Canon Camera Will Not Turn On

By | 27/10/2022

If you lot own a DSLR camera or a digital single lens reflex camera then y’all must be familiar how great the device is and how amazing the pictures come out to be. DSLRs prove useful for not just professional photographers just also nigh anyone else who loves clicking high quality pictures. But sometimes your DSLR could encounter certain problems which may not allow yous to click photographs and one of them is DSLR not turning on. You facing the aforementioned issue? Well we sympathise that it tin exist quite frustrating. This is why nosotros have brought you lot the post-obit list of the possible reasons and solutions for DSLR not turning on:

1. A drained or dead battery

REASON: Ane of the virtually common reasons for DSLR not turning on could be a
tuckered or a dead battery.
If y’all accept been using your camera for a long fourth dimension, then information technology is possible that its battery may have consumed and this could be a reason why the device may not exist turning on at all.

SOLUTION: To solve this issue, take the battery out and put it on charging. Wait for a few hours until it is fully charged and try turning the camera on after inserting the battery back once again. If information technology still doesnt work or turn on, and so refer to the following given possible problems and their solutions.

battery dead

Image Credits: Pixabay

2. Faulty battery

REASON: If the bombardment is charged and even then the DSLR is not turning on, and so a possible reason behind this could be a
faulty bombardment.
If everything else on your camera is working in perfect condition so a faulty battery may not exist allowing your camera to get switched on.

SOLUTION: To solve this consequence, you lot tin can either try inserting the battery into the battery charger to see whether the green or red light turns on or insert it in another camera to see whether the photographic camera works. If none of these happen, and then you may have to become a new one.

faulty camera battery may not be allowing DSLR to turn on

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3. Dirty battery slot

REASON: Some other reason why your camera may not be turning on could be because of a
dirty battery slot.Sometimes due to continuous or excessive outdoor utilise, the slot may tend to accumulate dirt and dust which need to exist cleaned from fourth dimension to time.

SOLUTION: To solve this trouble, take the battery out of the DSLR battery slot and clean the last properly using either a soft cotton fiber material or a clean brush. Effort using a  microfiber fabric if possible for the all-time results. Insert the battery back once again and endeavor switching the camera on.

clean battery slot to turn DSLR on

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four. Try removing the lens and memory carte

REASON: Sometimes your lens and retentivity carte etc may need reinserting to solve the problem.

SOLUTION: So try  removing the lens also as the memory card from their slots. Let the camera sit idle for a few minutes and insert the parts back again properly. Switch on the camera once more to see if it is working at present. If not, and so you lot may be facing a more circuitous issue for which you may accept to contact a professional.

remove memory card

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If the above given cases do not work and solve the problem, so it is advisable to meet professional help and preferably from the company you lot bought the camera from.  You can likewise contact Mr Right for any camera related or other appliances repair and services.