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By | 31/10/2022

Instagram is a platform that provides many content options from posts to Stories to IGTV video and Live videos. For each type of content, in that location are dissimilar image guidelines that you lot need to adhere to.

In this mail service, you will notice out everything that you demand to know about Instagram image size guidelines. We will discuss the resolutions and aspect ratios required for unlike types of Instagram content and how you tin resize your images without any hassles.

Your Complete Guide to Instagram Image Sizes:

  • Image Posts
  • Stories
  • IGTV Comprehend Flick
  • How to Upload the Right-Sized Images on Instagram Without Hassle
  • Does Your Choice of Image Size Impact Your Feed?

Size Guide for Different Types of Instagram Images

Instagram accepts images betwixt 320px and 1080px, but there are specific guidelines for images added to Stories, posts, and IGTV. If your epitome is lower than 320px, then Instagram volition overstate it. And if it is higher than the upper limit, information technology will get resized to 1080px or lower. And then, yous don’t need to worry besides much about image size as Instagram automatically takes care of information technology.

Nonetheless, you should exist enlightened of image size guidelines for dissimilar types of Instagram content. Here are the specific guidelines.

Image Posts

Traditionally, Instagram has been known for its square image posts with a one:i aspect ratio. And, it was quite a trouble for users as they had to crop their pictures to fit the prescribed image size and ratio.

However, Instagram has long evolved from that initial model and now allows you to upload your portrait as well equally landscape images. For Instagram posts, you can choose from iii different attribute ratios—1:ane (square), 1.91:one (landscape), and 4:five (portrait).

Here are more details one each of these options.

one:1 – Foursquare Images

Platonic image size

– 1080px by 1080px

instagram image posts size

These are the traditional square images that are feature of Instagram. If you lot want to utilise this option, Instagram has an machine-cropping functionality that makes it super-easy.

Earlier it was a trouble uploading square pictures considering most cameras took pictures in landscape or portrait formats, but not square. Nowadays, however, you lot can take a square picture show straight from an iOS device or by using any photo apps that have unlike size options.

Here’s an example of an Instagram post with a square (i:one) image.

ane.91:ane – Landscape

Platonic prototype size

– 1080px past 608px

instagram landscape size

These are the horizontal photos that you might have seen on some Instagram posts. Adding these types of images is a chip tricky as virtually landscape images are of 16:nine aspect ratio every bit opposed to one.91:1. And then, most pictures that you lot upload volition automatically get added with a black border around it.

More often than non, the black border does not look aesthetically pleasing and would brand the mail service inconsistent with other posts on a person or brand’s Instagram feed.

Here’s an case of a horizontal Instagram image postal service with blackness borders at the top and bottom, because of an imperfect aspect ratio.

This is another horizontal post from the aforementioned Instagram page, but this time they’ve got the epitome size and aspect ratio right.

4:five – Portrait

Ideal paradigm size

– 1080px by 1350px

instagram portrait size

These are the posts that accept a portrait format images with an aspect ratio of iv:5. These are adequately easy to upload as yous can accept a portrait image from your mobile’due south camera. And, even if you take a portrait image of different aspect ratios, you can ever crop information technology to fit the Instagram post.

Hither’due south an instance of an Instagram post with a vertical, portrait-way image.


The dazzler of Instagram is that you can create different types of content like posts, Stories, and IGTV videos. And, all these accept the pick of uploading images and unlike image size guidelines for each.

At present that we have discussed the unlike image sizes allowed for Instagram posts, permit’s take a expect at the guidelines for

Instagram Stories

Stories size instagram

The platonic Instagram Stories image size is 1080px by 1920px and the aspect ratio should exist 9:16. This is the perfect epitome size to ensure that in that location is no blackness edge and the image fits the Story perfectly.

Nevertheless, Instagram Stories allows yous to add whatsoever image between 1.91:1 to 9:16. You lot can merely crop the prototype to fit the Story or it will automatically add a black border to fill the remaining infinite.

Ideally, yous should upload portrait-style images for your Stories as Stories are basically vertical and are meant to be viewed as such. Even though you are allowed to add landscape images to Stories, it just does not look good. It is ever better to use a 9:16 aspect ratio, to the extent possible.

And, if for some reason you can’t upload an epitome with a nine:16 aspect ratio, at to the lowest degree endeavor to upload a vertical image in any other dimension.

IGTV Comprehend Picture

While IGTV is essentially meant for videos, you practise need to upload images for the embrace photos of those videos. There are specific image size guidelines for adding IGTV cover photos, which are very different from those for posts and Stories.

instagram IGTV Cover Picture size


cover photos should ideally have a resolution of 420px by 654px and an attribute ratio of 1:i.55. And, you can choose to either upload a new image or a all the same from your IGTV video, as your cover moving-picture show.

How to Upload the Right-Sized Images on Instagram Without Hassle

Subsequently reading about all the different image sizes and Instagram image guidelines, you might be a little worried. There’s no demand to worry though considering uploading the right-sized images is not as big of a deal as information technology may look.

No one really has the time to modify their pictures and alter the size and aspect ratio every time they upload a film to Instagram. At that place are several ways in which yous can reach this without making besides much attempt.

You tin can either use a

photo editing tool

that allows yous to edit a picture to arrive Instagram-friendly or simply permit Instagram do it for you.

Here’s how you tin can upload images to Instagram while meeting the size guidelines.

Photograph Editing Tools

There are several no-crop photo editors that allow you to brand your images Insta-friendly without cropping those.

Square InPic

This is ane of the best and highest-rated Instagram-friendly photograph editors that yous can use to resize your images without cropping. This is especially good at creating square-sized Instagram images without cropping your original picture. And, it also comes with other design features like emojis, filters, etc. that you lot can use to enhance your images.

Square Moving-picture show

This is some other great photo editor that can catechumen any prototype into a foursquare-sized, Instagram-friendly image. It comes with different groundwork options like blur, black, and white backgrounds to create aesthetically-pleasing, Instagram-friendly images.

No Crop & Foursquare for Instagram

This is some other no-ingather photograph editor that you lot tin can employ to resize images for Instagram. It is unproblematic to use and comes packed with a variety of useful features to enhance your images. Apart from resizing images, this tool likewise lets you lot create photo collages and add together filters and other effects to your images. And, it has over 300 background patterns for you to cull from.

Instagram Machine-Cropping

If you lot don’t care much if your pictures appear with a black border, and then you don’t need to resize images before uploading as Instagram will do information technology for yous. Whenever you upload an image that is of an incompatible size, Instagram volition automatically ingather and resize it to fit its dimensions.

A lot of people don’t bother about editing images and just allow Instagram practice it for them. However, it might make your Instagram feed expect less visually appealing. The play a trick on to avert that is to follow a consequent pattern for all your paradigm posts.

For example, you tin can consistently use only portrait-way images with the auto-cropped blackness borders and make it look like your theme. This way, your Instagram feed volition look consistent and you lot won’t have to put in any extra effort into resizing and editing your images.

Does Your Selection of Paradigm Size Touch Your Feed?

A lot of people worry that if they will employ a mix of landscape, portrait, and square images and then that might make their Instagram feed await inconsistent and haphazard. However, that’due south not the example because all your images automatically appear as square images on your feed.

This means that if someone opens a post, they volition run across the landscape or portrait style images. Only, your entire feed every bit a whole will appear consistent because the preview image volition automatically be a square i for all posts.

And then, no thing your pick of image, your Instagram filigree will announced perfect.

Wrapping it Up

Instagram automatically crops images and fits them in the right dimensions for whatsoever type of content. All the same, you need to be mindful of the image sizes to avoid that and ensure that your images fit perfectly without cropping.

Cropped images ofttimes are shown with blackness borders, which ruins the visual appeal. To avoid that, you should upload your images in the correct size to fit your post or story dimensions perfectly.

Y’all tin can use this guide and create amazing Instagram epitome content.

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