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Canon 7d Mark Ii Sports Photography

By | 06/11/2022

I accept had the pleasure of beingness able to apply and shoot with the 7D Mark Two for the last month, and existence that my two favorite subjects to shoot are sports and wild animals, this camera was correct up my aisle. Here is my review of the Canon 7D Mark 2 from the perspective of a sports and wild fauna photographer.


Canon 7D Mark II – Sports & Wildlife Review

A lot has been said about Catechism since the 7D Marker 2 was appear, be it thwarting over sensor performance, or ‘lack’ of cutting edge video features. Simply how does the camera actually perform in its designed niche, namely sports and wild animals photography?

The curt answer is that it performs very well. A quick highlight of the features that makes it so perfect for this niche is the 10fps burst manner, incredible atmospheric condition sealing, and super fast/accurate automobile focus functioning. I was blown abroad by the performance of this crop body, which matches (and maybe fifty-fifty outperforms, in some respects) Canon’s EOS 1-D X.

1/1000th, F/6.3, ISO 500 on Canon 7D Mark II w/ 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6L
1/1000th, F/6.three, ISO 500 on Catechism 7D Marking Ii due west/ 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6L

During my time with the camera, I was able to take the torso to several sporting events and on a couple of photo walks out at the local wild animals refuge. In the sports setting, I could accept not been happier with the performance of the 7D Marking Two. I was able to endeavor the different auto focus settings and find one that worked best for me.

The 7D Marking Ii focused and tracked players really well, and the 10fps functioning meant that no moment was missed. I even gave the machine white balance and motorcar ISO a shot, and allow me tell you, they may be the most accurate that I have ever used. The WB settings were always spot on, or within a range that merely a pocket-sized button one manner or the other was needed, and the auto ISO was chosen perfectly, allowing for highlight and shadow recovery in post fairly easily. I always shoot RAW, fifty-fifty for sports, but I would experience comfortable shooting JPG with those settings on, and that is saying something.

i/250th, F/five.6, ISO 200 on Canon 7D Mark II west/ 100-400mm F/4.5-5.6L

I really could not ask for a better camera from a sports perspective. The total frame sensor of the EOS-1D X would be nice, but when you consider that you could purchase 3 (almost 4) 7D Mark 2 bodies for the price of one EOS-1D 10, things become a whole lot simpler in the decision making procedure.

1/2000th, F/2.8, ISO 250 on Canon 7D Mark 2 w/ Tamron 70-200mm F/ii.8 Di VC USD

If you have ever tried to photo minor birds, you volition know that they can be some of the toughest niggling targets for camera machine focus systems to track. Usually, initial focus is not a trouble, but when they showtime hopping around and with the speed at which they normally movement, information technology tin cause AF systems problem.

I took the 7D Mk 2 out with me to the local wildlife refuge to see how it fared against these small winged critters, and I came away very impressed with the AF functioning. Specifically, with the tracking ability of the new AF system. It was not perfect, the little birds still managed to trick information technology, but overall, I was very impressed with how well the camera was able to keep up with these piddling guys.

i/1250th, F/ii.8, ISO 500 on Canon 7D Mark Ii w/ Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD

The 7D Mark Ii has met my expectations in every mode, coming from personal experience with the original 7D and now, having used this new model, I can say without a dubiety it is worth the upgrade for sports and wildlife photographers.

To all of you complaining nearly the video style or the sensor performance, information technology is true, the photographic camera could be improve in these regards. Just that hardly makes the camera bad for these uses. In a sports or wildlife setting, I would be very comfortable with the quality of video I can get from this camera. Certain, it’s non 4K, but it withal looks great.

The same goes for the sensor performance; information technology may not be the best on the marketplace, but information technology is hardly bad. You volition still love the images that you can get out of this camera, and given the combination of other features, this is, in my mind, one of the pinnacle APS-C bodies on the market; if not

The only way that y’all tin actually know if it is for you is to exit and give information technology a endeavor. Rent ane for a couple days and really see if information technology works for yous. Information technology’s as simple as that.

7D Mark Ii Sports and Wild animals Sample Images


Overall, I accept been really happy with the 7D Mark Two, and it has fulfilled every single one of my expectations coming into the review. I am highly considering information technology as my next DSLR, and any of you who savour shooting sports or wildlife would practise well to consider information technology, likewise.

I would like to give a shout out and special thank you to the Western Oregon University Athletic Department for allowing me to come up out and shoot on the sideline. If you are interested in the 7D Marking Two, you can social club your re-create now over on B&H for $1799 body just or $2149 in the kit.

Stay tuned for more than 7D Marking Two perspective reviews coming up as our own Matthew Saville shares his thoughts from a wedding and portrait perspective.

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