best prices, service, return policies and selection.

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Canon’s 5D Marker IV User Manual

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