Colors To Wear In Sunflower Field

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What’south the best fashion to guarantee a fantastic outdoor photoshoot in the dominicus? Pick a stunning natural location to utilise every bit your groundwork. And i of the elevation examples of a beautiful backdrop? A sunflower field! Today, I will guide yous through eight sunflower field photoshoot ideas yous can endeavour.

Flowers accept the most extensive array of colours. And sunflowers accept the brightest pallet of them all. The brilliant yellow of sunflower petals is synonymous with sun, summertime, and carefree times.

The All-time Time of Year for Sunflower Photography

As the sunflower is a symbol of summer, you lot would exist correct to think it’south the best time to take pictures of them. You can find them flowering from mid-July to September. Sometimes yous volition find them withal in flower every bit late equally October.

Perennials tin can flower for 8-12 weeks during these summer months. This long time in bloom ways yous have plenty of time to consider and compose your photoshoot. Farmers plant sunflower seeds often to take the constant yellowish colours in the summer sun.

Close up image of a sunflower

Where Are the Best Sunflower Fields?

The all-time sunflower field is most likely the 1 closest to y’all. Hopefully, this data is on the internet somewhere.

The all-time way to rails an area down is to do a Google search. Put your location and ‘sunflower field’ afterward in the search bar. You can as well look for sunflower festivals most you.

You are looking for a big enough field that fills the frame with sunflowers. But the field’s environment is as well crucial to a successful photoshoot, so keep this in mind.

For example, an area on a hill volition naturally help fill up your frame. At the aforementioned time, a field with trees around the edges will take away from the blue sky. But it adds excellent depth when shooting with a wide aperture.

Where to Find Sunflowers in the Usa

Sunflower fields are abundant in America. Kansas is known every bit the sunflower state considering its climate is ideally suited for its growth. If you lot’re lucky to live or travel near at that place, you volition have no problem finding these cute flowers.

The Dakotas produce the most sunflowers in the U.s.. So these are the best places to head for an affluence of them in the summer. Minnesota, California, Colorado and Texas are other states to find them easily.

Photo of a sunflower covering a person's face

What to Bring for a Sunflower Field Photoshoot


Equally always, the best camera is the one that y’all have on you. Even a camera on a modernistic smartphone has excellent capabilities for a pocket-sized photoshoot with sunflowers. If you apply a phone photographic camera, use portrait style to make your subject jump out of the background.

Ideally, you want to shoot on a mirrorless or DSLR camera. These cameras give you the flexibility and control to shoot the various styles we will bear on in this article. This doesn’t mean that y’all can’t get great images from a point-and-shoot camera. Information technology will merely exist a lot harder.


About lenses are suitable for shooting with a sunflower background, merely some are preferable to others. Of course, information technology comes downwardly to your mode of photography.

I suggest using a lens with a long focal length to dilate the endlessness of sunflowers in your photos. If you were to have a portrait of someone from far off with a long lens, you become a background with a smaller range of view than a wide-angle lens. Shooting the same shot using a wide-angle lens, you would potentially encounter the edges of the field, ruining the ‘countless’ effect.


A tripod is e’er handy. Only it won’t be of too much use when shooting with a sunflower background during the 24-hour interval. But you may desire to use a tripod to shoot during golden hour, especially if you volition be shooting into twilight.

A polarising filter could help with the styling of your photo. It can remove glare and assistance dilate the colours.

Close up image of bee on a sunflower

Our Tips for Sunflower Field Photography

In that location is a residuum of colours, calorie-free, and details you want between your discipline and background. Plus, outdoor photography often relies on conditions atmospheric condition. So choose a proficient time for this kind of photography.

Wear Complementary Colours

In your sunflower photoshoot, you volition be surrounded by a brilliant yellowish. Because yellow is brilliant and vibrant, you practise not want people to wear colours that clash with information technology. You want to accent the light feeling that yellow gives off. Colours similar white, blue, brown and orangish are ideal for a sunflower background. The idea is to stand up out but complement the shade around you. Wearing black may be besides nighttime, just a vibrant red could brand your discipline stand out from the scenery.

Choose the Right Fourth dimension of Day

The fourth dimension of mean solar day is another crucial factor to consider. Lucky for united states of america, younger sunflower heads will e’er turn towards the sun every bit information technology moves across the sky. It’due south virtually like having a photography banana turning your props for you!

Sunflower plants are pretty alpine, and then shooting in direct sunlight could crusade a lot of sporadic shadows. Yous will have to play effectually with your framing and composition when on location.

Sunsets are incredible for sunflower field photography. The highlights on the top of the person’southward head will reflect the aforementioned colour and intensity every bit the petals on the flowers.

A model smelling a sunflower in a field

8 Sunflower Field Photoshoot Ideas

This list will show you how to make the most out of a tapestry of sunflowers. These ideas focus on portraiture. The height of the flowers engulfs our subjects, thus giving you groovy photographic moments.

ane. Concord Up a Sunflower for Scale

A stereotypical picture can sometimes exist the most effective. Sunflower heads can grow to a similar size as our own.

Take reward of this comparing by having your subject agree a loose flower upward to their face. Accept people comprehend their entire face or merely a tiny section, similar to this photograph. Make sure you focus on your subject’due south face.

I like this image because the photographer has filled the frame with sunflowers. Discover how the taller ones are behind the person, and shorter ones make full the foreground in forepart.

A model surrounded by sunflowers holding a sunflower to her face

two. Create an Endless Sunflower Groundwork

Another idea for a photoshoot is to frame your photograph to look as if the yellow flowers take upward most of the frame. You either demand a field below a colina or a higher perspective to practise this. You could also accept a step ladder with y’all, or if you take an assistant, get on their shoulders!

I like this thought because it emphasises the sheer mass of flowers. My favourite part is how we lose sight of the stems farther in the distance, so we are left with a band of yellow on the horizon.

A person with back to camera and arms in the air facing toward a long sunflower field

iii. Photograph at Their Height

When y’all position your photographic camera around the height of the flowers, you lot get a viewpoint similar to images shot right in a higher place a waterline. This composition is ideal for producing dramatic photos of people amongst sunflowers. It’s peculiarly true for dusk images like this instance provided.

For this composition, I suggest using a shallow depth of field to bring attention directly to the person. Exist conscious of your foreground and focus on your subject. This composition technique works best when the foreground is total of hints of colour. You will also want a fast shutter speed to capture any movement.

A model swinging her hair in the light in the middle of a sunflower field

four. Style Clothes

Photographing a group of people with a sunflower background tin can be catchy. Just the result can be a wholesome picture that is perfect for displaying in your house.

Notice beneath how each person is wearing white clothing, highlighting them amidst the flowers rather than making them stand out. Style your subjects in matching family outfits will make your photos look more professional person.

But the success of this shot again comes from the perspective. Every bit the photograph is taken from loftier up, you practise not see the cease or edge of the field. This gives the impression that the family is fully immersed in nature.

Four members of a family in a sunflower field in matching outfits

five. Go Macro!

The main attraction of sunflowers is the bright yellow. You lot may want to focus all your attention on this specific item, filling your frame with as much colour as possible. The flowers are and so large that you can get up close and personal with a macro lens.

The macro style will open a range of subjects to photo with these flowers. You tin capture images of insects, like bees, in the instance. Or, you tin can get creative past shooting the dorsum of the found or maybe fifty-fifty the petals with the sunday shining through them.

a macro sunflower photograph of a bee pollenating the flower

6. Take Total-Torso Shots With Flash

The only way to guarantee controlled lighting is to bring it yourself! Using an external flash allows yous to light your discipline perfectly. The light will also bring out the unique details and colours of the sunflowers.

Information technology is likewise worth studying this image for the full-body shot. Most of the sunflower fields y’all will come beyond will have gaps betwixt each row of flowers planted. Typically, these walkways tin be pretty ugly in the photograph.

This photographer has managed to fill the bottom of the frame’s path with leaves from other plants. It’s a great way to make full the frame with more attractive details and emphasise a abrupt focus on your subject area.

Model with leg up posing amongst sunflowers with flowers in her hands and in her pockets

7. Find a Lone Wolf

Having a single subject continuing out from the masses makes for a not bad photo. Information technology’southward truthful whether in a busy metropolis centre or with a sunflower background!

Detect a lonely sunflower that has grown higher than the ones around it. And make information technology the centre of your focus. Make sure you use a shallow depth of field to go far stand out that much more than.

You lot can also incorporate this technique to have a person stand or leap higher than the flowers around them. Not just volition this add attention to them, just it will also await as if they are in a ocean of yellow flowers.

a Single sunflower above a sea of flowers

viii. Have a Sunflower ‘Wall’ Shot Against a Heaven

Fifty-fifty though this composition looks simple, it is hard to perfect. This photographic technique will have you spending more than time looking for the location rather than taking the bodily shot!

You lot volition want to look for a sunflower field on a slight hill. You will then want to position yourself at the lowest bespeak in the surface area and shoot toward the highest cease.

This will requite you a ‘wall’ of sunflowers. Make sure there is nothing on the horizon as that can ruin the effect. If one tree disturbs the otherwise perfect composition, you tin remove information technology later in Photoshop.

Deadpan shot of a sunflower field underneath a blue sky


With this listing of ideas for sunflower photos, there is no shortage of photographic techniques to try. Office of photography is taking advantage of these natural places of dazzler. Feel costless to use them and make full your frames with as much visual goodness as possible.

Programme what gear and equipment you need. Decide on what time of day y’all desire to shoot your images. And if in that location isn’t a sunflower field near yous, take those actress couple of hours to travel to a place that does. You won’t regret having a sunflower field photoshoot!

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