Change Ruler To Inches In Photoshop

By | 11/08/2022

Photoshop’s measurement scale equates the pixels in your image to scale units like inches or millimeters. Setting the scale allows you to measure specific areas every bit y’all edit so that you can log the calculations you receive. When using Photoshop, you might demand to set different measurement scales for different projects. For example, some might crave y’all to work in inches or millimeters, while pixels might be best for others.

To change measurement units in Photoshop, go to Photoshop (Mac) or File (PC) > Preferences > Units & Rulers. In the Units setting, choose the measurement blazon of the ruler and text to Pixels, Inches, Millimetres, Centimetres, Picas, or Points. Now the measurement preferences volition be updated.

Changing the measurement scale can also be useful if y’all feel virtually comfy working with a specific scale. Let’s explore how you can change the measurement units to reflect what you need at different points throughout your project.

How To Modify Measurement Preferences In Photoshop

To get-go, you can gear up the preferred unit your projects will automatically use by going to the menu at the top and clicking
Photoshop > Preferences. Next, the Preferences pop-up window will appear. Here, click
Units & Rulers.

Under the surface area labeled Units, click the bar adjacent to Rulers.

Here you can select the specific unit used to measure out your project’s canvas (I chose Millimeters below.)

Click OK on the right to gear up your preferences. You’ll discover that when yous select an area of your projection, the expanse will be measured in the unit y’all selected.

Annotation that changing this setting will non change the actual size of your project’southward canvas. Instead, it will only modify the units used to measure the size and the units used in whatsoever relevant tools.

How To Change New Project Measurements From Pixels To Inches

Irresolute a project’s measurement unit of measurement to inches from pixels can be helpful for artists based in the Us or for anyone who might need a projection to exist measured in inches. You can also change the units to centimeters, millimeters, points, or picas.

To do this, there are a few steps yous can accept to create measurement presets for new documents.

To open a new project, click
File > New. You tin also utilise the shortcut
Command + N
on a Mac or
Control + N
on a PC.

The new document window volition pop upward, where you tin can select a preset size for your project from the blank certificate presets or the templates.

Once you lot’ve selected the size, caput over to the sidebar on the right labeled Preset Details. These settings allow you lot to edit the details of your called preset, and information technology’s hither that you tin change the measurements on a new project.

Next to Width, you’ll see a bar with units of measurement – information technology should automatically say Pixels. Click this, and yous’ll see a drop-downwardly where y’all can choose the specific measurement scale you’d like to piece of work with.

As you change the scale, you’ll notice that the width and height values will automatically adjust to the equivalent value. For example, a 900×600 pixel landscape size will modify to 3×2 inches.

This makes it easier to keep runway of the size of your photograph while changing the measurement units. You can also edit the width and height values if you want to change the size to specific proportions in your called measurement unit.

To cease creating your canvass, click
on the bottom right.

To exam the changes, use your cursor to select an expanse of an image. You’ll notice that, once again, the section is measured in the unit yous chose.

How To Change An Existing Project’s Measurements From Pixels To Inches

To alter an existing project’s unit from pixels to inches in Photoshop, become to Image > Sail Size. Abreast the width and acme settings, fix the measurement type to inches. At present your project will convert its dimensions to display inches instead of pixels.

In addition to working with new projects, you can too edit the measurement units of both the epitome and the canvas of existing projects while yous piece of work.

To exist clear, image size and canvas size are 2 entirely different modifications. Image size refers to how large or small an paradigm (or layer) is – and if the epitome size is increased too much, the paradigm volition lose quality because you’re increasing the size of the pixels, not the amount. This can result in pixelation and blur in some cases.

Nonetheless, changing the canvas size changes the area size of the entire canvas, non just the pic itself. When you increase the sheet size, y’all increase the transparent or white area around the image. Decreasing the canvass size would crop whatever image y’all’ve got in information technology.

It is important to know the difference betwixt these two sizes, as changing one could hurt your image.

To change the measurement units in the Paradigm Size, become to
Image > Image Size.

You lot’ll come across the Image Size window come up. Hither you can see the electric current size of your paradigm and make alterations. You can change the units of measurement by clicking the drop-downwards boxes side by side to Width and Height and selecting the unit yous’d similar to piece of work with.

You tin edit the measurements hither, too, by editing the value of the width and top.

Similarly, you tin modify the measurement units of the Canvas Size by going to
Image > Sheet Size.

In the Canvas Size window that comes up, yous tin cull the units you’d similar under the section labeled New Size, next to the Width and Height values. Like the Epitome Size, you tin can too change your canvas size at this time past editing these values.

How To Change The Ruler From Pixels To Inches In Photoshop

To change the ruler measurements from pixels to inches in Photoshop, go to Photoshop (Mac) or File (PC) > Preferences > Units & Rulers. In the Units setting, ready the “Rulers” measurement to Inches. Now your ruler measurements will be displayed in inches rather than pixels.

If you lot’re interested in working strictly in inches while editing, yous can fix Photoshop’s preferences accordingly. The process is essentially the same equally setting your overall measurement preferences. First, become to
Photoshop > Preferences
click Units & Rulers.

In the Rulers driblet-down, select Inches as your measurement unit.

Click OK, and you should be able to select an area of your photo and see it measured in inches.

Which Measurement Unit of measurement Should I Utilize?

Once you know how to change the measurement unit in Photoshop, you lot volition exist able to choose exactly which unit to work with based on your needs. For instance, while some people adopt to work in pixels, others adopt inches or another course of measurement.


A pixel, short for “picture element,” is a tiny edifice block that makes upwardly your photo. You probably won’t be able to notice the private pixels in your photo unless yous zoom in or increase the image size. In the outset photograph below, the entire photograph is visible with no discernable pixels. In the zoomed version, however, you lot can conspicuously see the private pixels.

Measuring your photo in pixels helps control the quality, equally you’re aware of how many pixels you’re working with and how the quality changes as that number increases or decreases.


Measuring in inches, still, can exist useful when working with images you plan to impress or publish according to specific proportions. Inches are commonly used in print, particularly in the The states. At that place are 96 pixels in i inch if you are ever trying to practice the conversion in your head (similar a crazy person).

Millimeters & Centimeters

Similar to inches, using millimeters or centimeters to measure your photo comes in handy for artists working in or creating work for markets in parts of the world besides the United States. Sometimes print proportions are measured in millimeters or centimeters, so using these tin help you edit your photograph according to exact proportions.

Picas and points

Picas and points are often used to mensurate type. Picas were the standard measurement unit frequently used for type. Nowadays, Points are more commonly used as the typical measurement of fonts. Yous’ve likely selected the size of your font using the indicate arrangement before. One Pica is comprised of 12 Points.

No matter how you lot choose to measure out your project in Photoshop, it is of import to know the options and what they can be used for, too every bit how to change between them at different points in your projection. This way, you can ensure y’all’re working with the exact settings you demand or prefer.

Happy Editing!