Capture One Black And White Presets

By | 27/08/2022

✨ 25 Free Capture One Styles

Here I’chiliad giving away the styles I created as part of my ain Capture One workflow

Similar to how Lightroom presets piece of work, styles in Capture One allow you to apply many adjustments to your RAW photos all in 1 dive. Yous can, therefore, requite your photo a specific creative look with only i click.

I’ve been doing a lot of my RAW editing in Capture One lately, and this has given me the chance to create some interesting styles. Here I decided to share them for free and so that yous can use them in your edits. For now, yous’ll find 25 Capture One styles if you’d like to see more added over time. These styles are compatible with the latest version of Capture One (Capture I twenty).

Some of these styles create quite a drastic result, and then don’t hesitate to use them to a new layer instead and reduce the opacity of the style layer so that it fits your photos just correct. To learn more well-nigh styles in Capture One and how to use them, refer to this post.

Finally, here’s another mail
I wrote if yous’re interested in learning how to create your own Capture One styles.

Download the Capture Ane styles

Installation instructions

Free Capture One Styles

Here’southward a preview of the 25 free Capture One styles included in the pack. Drag the slider on the images to get a before and after preview:


A fashion for a bright, contrasty and highly saturated style expect.


A film-inspired manner with film grain a magenta color tone.


A very warm look throughout.


Crisp and sharp with a blue tone.


Contrasty and highly saturated. About of the fourth dimension yous’ll desire to employ that fashion on a separate layer and reduce the opacity.


A vintage manner with lower contrast and a matte feel.

Exotic two

A vintage style with a warm colour grade.

Funky Nature

A wild take on colors. This one will only work on very specific images.

Future Old School

Intense, very high contrast and a cool neon-green vintage color grade.


A stiff vignette and greenish color class.

Loftier-Contrast Blackness and White

Create very graphic black and white images with this style.

Intense Black and White

A black and white style for very dark blues and cyans.

Power Blackness and White

A black and white for calorie-free skin tones that pop.

Ultra Black and White

Another have on a high-contrast blackness and white.

Vintage Black and White

A high-contrast black and white with film grain.

Vintage Black and White 2

Yet some other accept on blackness and white styling.


A green and contrasty style perfect for nature and vegetation.

New Twenty-four hours

Brilliant and saturated. Perfect for those shots that have a lot of shadows to be recovered.


A saturated styles to make your images pop.

Soft Pink

A slight pink form.


A soft, contrasty and desaturated look.


A vintage brownish wait.


Another have on a vintage and saturated look.


Well-baked details and a mild HDR look.

Your Typical Color Grade

Blue/teal shadows with yellow/orangish highlights.

Capture One Styles Installation Instructions

Easy as pie! 🥧 Just unzip the downloaded file, and then in the unzipped folder you’ll observe a file named
Purple-Capture-One-Styles.costylepack. Double click on that file and the style pack will be installed automatically into Capture One.

You’ll find them in the
Adjustments Tab
User Styles:

Screenshot of the styles panel in Capture One