Canon Eos R Shutter Count Windows

By | 28/10/2022

Your camera’s
shutter count
is an of import number that isn’t easily accessible on a Canon photographic camera. The shutter count of your camera can give you a rough judge of how many photos y’all’ve taken. Additionally it proves you with how much lifespan is left in the camera which is useful when buying used gear.

Table of contents

  • Video Guide:
  • What is Shutter Count?
  • Why is Shutter Count Important?
  • How to Get Your Canon Camera’s Shutter Count
    • Using ShutterCount on Mac

At present let’s not waste anymore time and hop into
how to check Canon shutter count.

Video Guide:

Don’t have time to read an article? here’s a quick video about checking your shutter count.

Now let’south go into how to check shutter count on a Canon Camera.

What is Shutter Count?

In the almost simple terms
shutter count is the amount of photos that a camera has taken. Every time a photographic camera takes a photograph information technology has a shutter actuation which exposes the image; unless you are using a mirrorless photographic camera on a silent shooting mode.

Since camera gear is expensive information technology’south good to know how much life expectancy you can expect from your Catechism camera.

Here’s a handy chart of popular Catechism cameras and their expected shutter life.

Pop Catechism Camera Shutter Life:

Camera Name Expected Shutter Life
Canon EOS R5 500,000 actuations
Canon EOS R6 300,000 actuations
Canon EOS R 200,000 actuations
Canon EOS RP 150,000 actuations
Canon EOS 5D Mark Three 150,000 actuations
Canon EOS 1D Mark Iv 300,000 actuations
Canon EOS 80D 100,000 actuations

Why is Shutter Count Important?

All camera’s are rated for their shutter actuations. Pregnant there are a certain corporeality of shutter actuations cameras are designed to terminal for. This metric is important when buying a used photographic camera or only to acquire how much vesture and tear you’ve put on your camera and cistron information technology into it’s depreciation.

How to Become Your Canon Camera’s Shutter Count

Sadly getting your Canon’s shutter business relationship is a bit harder than other camera brands. Canon’southward recommended way to cheque a camera’south shutter count is to send information technology into their facility.

But if you don’t take time to become without your camera there are a few other means to cheque a Canon photographic camera’due south shutter count.

Apps to cheque Canon photographic camera shutter count:

past DIREstudios (Tested, works well)
ShutterCount Mobile
by DIREstudios
Canon EOS DIGITAL Info Files
(Untested, download the portable zip file with .exe)

I’ve found the best success with ShutterCount by DIREstudios on Mac. Information technology’southward often updated and fifty-fifty works for newer cameras like the R3.

Using ShutterCount on Mac

Sadly information technology’s a paid app just works well from my testing. You can get ShutterCount past DIREstudios on the Mac app store. After downloading and installing the app you’ll be greeted with a fairly simple UI.

Y’all’ll need to connect your photographic camera to your Mac and the shutter count will announced after the camera is connected and on. This is relatively easy with newer Macs and new Catechism cameras since both use USB C. If you’re unable to discover a wire for your camera you can order the correct one online.

Checking shutter count on Mac with ShutterCount app
ShutterCount app on Mac

A second pick is to pair your camera to your mac while using the app via Wi-Fi. Once your camera is connected to your Wi-Fi network it should prompt you to enquire to pair later on connecting from the camera.

Pairing Canon camera to ShutterCount app over Wi-Fi

I also appreciate how the app gives you expected lifespan in a percentage besides. I’ve noticed on newer mirrorless cameras it’ll read out the shutter count less accurately similar “<25,000” for example.

The ShutterCount app will also track your shutter count over time and generate charts.

Hope this helped you discover your
Canon shutter count! If yous accept whatever issues allow me know in the comments below.