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By | 23/08/2022

Not all RAW converters are created equal when it comes to getting the well-nigh out of your images. Find out why Capture 1 is the most effective RAW processor for your Nikon NEF files.

NX Studio vs. Capture One Pro. Find the best RAW converter for your NEF files

Nikon RAW software or Capture One Pro?

Capture One Pro is relied upon every 24-hour interval by Nikon DSLR and Z-serial mirrorless camera users to get beautiful true-to-life colors from their Nikon RAW files. Every bit the nigh powerful alternative to the Nikon RAW editor NX Studio, there are many benefits for Nikon owners using Capture One Pro.

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Get beautiful true-to-life colors from your Nikon RAW files with Capture One Pro. Before
Get beautiful true-to-life colors from your Nikon RAW files with Capture One Pro. After

Nikon Picture Controls

Capture One Pro’due south initial colour processing replicates the Nikon Picture Controls in your Nikon camera, meaning yous can get the look and feel of your out-of-camera JPEGs with all the ability and fine control of RAW.

The private in-camera Picture Controls are reproduced using Nikon ICC profiles – these are not filters, which can look unrealistic.

Yous can convert your RAW file to a JPEG straightaway without further modification, or you tin can apply the Nikon ICC profiles every bit a starting betoken to fine-melody your images further. If you change your mind, yous can select a different expect to replicate some other Picture Control, and it’south all performed non-destructively. Your Nikon camera, your Capture I Pro. You determine.

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Advanced image management using Catalogs

Capture 1 Pro’s powerful Catalog file direction organisation organizes all your Nikon RAW files (forth with JPEG and TIFF) – whether that’south on your computer or stored on external drives.

View, sort and rate images; add keywords, captions and all central personal (IPTC) data, with all prototype enhancements managed by Capture One Pro, so you tin spend more time being creative and piece of work at your own pace.

User-customizable interface

Capture One Pro has a customizable interface, so you can decide how information technology looks, which tools to evidence, and where the tools are located. This mode you have the controls you use almost often at your fingertips.

Capture One is the most effective RAW processor for your Nikon NEF files

Advanced editing using layers with masks

When the fourth dimension comes to up your editing skills, y’all tin can use Capture One Pro’s avant-garde layers with mask functionality. This hugely powerful feature enables a wide range of avant-garde editing techniques, such equally localized editing with brushes using masks, while also adding diverse colors and tonal adjustments to localized areas on various layers.

Speed upwardly your workflow with Styles

Zero is quicker than editing your Nikon RAW files with Capture One Pro Styles. Unlike photographic filters, Styles are a collection of color and tone settings that keep your images realistic and authentic looking.

Select from several born Styles or fine-tune them to lucifer your artistic vision. Practical in an instant to ane image or a batch, they can be used fourth dimension and time again to give a consistent look and feel to your photography.

Become the well-nigh out of your Nikon NEF files

In addition to dedicated color profiles replicating Nikon Picture Controls and a wide range of born and optionally bachelor Styles, Capture One Pro has an like shooting fish in a barrel-to-use, yet powerful Color Editor.

Simply select a color you want to enhance, such as green grass or blueish heaven, and adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness to gustatory modality using intuitive sliders.

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Bring out a full range of color in your Nikon NEF files with a powerful RAW processor like Capture One Pro. Before
Bring out a full range of color in your Nikon NEF files with a powerful RAW processor like Capture One Pro.

Capture One Pro is the only Nikon software solution yous need

As well equally RAW conversion, Capture One offers an stop-to-cease solution for editing and sharing your images. Meaning at that place’s no additional Nikon software required, even when controlling your camera remotely via tethered shooting.

From importing RAW files, navigating and browsing image folders, to exporting high resolution JPEG and TIFF files – Capture One Pro takes full advantage of your calculator’south hardware at every plow.

Which Nikon cameras does Capture One Pro support?

See all Nikon camera models supported by Capture 1 Pro here

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Larn some uncomplicated but highly effective editing tools to make your images go from RAW to WOW!

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