Car Charger For Canon Camera Battery

By | 05/08/2022

Then you’re heading out on a shoot and your Catechism camera bombardment is running depression. Simply yous don’t have a charger. What do y’all do? It’southward possible to charge your Catechism camera battery without a charger.

Here are iii methods yous tin can use to charge your Canon camera battery without a charger. They include:

  1. Charge with a wall plug
  2. Charge with a power bank
  3. Charge with a estimator

How to Charge Canon Camera Battery Without Charger

Take a Sony photographic camera?
Here’s how to charge Sony camera batteries without a charger

These methods apply to Catechism cameras in general. Depending on the age, type, and model of your camera, not all of these methods will work. In fact, peradventure none of them volition piece of work.

For these methods to piece of work, your camera volition
require a USB port. Some Canon DSLR cameras don’t have these, then make sure to check your camera earlier starting into one of these methods.

1. Charge Canon Camera Bombardment with Wall Plug

Yous can charge a Canon camera bombardment with a wall plug if you lot don’t have a battery charger.

If your camera didn’t come up with a power cord already, make certain that the power string y’all decide to use is compatible with your Canon camera. Depending on what kind of Canon camera yous own, it might take come with a compact power adapter or a USB charging cable.

If yous lost yours, hither’s a replacement cable (fast charging, three.1A) that’ll charge near Canon cameras. You’ll want USB 3.0 to USB-C or USB two.0 Type A to Mini B.

To charge your Canon photographic camera battery without a charger using a wall plug, you need to:

  1. Install the battery in your photographic camera.
  2. Turn the photographic camera off.
    This is an important footstep because the battery may not charge while the camera is turned on.
  3. Connect your USB cablevision to your camera.
    Y’all’ll find this within the rubber cover that hides your camera connections and ports.
  4. Connect your USB cable to your USB wall adapter. And plug it into the wall.
  5. The light will turn off after the bombardment is fully charged.
  6. Charging time:
    Approximately 3 hours

Don’t accuse the bombardment for more than 24 hours, because it can degrade the battery life.

2. Charging a Catechism Camera Battery with a Power Banking company

Y’all tin can too easily charge a Canon photographic camera bombardment with a power banking concern.

This is handy because yous don’t have to take access to a wall outlet. I’ve even charged my cameras in my backpack while hiking.

Which Power Bank Will Charge a Catechism Camera?

This is a good question. While most of us have a few ability banks in our backpacks or drawer, at that place is a adept chance that those ones won’t piece of work.

To charge your Catechism camera (including DSLR) with a ability banking company, you’ll require the
USB-C Ability Delivery
feature, like in this Anker power banking concern.

Hither’s the full description of how this works.

At present that y’all have your power banking concern, information technology’s of import to
make sure your power bank has plenty power

to charge your photographic camera.

How to Charge Canon Camera Battery

To determine how much power, you need to accuse your camera battery:

  • Pull your rechargeable battery from the camera
  • Find the specs that list how many mAhs (milliamperes) of energy your battery draws. This will tell yous how large your ability bank should be.
  • For example, your Canon battery may crave 1,400 mAh. If you purchase a ability bank that puts out xxx,000 mAh, then you can easily charge your Canon camera battery. Fifty-fifty a smaller power banking concern (like this Anker 10,000mAh) can charge your battery upward to 10 times (if you have a 1000mAh battery).

To charge your Canon camera battery with a ability banking concern, you’ll need to:

  • Install your camera battery
    in your camera.
  • Turn the photographic camera off.
    This is an important stride considering the bombardment may not charge while the camera is turned on.
  • Connect your USB cablevision to your camera.
    Open up the safe cover that hides the cord connections to your camera and connect your power cord that came with the camera to the cord connection point on the camera.
  • Connect the other USB end to the power bank.
  • Depending on your camera, you lot may be able to
    detect the LCD window
    on the pinnacle role that shows a battery icon, this will show you lot how much of the battery needs to be charged.

Examine the back of the camera, there might exist a calorie-free on the lower right-hand side. It will blink cerise if the battery is depression and turn solid light-green to bear witness the battery is charging.

It should take a couple of hours to charge your battery. Once the battery is charged, the green light volition go out and the battery icon on the top of the camera volition prove it is charged to full capacity.

If you are having problem charging your battery, double-check your power requirements and all the settings.

Officially, Catechism says that this isn’t a good solution.
Merely you’ll find actual users who are successfully doing this.

Either manner, know your camera specs and the risks involved before trying this.

3. Charging a Catechism Camera Battery with a Reckoner

You tin can charge your Catechism photographic camera bombardment with a figurer if you don’t take a bombardment charger.

It’s important to make sure your camera will accuse this fashion, because some cameras will have a larger power draw, such every bit a DSLR or mirrorless camera. And this won’t piece of work for these types of cameras.

Merely if you accept a Catechism point and shoot camera, this method might piece of work for you. Double-bank check by reading the manual that came with your camera.

To charge your Canon photographic camera bombardment using a computer, yous need to:

  • Insert the battery in your camera.
  • Take a

    memory card installed in the camera because some cameras won’t charge if information technology’s not in place.
  • Turn the camera off.
    This is an important footstep considering the battery may not charge while the camera is turned on. It may just want to connect to your calculator for data transfer.
  • Connect USB cable to your photographic camera.
    Open up the rubber comprehend that hides the string connections to your camera. Connect your power cord that came with the photographic camera to the cord connection betoken on the camera.
  • Plug that cord into a USB plug-in your computer

In that location may exist a lite at the connection betoken that will calorie-free upward while it’s charging. It may take about three hours to charge your battery.

The light will plough off subsequently the bombardment is fully charged.

Officially, Catechism is on the fence about this. Some of their cloth says not to practice this, while others recommend information technology.
Either way, know your camera specs and the risks involved before trying this.

Why You Need a Charger for Some Canon Cameras

If y’all accept a Canon DSLR or mirrorless photographic camera, you lot may not be able to charge your batteries without a charger.

This is for a number of reasons.

  • The power draw the batteries require is and so great that a USB connection may not cutting it.
  • The lower voltage supplied through the USB to the camera could have upward to eight hours simply to charge the battery.
  • Not all Canon cameras have an in-camera charger/transformer installed.
  • Y’all might accept an added battery grip holder that attaches to the bottom of your Catechism camera, which does have a charger installed. Make certain to only use the Canon USB adapter to charge it.
  • Your camera might not have a USB port for charging.

Here are some tips for charging your Catechism battery in-camera via USB-C.

How to Avert Battery Charging Issues

While the above methods are dandy in a pinch, it’s better to keep a supply of charged batteries in your camera bag.

We usually accept 2-four charged batteries when we caput out in the morning. And they have always lasted us for the mean solar day.

If you can’t use any of the higher up methods and are having issues keeping your bombardment charged, consider the post-obit:

  • Purchasing extra fill-in batteries to rotate during the solar day
  • Put your depleted batteries on to charge when yous remove them from your camera. Keeping your extra batteries charging will allow a solid rotation.

vii Tips to Treat Your Canon Camera Batteries

Accept intendance of your batteries to extend their life. Here’southward an informational video past Canon Support.

Here are vii tips to care for your Catechism camera batteries.

  1. Charging your lithium batteries as needed, fifty-fifty if they still have some accuse left.
  2. Shop them in a cool identify with some accuse left.
  3. When charging your batteries, make certain they are fully charged before stopping
  4. Refer to your photographic camera instruction manual for charging instructions because every Canon camera model is dissimilar
  5. When using your batteries in cold weather, go along them in a warm identify because the temperature makes them run down faster.
  6. Keep backup batteries available
  7. Proceed the bombardment contact points clean

charge canon battery with usb

Charging a Canon Camera Bombardment Without a Charger

You can charge a Canon camera bombardment without a charger by using the USB string that came with the camera and plugging it into a power source.

Because there are so many kinds of Canon cameras, non all these methods will work with all models.

Consult your Catechism photographic camera operator’s manual before you try any of these methods. In add-on, simply use charging equipment that is compatible with your camera.

Past post-obit these methods, you lot should easily be able to charge your Catechism camera bombardment without a charger.

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