Canon 90d Review For Wildlife Photography

By | 21/10/2022

What’due south The Catechism 90D Good For.
(Is it a professional camera)

Is the Canon 90D a professional camera?

This review of the Catechism 90D is an in depth look at a very capable camera with a respectable toll tag. As the Canon Geek, I don’t blindly support everything Canon does, just Canon nailed it with the EOS 90D.

Many review sites will say the 90D isn’t a professional photographic camera because its crop format. Here’south what I say to folks who inquire if the Canon 90D is whatsoever good. Aye!

The Catechism 90D is a professional camera. The 90D shoots outstanding quality images, has capabilities with speed,

motorcar focus

, and video that rivals mirrorless and makes its APS-C sized camera body an asset, not a liability.

The 32.5 megapixel CMOS sensor, combined with the Digic 8 processor volition give you pro-level quality images that are


 in the professional market.

It’s a versatile camera and nosotros’ll start by taking a quick expect at what kind of photography the Canon 90D is adept for taking.

1. Canon 90D for wildlife photography

The Catechism 90D works well for wildlife photography for 3 reasons. Although pro wildlife shooters often adopt the ultimate quality of a full frame camera, the APS-C sized 90D is a much more than affordable option. Here are three reasons why information technology’s a good camera for capturing all those critters in the great outdoors.

wildlife photo
Canon 90D EF 100-400mm Lens @400mm
f/ for 1/400 second, ISO 2000


It’due south fast and versatile. The dual pixel focusing was introduced with the 70D, expanded with the 80D and now is even amend with the 90D. You need fast accurate focusing when shooting wildlife. Y’all can choose from a tiny spot to a small multi-spot expanse to just a full general area of focusing, depending on the situation you’re in and be sure to go a sharply focused subject.


If your wild animals bailiwick is far in the altitude, the 32.5 megapixel sensor provides more than enough detailed information to be able to ingather much tighter postal service capture and still maintain great image quality.


Whether yous’re photographing notwithstanding wildlife or critters on the move, 10 frames per second is a remarkably fast frame rate to accept on an APS-C sensor camera in this price range.

2. snapshot photos

The Catechism 90D is skilful for taking everyday snapshots of family events. It focuses fast in dimly lit situations, or you tin use the user-friendly born pop up flash, so y’all won’t miss those special moments that happen quickly.

90D Snapshot
90D snapshot with pop up flash

I have a history of criticizing tiny light sources that produce harsh shadows, but the built-in flash, specifically when you shoot horizontal orientation, does a fine chore with snapshot photography.

My initial impressions of the colors produced by the processor were typical Catechism colors when set to average white balance (AWB) and were right on the money.

3. closeups and macro

Paired with the right lens, your 90D has plenty of resolution to capture fine item with macro and general close up photography.

Canon 90D macro sample photo
This photograph was taken at ISO 400, f/9.0 at 1/200 second. There is enough of resolution with the 90D that allows yous to get fine detail, fifty-fifty on a significantly cropped photo. Taken with a xviii-135mm Kit lens and non a dedicated macro lens.

Having a sensor with then many pixels like the 90D gives you the power to ingather your photo afterwards and not worry near losing besides much epitome quality.

kale close-up 90D sample
The Canon 90D is versatile for a broad variety of photos. That includes everyday subjects around your home, even photographing the intricate leaf pattern of kale in your vegetable garden.

4. The Canon 90D and portrait photography

Outdoor toddler portrait

  • The Catechism 90D can be used for both professionally posed and coincidental portraits. It has expert exposure breadth which is peachy for handling a wide multifariousness of lighting situations.
  • The EOS iTR AF face detection works cracking for making sure your subjects eyes (the nigh important office) are captured in sharp focus.
  • Y’all can use any of the smaller EF-S lenses or whatever of the full frame EF lenses to shoot portraits with the 90D.
  • Catechism is known for producing expert mankind tones and the 90D is no exception.
  • Yous’ll exist able to use simple or complex lighting setups using any of the flash guns in the Canon Speedlite lineup.

5. Canon 90D for sports

This might likely exist the biggest question photographers ask about the this photographic camera. Is the Canon 90D any skillful for sports? The easy answer is yes for 3 major reasons.

90D youth sports photo
Doing the “Soccer Dance”

  1. The 90D focusing system is fast. Very fast, giving yous the ability to keep moving targets in focus.
  2. Secondly, because it is a crop photographic camera, your field of view is automatically 1.6x narrower with your Canon lens than you’d get with a full frame. That added zoomed view gets you in close to the action to isolate your intended target.
  3. Finally, the Canon 90D shoots at x frames per second. That increases your chances of capturing that exact moment in the action. Slower frame rate cameras might requite you lot the shot just before or just after the exact split second to get that perfect action photo.

6. Landscape photography

The Canon EOS 90D is good for landscape photography. It’s 32 megapixel sensor records the details with a lot of resolution and sharpness. Utilise low ISO settings to minimize noise from your landscaper photos.

View from Acadia Mountain
“Acadia Fog Lifting”
You can utilize the 90D to shoot landscape photos.

The 90D is relatively compact and light. When paired with a light and versatile lens, like the EF-S xviii-135mm, it’s easy to carry along on challenging hikes to the peaks of mountains for some great landscape photos.

vii. Canon 90D video

Is the Canon 90D proficient for video? It’southward one of the kickoff things I tested when I got this camera. The slow move video was what intrigued me initially so that’s where I did my commencement official test. Information technology’s not a polished video-I’chiliad a newbie when it comes to shooting video-but you’ll get a good idea on what the 120 frames per second issue looks like. It’s cool to watch.

Here are the three biggest takeaways I came away with after testing the 120 fps recording mode.

First impressions of 90d video

FOCUS TRACKING. I thought the focus tracking on the 70D was good. On the 90D it’southward even better.

RESOLUTION. It’s great to finally have an affordable camera that shoots 4k without cropping.

Ho-hum MOTION. Ane of the best side benefits to shooting tedious motion is that whatsoever uneven or jerky camera movements are automatically reduced along with the speed of the action when y’all sentry the video at regular speed.

Catechism 90D biggest shortcomings

crop sensor
Crop sensor

I’d exist remiss if I ignored the weaknesses of the Canon 90D. Here are ii shortcomings that are worth mentioning.


What’due south the biggest weakness with the Canon 90D? Information technology’s really not just the 90D, but rather any crop camera that has that many pixels squeezed onto its sensor. Noise. The individual pixels are made and so pocket-size in lodge to fit only the 90D APS-C sensor. They are tiny at only 3.2 μm.

Tiny pixels can’t compete with the light collecting ability of the larger pixels that are used on a total frame digital camera like the thirty.2 megapixel 5D Mark IV. The 5.36 μm pixels are about 67% larger. Digital noise is more observable at higher ISO settings with the Canon 90D than yous’d see with a full frame camera with the same number of pixels.

There’s skilful news that come along with that. Because there are so many pixels on the 90D sensor, the racket that is present is very fine. You lot’ll simply observe it when you pixel peep at 100% magnification.

BACKUP Retention.

The second weakness of the 90D for some is the lack of a second memory menu slot. Professional photographers similar the security of knowing they can relieve an image to two cards at once. For most  enthusiast photographers, recording to a second memory card on the 90D is a luxury they simply don’t need.

Now, maybe it’due south that I alive digitally dangerously, but in the 20 years I’ve been shooting digitally I’ve never used the 2d card in my 5D  or 5D Mark III to write to equally a backup during a photograph shoot, weddings included.

final comments on my Canon 90D REVIEW

Canon 90D and EF lens
Huge assortment of lenses you can use on your Canon 90D

And so far so good. The purchase of my personal 90D was the result of a lot of pondering, investigating, and indecision.

I’ve been shooting all of my “professional jobs” with my 5d Mark Three for many years with peachy results. It was difficult for me to justify spending the money on a camera during the economic devastation for the Covid 19 pandemic.

I’ll be calculation content and more photos and videos on the Canon 90D equally my experiences with it grow. My overall impression with the 90D is very positive. You tin can take a total look at the Canon 90D Transmission, just to get a good idea the options on how you tin use this photographic camera.

Equally an Amazon affiliate Canon Camera Geek receives a minor commission from qualifying purchases, at NO added cost to you lot.

The engineering built into it (and other contempo Canon releases) is remarkable. Information technology’s such a peachy time to be interested in digital photography, whether you lot’re a shooting pro, a photo enthusiast, or a newbie DSLR shooter.

I hope this review has been helpful to you lot. Please explore other related topics on my site or use the google search box below to find information on a specific topic related to Canon gear.

Take a smash……shoot a Canon!

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