Canon Rf 50mm 1.2 Vs 1.8

By | 22/08/2022

Take a expect at the RF 50mm F/i.2 Canon versus the 50mm F/1.8 RF lens for Canon. At present I know there’s a great disparity between these two lenses at $2200 and $200. So what do you lot get here with the F/one.ii that you don’t become with the F/1.8? Let’s simply meet how these two lenses compare.

Hi this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted Lens I’1000 going to have a wait at the RF 50mm F/1.2 Canon versus the 50mm F/1.8 RF lens for Canon. Now I know there’s a neat disparity between these 2 lenses $2200, roughly a little more, and $200. So what exercise you lot go here with the F/1.2 that you don’t get with the F/1.8? What practise you lot get with the F/1.8?
It’s pretty astonishing what y’all get with the F/1.ii. And what yous get for the toll of the F/1.8 is pretty astonishing. Permit’s take a expect at these ii. Let’south look at picture quality. Let’s await at bokeh. Allow’due south expect at focus and let’south look at infinity focus. Let’s look at that shut focus. Let’s only see how these 2 lenses compare.

At present I know that you’re not going to get as corking of a lens out of this trivial F/i.viii lens as you do with the F/1.2. But is information technology worth $2,000 more than? Or mayhap information technology’south not. Let’s only take a expect and see exactly what we got.

So this is the most important test to me, and that’s the image quality test. Just how sharp is this lens. And what do each of these lenses expect like. I looked at the F/1.eight and immediately as I pulled these two up I see that the F/1.8 is a little more crunchy, it’due south a little more contrasty.

The F/1.8 also has a little flake of a reddish tint to it. Whereas the F/i.2 is a trivial more yellowish. And then if I punch in and just wait at the sharpness, that F/ane.2 is pretty dang abrupt. The F/i.8 is sharp. I hateful, information technology’due south not amazing, just it’s sharp. It’south not terrible. Simply it’s not the F/one.2 that’southward for sure.

On this adjacent image, yous only see it right off, the highlights are cleaner on that F/ane.2. It gives you a dainty contrast, information technology is not as contrasty as the F/1.8. The F/1.viii is definitely a lot more contrasty.

I experience like I see a little bit of vignetting effectually the edges of that F/1.8. Whereas I’m non seeing that on that F/ane.2. The F/1.two has a pretty make clean exposure all the way across the image. That F/i.8 is it’s sharp and for a $200 lens information technology’s pretty astonishing. Merely the F/one.2 is just “out of this park” abrupt.

So here are the images I shot of the window frame. I’g in pretty tight. I tried to frame them upward nigh the same altitude and I just want to meet the difference in focus here.

And again, at that place’s then much clarity, it’s just very clean and clear with the F/1.ii. Information technology’s a very sharp lens. The F/1.2 gives you the right corporeality of contrast. The F/1.eight is trying to give you too much dissimilarity peradventure to compensate, which kind of makes information technology look a fiddling sharper. Merely here’south where these two lenses exercise take a right hand turn from each other. The F/1.8 has a major advantage because if you go to a tighter shot the F/one.eight is able to focus well at 11.viii Whereas the F/ane.ii is more like a foot and a 3rd. And so that’due south somewhere effectually xv or xvi inches.
That doesn’t seem like a lot, but information technology’s pretty significant. You lot tin can see it here on how tight we can become with that F/i.8 and how far back we are with the F/1.two. As you movement back, obviously, that’due south not going to be as disquisitional. But when information technology comes to getting in tight on things, that 50mm F/1.8 is probably the one of the closest focusing l millimeters that’s always been fabricated. That’south non a macro lens. And then it really does give you the ability to go in really shut on things.
It is a fascinating thing most sharpness because sometimes a lens can be too sharp. Hasselblad use to put a filter on their lenses to soften their lenses upwards a little bit and so that they looked a little nicer with skin tone. And then sometimes super, super abrupt isn’t ever the goal. Simply in this case, obviously that F/1.2 is definitely sharper than the F/1.viii.

I honey bokeh. And this little store that we’re at gave usa a bully place to exist able to shoot some bokeh. There are several things going on here that are very interesting. The F/1.2 is a little flake yellowish and the F/1.8 is a footling bit cherry.
In this scenario with that F/ane.8 the red looks a fiddling nicer on her face up. These could both be corrected without any problem. But there’south a really practiced wait at the deviation between two thirds of stop with the F/i.2 versus the F/1.8. Look at how much larger the bokeh is on the left.The bokeh blooms, information technology’southward a larger size. And information technology falls way more out of focus and gives you a much prettier kind of bokeh. Whereas the 1 on the right, the F/one.8 is okay. But it doesn’t requite you lot that actually large beautiful bokeh similar you’re getting with the F/1.2. And then that’s a matter of apertures. And then that is something to consider.

What’s interesting though, is both these lenses suffer a little bit from that kind of football game bokeh out towards the edge. The bokeh is a little more rounded in the middle, then you lot become that kind of cat heart or football game shape out towards the edge. They both have that problem. I don’t think the F/1.two has it worse than the F/1.8 but they both certainly have it.That depends on whether you like the bokeh similar that or not, or intendance about it or non. I think sometimes information technology’s merely a way overblown issue. I don’t think it’s a big bargain. You know, as long as the bokeh is beautiful and has a squeamish transition and I call up each of these practice. Merely I do love that 2/3s of a stop that y’all gain. So there’southward a difference on how round and how beautiful that bokeh is going to look.

Allow’s take a look at one other epitome that is a fiddling tighter. What is cute about this is I get her eye in focus with that F/1.ii. Merely her second heart is way out of focus. On the F/1.8, I get the front eye in focus and that back centre is falling out of focus, but not as much equally the F/one.8. And so that 2/3s of a stop as well gives you more than depth of field. That is something to consider besides. Simply when it comes to Bokeh, I recollect that F/1.two is pretty amazing.

Let’s take a wait at these two images when you focus on infinity. I’grand really getting edge to edge sharpness. When you lot expect at this from side to side they are very clean and very sharp. Both of these are giving united states of america nice and clean focus from side to side. This is so important when you lot’re doing any kind of stars or Astro photography, or anything where you desire to focus out at infinity.
Immediately yous tin can see on the screen hither is that you have a tremendous vignetting going on with that F/1.viii. Whereas y’all don’t take that vignetting, maybe a tiny fleck, with the F/1.two. Just not virtually as much as with the F/1.8. The F/1.2 is giving you consequent shadows and particular in the sky and in the mountain.
Whereas the F/1.eight is giving a little bit of vignetting in the corners. And that particular falls off on the sides as far every bit the shadow detail starts to clog up on the sides. Simply there’s a await at those two when it comes to focus on infinity.

And so allow me wrap this upward. This petty 50mm F/1.8 for $200 is a screaming deal. It gives you a close focus distance of 11.8 inches. Information technology’s lightweight so it goes on a mirrorless camera which makes it very uncomplicated to behave with yous when y’all go backpacking or to carry it with you lot in whatever kind of state of affairs where you are concerned most weight.
Which of these lenses would I buy? That’south an easy determination for me. I go for quality and sharpness overall, so I would definitely buy the F/i.2 over the F/1.8 for those ii reasons, sharpness, and that bokeh fall off with the F/one.two. That’southward important to me.
If I’1000 going to get a fixed focal length lens then I want information technology to have a very shallow depth of field. The F/1.2 is a fabulous lens. I hope yous learned a few things in this comparison between these two 50 millimeter lenses. You know price is a big factor merely quality is also so in some ways it may come up down to a very tough conclusion.

So continue those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

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