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Canon R Vs 5d Mark Iv

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There has been big buzz around the Catechism R5/R6 with a rumored 8K/30p video equally well equally ‘advanced animal AF.’ Since this is ane pace up from the EOS R, Canon’s first full-frame mirrorless option, you may have a tough decision to make when information technology comes choosing what is your next upgrade and if it’due south worth information technology to brand the jump to mirrorless if you’re a Canon DSLR user. We’re comparing the Catechism 5DM4 vs. EOS R vs. EOS R5/R6 (rumored specs) to help you decide what is the best camera to accept in your toolkit or if you demand to make an upgrade at all.

At present, for those that have One thousand.A.S (Gear Conquering Syndrome), this is probable going to be the biggest contention point. You don’t Need a new camera if your 5D4 is working in tip-top shape and is doing exactly what you lot need it to do and performing well. However, while there are improvements from the Mark IV to the EOS R, everything is either comparable or slightly meliorate. With the EOS R, you go a flip screen, lighter weight, a cleaner aesthetic but there is no real reason to bound from the Canon 5D Mark IV to the EOS R because it was mainly a vehicle to requite usa access to the RF lineup of lenses, including my favorite Canon RF 28-70mm F/two. The EOS R wasn’t designed to be the camera that takes over the market. It was meant to be an in-between in the Catechism Mirrorless lineup that eventually would be overshadowed by the EOS R5/R6.

2. You Already Own the Canon EOS R

Canon EOS R5 RumorFor those of you lot that are already on the Canon Mirrorless track and own RF lenses and EOS R Body, the upcoming EOS R5 rumored to hit the marketplace this summer, would be a great upgrade to make because yous already have the lenses to justify the purchase. Until you lot get a camera body that tin can show-off the full potential of the resolution from these RF lenses, you truly aren’t seeing their maximum value. Making the jump to the EOS R5, if information technology indeed has the rumored specs,  means that nosotros would see a great deal of potential output from the RF lenses. If the EOS R5 doesn’t run into the expectations of these rumored specs, there will be a ton of disappointment for two chief reasons:

  • Global Economical Recession:
    people are far more money conscious in our electric current economical status and will demand a very proficient reason to drop their hard-earned money/savings on a new photographic camera.
  • Prevent Switching Companies:
    many Canon DSLR users have already made the switch to Sony for a diversity of reasons and with the introduction of the Mirrorless lineup, Canon has to deliver with the EOS R5 to fifty-fifty compete with acknowledged mirrorless systems that take been in beingness for years at present.

3. Y’all Don’t Own Either

Let’southward say yous don’t ain any of the aforementioned photographic camera bodies and you’re looking for a new organization or wanting to bound transport because of the RF lenses. My communication: wait! When the EOS R5/R6 drop yous’re going to come across a flood of 5D Mark Four’s and EOS R’s hit the used market, which will drive down prices even more. The EOS R is rumored to drib downward to a $ane,500 price point, make new! If you haven’t purchased whatsoever new RF lenses, once the EOS R5 drops, I propose getting the EOS R, becoming familiar with information technology, investing in your education so you lot can grow towards the EOS R5.

4. Y’all Own Another Brand

For those that jumped ship once the EOS Ra was announced (because they may have been expecting a full-frame mirrorless to release first and were disappointed) or that were tired of the DSLR body, should you now come back to Canon for their Mirrorless lineup and RF lenses? It’s going to be an expensive jump and so my answer is no, stick with what you lot take unless you truly need what this photographic camera system can do. I know information technology’s nice having the latest and greatest, but Canon, in regards to their production rate, is generally slow. When yous’re comparing it to Sony who comes upward with Marker II and Marker III iterations inside a yr’s time, it doesn’t make sense to sell your gear and transition when a newer version of the camera you own might be around the corner.