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By | 25/08/2022

Man editing an image on Capture One for iPad in the car

Soon you can take your workflow on the go. On June 28, Capture 1 for iPad will be bachelor in the App Shop in all countries.

Creating the iPad app has meant making choices well-nigh how to best serve our community of photographers and meet their needs in a timely fashion. In this article, nosotros will respond some of your nearly asked questions about the app and share some of the decisions behind the creation of Capture Ane for iPad.

What can you look from Capture One for iPad?

The Capture One for iPad app has been created to complement the Capture Ane Pro desktop app. Fifty-fifty though the iPad app works perfectly well on its ain, the two products work even ameliorate together. The new Cloud Transfer system lets you start on the get using the iPad and brand the concluding touches at home on the desktop by transferring your work smoothly across devices – helping you get the most out of your time, money, and images.

Throughout the development of the app, we accept spoken to professional person photographers virtually their needs and wishes. Nosotros have also looked at the usage data to notice the must-have tools for mobility.

Photographer and art director evaluating images on location through Capture One for iPad

With the Capture One for iPad app, you can plug your camera directly into your iPad, import hundreds of photos, organize them and get to alternative. See your images in all their glory on the iPad screen, quickly swipe through, and rate or color tag them. Filter your best ones and start editing using either Styles or manual adjustments.

In one case y’all are done editing, y’all tin can show your images on the screen to team members and clients when together on location or past exporting them as JPEGs. If you lot would like to refine your images fifty-fifty further when you get home, upload your album to the cloud, import it into Capture One Pro on desktop, and continue working from where you left off.

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Unique app pattern for a better user experience

If you are used to working on Capture One on your desktop, you volition notice that Capture One for iPad looks different from the interface that y’all know. To brand sure that the app meets the needs of photographers on the become and is piece of cake to navigate for both new and veteran users, nosotros have created a whole new blueprint for the best user experience.

Our team of user researchers, UX designers, and UI designers have studied when, where, and how you would utilize the iPad app and fabricated an interface to fit. The result of this research is features like our two-handed UI, hand gestures used to command the tools, such equally long pressing on the screen to see the earlier and after of your photograph, or the corporeality of space defended to your images on the screen.

Photographer and art director evaluating images on location through Capture One for iPad

Which features will be available in Capture I for iPad?

To not filibuster the release of Capture One for iPad, we take called to launch it with a reduced set of features. The outset version is not the last version, only it is a version that we retrieve volition bring a lot of value to our community of photographers. We are happy about the features information technology volition offer you lot, plus the quality, reliability, and performance of the app. Information technology is a nifty starting indicate for the future, and we have tons of things in the pipeline for y’all.

In the initial release, you volition find key features similar Star Rating, Color Tagging, Styles and Presets, Crop and Rotation, and editing tools you lot know and love for adjusting White Rest, Exposure, Dynamic Range, Clarity, and much more. In improver, yous will have several options for exporting images or transferring them to your desktop app.

Roll to the lesser of this commodity to run across a full overview of the features you can find in Capture One for iPad.

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Photographer culling, editing and exporting images on Capture One for iPad and Capture One Pro on the desktop

How much does Capture One for iPad toll?

From July 28, you tin can finally become your hands on Capture One for iPad to take your workflow on the go even easier. When yous buy the app you’ll become access to powerful editing tools, exporting capabilities, and image transfer from iPad to Capture 1 Pro on desktop (you’ll need to exist on the latest version of Capture Ane Pro to use that last i).

Capture One for iPad volition exist available as a monthly subscription at just $four.99 / €5.49 / £4.49 per month with unlimited file transfer betwixt your iPad and your desktop app.

When will tethering exist available in the Capture One for iPad app?

Tethering has proved to be a challenging feature to develop for the iPad. To not slow down the release of an app that we believe will bring a lot of value to many photographers correct now, we have decided to go out it out of the initial release.

Tethering is ane of Capture One’s key features, and as such, we could not forget well-nigh it. We have worked closely with Apple over the past few months, and we tin can safely say that tethering for iPad is coming.

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Total listing of features included in Capture I for iPad at launch and in future versions of the app:

Capture One for iPad Launch Features

Organize Import from camera roll, files, a plugged-in camera or an SD menu – Create albums – Sort and filter
Cull Star rate – Colour tag
Quick edits Utilize styles and presets – Create styles and presets – Import styles and presets
Geometry Crop – Rotation
Editing tools White balance (wb & tint) – Exposure (exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation) – Dynamic Range (highlights, shadows, whites, blacks) – Clarity and construction – Dehaze (auto and transmission) – Basic color editor, with color picker – HSL – B&Due west conversion – Vignetting – Sharpening (corporeality, radius, threshold, halo) – Dissonance reduction (luminance, details, color, single pixel) – Pic grain (modes, impact, granularity) – Moiré – Histogram
Workflow efficiency Earlier/After – Undo/Redo/Reset – Display bones metadata – Re-create and utilize (selective adjustments)
Send to desktop and consign Add album to the cloud, to exist imported into CO Pro desktop – Export jpgs (predefined recipes) – Export EIPs – Watermark (text-only) – Share to any relevant app, including cloud storage ones, or save to files – Airdrop
Settings Switch UI left or right

Upcoming Capture One for iPad Features

Masks and Layers
Cloud improvements for file transfer and ultimately, synchronization

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