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Dorsum in June of this year, Google made the movement to stop allowing unlimited Google Photos storage. Every bit a part of that move, they likewise introduced a new name for the lower-quality prototype upload option, irresolute it from the confusing “Loftier Quality” to “Storage Saver.” Equally it was earlier, Storage Saver keeps your photos in up to 16MP quality and that has been my get-to for years. I can’t remember the last time I looked back at a photograph and got upset at the quality of it in my Google Photos collection.

However, with the changes in June, Google even made those once-complimentary Storage Saver photos count against the base of operations 15GB of storage the company hands out as standard to all users. While these compressed images definitely salve a ton of infinite, they do each count against your storage.
Though it’s non as sweet of a deal as it one time was, I retrieve using Storage Saver for your Google Photos backup is the right move for 99% of users.

Here’southward the rub.
I’d wager there are many of you lot out at that place that either never turned this on or meant to after the changes in June and simply forgot near it. I had a family fellow member over the holiday weekend in this verbal boat and she was wondering why her phone and Chromebook were nagging her about Google storage all of a sudden.
I’m sure y’all know where this is headed: the issue was full-size images in her Google Photos.

It was at that moment that I had to remind myself that there is a tool in identify that can assistance with this event as long as you know where to wait. I dug around a bit, got her photos reduced, and kept her from having to pay for storage at to the lowest degree for a little while longer. There are some absurd tools in here that y’all tin can utilize and by leveraging them all and spending a bit of fourth dimension auditing your photos, you can gratis upwards quite a bit of space in your Google account.
At that place are some caveats, here, and then read the whole guide earlier making whatever moves yous might regret later.
Let’s get started.

Access Google Photos Storage settings options

Offset, you need to head to and click the settings gear upwards in the top-correct corner to access Google’s storage-saving options.
There are a few things you can do here to make clean upwardly your space, and the easiest, fastest method is a 1-click solution that converts all your total-size images over to Google’s Storage Saver versions. Before you do that, however, if you don’t want to do this in the future, make sure you select “Storage Saver” from the upload options at the top to make sure you lot are always uploading compressed images moving forwards.
Double cheque this on your telephone as well since the setting doesn’t seem to sync across devices.

How to recover storage in Google Photos with epitome pinch

Click into the Recover Storage option and you’ll exist hit with this alert.
This is where you lot need to really call back well-nigh your photo collection.
For me, when we have professional person images taken of our family, I upload them at full quality to my Google Photos account. While I’m fine with compressing images from my phone, I want the high-res stuff on those professional images. Therefor, I tin’t utilise this option considering it would compress all those images, too. If you find yourself in this sort of situation, yous could ever download all your high-res images yous desire to keep high quality, put them in Google Drive, and then shrink the residual of your image library.

Either fashion,
be mindful of the fact that this compress option volition bear on every single photo in your business relationship and cannot be undone: be absolutely sure yous desire to do this before you click that push.
If you do choose to go along, the process will take a bit of time and will complete in the cloud without yous needing to stick effectually. At the end, y’all should run across a big leap in your Google Photos free space available.

How to remove big, blurry, or unnecessary photos and videos

The side by side pick to free up some space is constitute under the
Manage Storage
option in the primary settings carte du jour. At that place, you’ll observe a few helpful tools like
Large Photos & Videos, Blurry Photos, Screenshots, and Unsupported Videos.
Let’s start with
Large Photos & Videos.

With this option, yous can encounter individual photos and videos that are abnormally large and delete them on a i-by-one basis. This volition plain exist more fourth dimension-intensive that clicking that
push button from the choice in a higher place, but if yous have some stuff in your Google Photos yous would like to remain at full quality, this is your only pick. Unfortunately, in that location is no solution for compressing images or videos one-by-1, just you could ever download those you desire to keep in a binder and re-upload with the Storage Saver selection turned on.

The adjacent option – blurry photos – is quite similar.
Google tries its best to option out your less-than-best photos and gives you the same download/delete options in a similar card to the large photos layout above. The same thing applies here as well: delete or download on a case-by-instance basis to your heart’s content.

Finally, screenshots and unsupported videos
are quick ways to free up infinite as well. Unsupported videos tin can’t get processessed, so they remain quite large. For me, they weren’t even viewable, so that was an easy delete. Aforementioned with screenshots: I generally use those in the moment and forget well-nigh them. These are both depression-hanging fruit options that can be removed by most users without too much thought.

If you accept some time and work your way through these options, you will probable salve yourself a ton of storage and can put off paying for Google One for a bit longer. Personally, I like using these tools to clean things up a bit so paying a little per month for space on Google’s servers. At $2/month, I retrieve 200GB of storage is fair and I don’t have to think that hard about what photos to keep or delete. At the cease of the twenty-four hour period, you are going to end upwards paying for storage somewhere if you don’t desire to constantly be worried nearly local storage on a physical device that could fail.
I don’t want that on my mind all the time, so I recommend pruning where you can, and departing with the greenbacks where y’all simply tin can’t.

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