Canon 7d Vs 5d Mk 3

By | 16/10/2022

Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs Catechism EOS 5D Marker II

Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Tin can the new Catechism 5D Mk Iii beat its older brother?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II was announced way back in September 2008. Its replacement, the Catechism EOS 5D Marker III, appear on two March, features a 22-megapixel full-frame sensor.

The EOS 5D Mark II has a 21MP full-frame sensor, so Canon has added one 1000000 pixels to the new DSLR. Is that it? What’south Canon been doing all this fourth dimension?

Quite a lot, every bit it happens. The resolution, and that tiny 1MP increment, is the least significant aspect of the EOS 5D Mark 3’s improvements.


Pixel counts go on to brand headlines, merely nigh professionals would probably agree that 20MP is enough. The 36MP Nikon D800 might have caused a flake of a storm, merely for many practical, professional purposes, the Canon 5D Mark 2’s resolution was not the trouble.

Canon eos 5d mark iii vs canon eos 5d mark ii

The Catechism EOS 5D Marking II has a maximum sensitivity of ISO 6400, expandable to ISO 25600.

The sensor in the Canon EOS 5D Marking III is all-new, though, and has an increased ISO range. The Mark three camera has a maximum sensitivity setting of ISO 25600, expandable right upwards to ISO 102400. That’s a whole ii stops more, both in the normal and expanded ISO range.

Epitome quality

Few would fault the prototype quality of the Canon EOS 5D Mark 2, but the Canon EOS 5D Marker Three goes further, not by increasing the number of pixels, but by including a number of features designed to improve sharpness, reduce lens aberrations and handle extra high contrast lighting.

Canon eos 5d mark iii vs canon eos 5d mark ii

Not all lenses live upwardly to the legendary reputation of Catechism’s L-series glassware such every bit the Canon EF 100mm F2.8 L Macro IS USM lens, just the EOS 5D Mark 3 brings in-photographic camera correction for peripheral illumination (vignetting, or corner shading, in other words) and both lateral and axial chromatic aberration.

And the Digital Photo Professional software bundled with the MK three camera incorporates a new Digital Lens Optimizer designed to correct a range of aberrations and counteract the effect of the sensor’southward low laissez passer filter, delivering new, college levels of resolution.

Canon eos 5d mark iii vs canon eos 5d mark ii

The Catechism EOS 5D Mark Three also incorporates an HDR fashion that combines three separate exposures and applies i of 5 unlike tone maps to arrange the conditions you’re shooting in and the effect you’re looking for.


The Canon EOS 5D Mark II might have been ahead of its time, only its autofocus organization wasn’t. Its simple nine-point AF system, plus vi Assist AF points, was adequate, but only just.

The Canon EOS 5D Marking III, however, uses the same advanced 61-bespeak wide-area autofocus arrangement as the Canon EOS-1DX. This incorporates 41 cross-type AF sensors and 5 dual cross-blazon sensors, together with the autofocus presets introduced with the Catechism EOS-1DX. These speedily set the camera up for optimum AF operation in six key autofocus situations, or ‘Cases’.

And Catechism’s new iTR (Intelligent Tracking and Recognition) system uses colour information and face recognition to improve the reliability and speed of its focus tracking.


The Canon EOS 5D Mark II offers 35-zone Evaluative, Centre-weighted, Partial and Spot metering systems.

The Catechism EOS 5D Mark III’southward Evaluative mode uses a new 63 zone dual-layer sensor that responds more reliably to different colours and forms role of Canon’southward latest iFCL (Focus, Color, Luminance) exposure system, offset seen in the Canon EOS 7D, which besides uses focus indicate information to arrive at the correct exposure.

Canon eos 5d mark iii vs canon eos 5d mark ii

This is a much more than sophisticated system than the Canon EOS 5D Mark II’s, although exposure metering is a skill that also relies heavily on the photographer’s familiarity with the camera’s metering system, and then photographers who’ve learned to get good results with the Catechism 5D Mark Ii may need to relearn the exposure system in the Mark III.

The Fractional and Spot metering modes on the 5D Marker Three are more precise than the old photographic camera’south, likewise. Partial style measures 6.2% of the scene (8 per cent in the 5D Mark II), while spot mode measures 1.5% (3.5% in the 5D Marking II).


Speed was not one of the Canon EOS 5D Mark 2’southward stiff points, with a maximum continuous shooting speed of iii.9fps and a buffer capacity of 310 JPEGs (with a UDMA card) and 13 raw files.

Canon eos 5d mark iii vs canon eos 5d mark ii

The 5D Mark 3 beats that easily, thank you to Catechism’s latest DIGIC v+ processor, shooting at 6fps for 16270 JPEGs – indefinitely, in other words – although if you’re shooting raw files the maximum capacity of 18 shots provides a smaller advantage over the 5D Mark II than many might exist expecting.

In any event, the combination of higher frame rates, greater capacity and much faster autofocus mean the Canon EOS 5D Marker III is much better suited to fast action photography than the Catechism EOS 5D Mark Two ever was.


The Canon EOS 5D Marking II has already carved out a reputation as the best DSLR picture show camera available, and because it already shoots video in Full HD, the Catechism EOS 5D Marking III might not offer any obvious reward.

Canon eos 5d mark iii vs canon eos 5d mark ii

However, Canon claims that the combination of the new sensor and DIGIC 5+ processor “virtually eradicates” moire, false colour and other artefacts.

SMPTE timecode back up makes the Canon EOS 5D Marker Iii easier to employ in professional, multi-camera shooting situations. And professional audio quality will be much easier to attain, thanks to an external headphone socket – an essential feature for video pros. Information technology’s besides possible to trim movie clips in the photographic camera.


The price of these cameras could show an issue, possibly fifty-fifty a deciding 1. The Canon EOS 5D Mark Three will proceed sale for £3,000 in the UK or $three,500 in the Usa for the torso but, whereas the Catechism EOS 5D Marker 2 is currently on sale for just £ane,700, or $2,200.

Fifty-fifty at launch, the 5D Marking II was considerably cheaper, at £ii,300, or $iii,000.


At commencement glance, the Canon EOS 5D Mark Three might seem like a pretty modest upgrade of the quondam Canon EOS 5D Marking Ii. But it boasts a number of very important improvements, including the autofocus and metering systems, enhanced filming capabilities, loftier ISO capability and continuous shooting speed.

Canon eos 5d mark iii vs canon eos 5d mark ii

These might not grab headlines in the same manner equally a big bound in pixels, simply they perfectly address the Catechism EOS 5D Mark II’s deficiencies without trying to fix what didn’t need fixing.

Even so, the Catechism EOS 5D Marker Three isn’t just more expensive, it’due south in danger of moving into a different cost subclass. What made the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and so appealing was that it was an affordable step into professional-quality total-frame photography for amateurs. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III, yet, may be a step too far.