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F2 key

key is a function cardinal constitute at the top of almost all estimator keyboards. The key is often used in Microsoft Windows to rename a highlighted file or icon. As mentioned below, F2 also has many uses depending on the computer and program.

How to use the F2 key

Open the program that uses the key and press
F2. If the F2 primal as well has an icon on the key, it indicates the cardinal has a secondary function. To use the secondary function, press and concord downwardly the
fundamental, and while continuing to hold the fundamental, press

If when pressing the F2 key, the secondary function is performed (e.g., mutes audio), and the function keys are the secondary function. For instance, on an Apple computer, to press F2, hold downwards
fn, and printing


If the FnLk (office lock) is enabled, the keyboard acts as if the Fn key is being pressed until it is unlocked.

Information about the secondary function is found in the below secondary function of F2 department.

Where is the F2 cardinal used?

The following listing is all the locations where the F2 fundamental can be used with information about its use.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Notepad++
  • Enter BIOS setup

Microsoft Windows

In Microsoft Windows and Windows programs, when an icon, file, or binder is highlighted or selected, pressing
renames the file. For example, you could open a folder in Explorer, select a file, and printing F2. Once pressed, the file is highlighted, and y’all can type a new name for the file.


If multiple files are selected when you printing F2 to rename a file, all selected files take on the new name. For instance, if you had three unlike named files selected, printing F2, and rename a file to “test,” all iii files employ that name and become “test (one),” “test (ii),” and “test (3).”

Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, F2 edits the active cell. For example, you could utilize the arrow keys to navigate to a jail cell containing the text you want to edit. One time the cell is highlighted, printing
to edit the prison cell and then add text or otherwise edit the text in the cell.

Microsoft Word

displays the print preview window in Microsoft Word.

opens the open document window in Microsoft Word and lets y’all select a document to open in Word.


In Notepad++, pressing
creates a bookmark on a line in a file. Pressing
cycles through the available bookmarks in a file.

Enter BIOS setup

On many PCs, as the computer is booting, you’ll run into an option to press the F2 primal to enter setup. Pressing
when this bulletin is displayed enters the BIOS or CMOS setup.

  • How to enter and exit the BIOS or CMOS setup.

The secondary function of F2

For laptop keyboards and desktop estimator keyboards with the Fn key, each function fundamental has two functions. Unfortunately, there’s no standard to what each fundamental uses as its secondary function, and then every keyboard is different. Below is a list of dissimilar keyboards and their secondary function for the F2 key.

  • Apple tree keyboard F2 key
  • Cooler Primary keyboard F2 key
  • Dell keyboard F2 primal
  • HP keyboard F2 fundamental
  • Lenovo ThinkPad F2 key
  • Logitech keyboard F2 key
  • Microsoft Surface F2 key

Apple keyboard F2 key

The default F2 fundamental’s primary function on Apple keyboards is to increase the screen’s effulgence. Pressing
for the secondary function is F2.

Cooler Master keyboard F2 primal

On Libation Primary desktop keyboards, the F2 secondary function is one of the following options depending on the model.

  • With single-color keyboard backlight keyboards, FN+F2 decreases the backlight effulgence.
  • With multiple backlight colors (RGB) keyboard, FN+F2 adjusts the ruby color levels.

Dell keyboard F2 cardinal

The F2 primal secondary function on Dell laptop keyboards is to mute and unmute the book.

HP keyboard F2 primal

On Hewlett-Packard laptop keyboards with a effulgence or sun icon on the F2 cardinal, the secondary F2 function decreases the screen brightness.

Lenovo ThinkPad F2 primal

On the IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad keyboards with a speaker icon next to a minus, the F2 central secondary function turns downwards the volume.

Logitech keyboard F2 primal

On Logitech keyboards with a two box symbol on the key, the F2 primal secondary part switches between open up applications in Windows or opens Mission Control on macOS.

Microsoft Surface F2 cardinal

On the Microsoft Surface laptops, the F2 central secondary part is to increase the screen brightness.

Where is the F2 cardinal on my smartphone or tablet?

Smartphones and tablets don’t have keyboards like you’d find on a desktop and laptop and therefore don’t have an F2 fundamental.

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