Convert Gopro Time Lapse To Video

By | 16/08/2022

Nature lovers and travel photographers have a lot to gain past filming special moments that other people hardly recognize due to their busy daily schedules. You lot may recognize the clouds in the sky but never carp to view their movement since it consumes times and could be slow. You may also miss out on the budding of the cute flowers in your garden. These moments can be well captured by GoPro time-lapse video since it’s perfect at recording lengthy occurrences. You only need a GoPro camera and to understand how to make GoPro time-lapse into a video. This commodity will better your understanding of GoPro 4K timelapse video and how to edit the content after filming using the best video editor, Wondershare UniConverter.

  • Role i. What is GoPro Time Lapse Video
  • Part two. How to Brand a Fourth dimension-Lapse Video on GoPro
  • Part iii. How to Edit GoPro Time Lapse Video

Part 1. What is GoPro Fourth dimension Lapse Video

GoPro cameras have popular features known as GoPro fourth dimension-lapse videos. GoPro time-lapse video refers to a film created from a series of frames or images that are shot specific intervals using a GoPro camera such as GoPro HERO5. This sequence of photos is played at high speed to make the picture show continuous. The fourth dimension intervals of shooting the video are dependent on the video duration, significant that they vary from seconds to minutes. For example, GoPro HERO5 offers various interval speeds; 0.5 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 30, and lx seconds.

GoPro time-lapse video differs from the regular video since the latter involves the recording of photos in quick succession and stringing together in real-time. Professional videographers employ time lapses to record scenes occurring over some time. Such views include eclipses, sunset and sunrise, cloud, and budding flowers. Mid-range intervals are great for recording such examples. Shorter intervals are used in action or sports, while the longer is applicable in lengthy activities like construction.

The majority of the GoPro cameras offer various options when recoding GoPro time-lapse video. Therefore, you tin can record GoPro 4k timelapse video, 2.7K, and 1080p films. So, GoPro fourth dimension-lapse video is reliable in shooting beaches, urban life, and nature.

gopro time lapse video

Function two. How to Brand a Time-Lapse Video on GoPro

Before commencing on how to brand GoPro time-lapse into video, you need to understand the all-time settings for GoPro fourth dimension-lapse video, to learn the best outcome.

  • Brainstorm past setting the right shooting interval
  • Second, select the optimal resolution
  • Choose the exact rate of playback
  • Lastly, decide on the video length.

Since you may slow down, time-lapse video GoPro takes, consider various parameters when shooting people in urban areas and moving things, insects, or clouds. You should also brand this consideration when shooting sunrise and sunset too as growing plants and blooming flowers.

The procedure of how to create time-lapse video GoPro involves the following steps:

  • Switch on your GoPro camera, for instance, GoPro HERO5.
  • At the lesser left, tap on the
    fashion icon.
  • On the screen’s right side, tap the icon named
    Time Lapse
    and then select
    Time Lapse Video.
  • Go to the Res, FOV, and Interval to choose your settings.
  • After selecting, make the settings disappear by borer the screen.
  • To continue how to make GoPro time-lapse into video, press the
  • When GoPro creates a time-lapse video, download the recording by connecting your camera to PC or inserting the SD card reader in the PC.

gopro time lapse software

Office 3. How to Edit GoPro Time Lapse Video

A GoPro time-lapse video is likely to appear raw, peculiarly when sharing its content with a professional audience. Therefore, video editing is necessary considering it enables you to exclude and include aspects that make the video more than interesting and professional where needed. The best GoPro time-lapse software for such editing purposes is
Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). It is quite convenient because information technology is GoPro time-lapse software Mac and Windows support, making it reliable on both platforms.

Wondershare UniConverter comes with various editing solutions like video quality enhancement, text add-on, cropping, trimming, and improver of effects, watermark, and subtitles. Therefore, you lot are likely to satisfy your audience, peculiarly when it includes deafened and visually impaired people in society. Additionally, the software saves time through its high speed that surpasses other tools by 30 times. The post-obit are features, which will brainwash you on other Wondershare UniConverter functions.

Wondershare UniConverter – Your Complete GoPro Video Toolbox for Windows/Mac


  • It supports thousands of sound, epitome, and video formats. So, during editing, some of the formats to consider as you deport out GoPro video conversion include FLV, WMV, MP4, AVI, MKV, and MOV.
  • Creates an animated GIF from the images and videos presented.
  • Conducts video compression and maintains video quality.
  • Facilitates video editing through functions similar adding watermark, subtitles, and filters, applying effects, cropping, merging, and irresolute resolution and trimming.
  • While ripping media from DVD or CD, it also burns GoPro videos to the aforementioned platforms and includes DVD carte du jour templates.
  • Supports batch processing to compress and convert multiple videos at a time.
  • Toolbox with boosted functions similar Screen Recorder, GIF Maker, Prepare Media Metadata, and more.
  • Supported OS: Windows x/eight/7/2003/Vista/XP, Mac OS 10.fifteen (Catalina), 10.14, x.13, 10.12, ten.11, 10.10, 10.nine, 10.viii,, 10.6.

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people have downloaded it.

As shortly as the recording of your GoPro time-lapse video is complete, consider the post-obit steps to polish your content.

Pace ane
Run Wondershare UniConverter and Import GoPro Time Lapse Videos

You can find Wondershare UniConverter on its official website and so downloading and installing will exist fast. Run the plan and import the relevant GoPro time-lapse video. In the


tab, you will notice the
+Add Files
push. Select information technology and so that y’all tin handle importation smoothly.

import gopro time lapse videos

Since Wondershare offers multiple editing options, observe the editing icons, namely

Video Tutorial: How to Trim/Merge Video Using Wondershare UniConverter

Stride 2
Edit the GoPro Time Lapse Video

You may begin the process of editing the
GoPro 4K timelapse
videos past trimming in various ways. Using the
icon, y’all may trim the videos in iv ways.

i. Trim the start or end- motion the cursor along the fourth dimension slider. Click on the
icon that will announced, input the cut fourth dimension and and so select the
icon and use the
icon likewise as
icon to make changes.

trimm beginning or end

two. Cut the heart of the video- drag the slider to the starting center indicate and select
and keep to do the same for the ending middle point. Choose

cut middle of video

3. Trim unwanted video role- choose the unwanted parts and click on the

Since yous will take some remaining segments, use the
Merge into i file
function to acquire a single file. Click on
when done.

trim unwanted video parts

4. Trim a long
GoPro fourth dimension-lapse video
into numerous clips- again, elevate the slider to diverse trimming areas and select
each time to cutting out segments. Use the
push button to keep the changes.

trim long video into numerous clips

Using the
icon, yous may edit your
GoPro 4K timelapse
video in several ways. When down with the procedures below, utilise the aspect ratio of the drop-downward menu to set the video ratio.

1. You can rotate the video using the
options presented. This means rotating clockwise and anticlockwise or flipping vertically and horizontally.

video rotation

2. Proceed to crop to adjust the video size. Therefore drag the video frame corners inwards or outwards to learn the height or size desired. Click
to save changes.

crop for video adjustmet

Using the
icon, you may also apply some video furnishings to your video. The options include adjusting contrast saturation and brightness and choosing the interface every bit well. If y’all wish to make automatic video effect applications, y’all can use the Car Enhance role. Then click OK.

apply video effects

icon tin can as well allow y’all to add a watermark to your GoPro fourth dimension-lapse video. Simply access the
tab in the editing window. Go ahead to choose the text watermark, image, and type and contain information technology. Clicking OK will save your watermark.

add watermark

Wondershare UniConverter besides provides subtitles, which are also accessible through the
icon. Select
in the editing window that opens. Choose the
icon and then click on the
part to import subtitles downloaded on your PC. The
icon tin help you find others online if you lot need more. Employ the
function to save whatsoever changes fabricated.

add subtitles

Footstep three
Change Format if Necessary and Finalize Editing

The GoPro fourth dimension-lapse video will be in MP4 format. If you wish to accept some other format for the output, access the
icon and choose the all-time format, such equally AVI. Finalize editing of GoPro 4K timelapse videos by clicking on
office. The edited output file is accessible at the
tab situated at the top.

chang format and finalize video editing


You tin can notwithstanding enjoy nature’s or people’southward movement using GoPro fourth dimension-lapse video. What’s more, you lot can please your audience with interesting videos past editing the films using Wondershare UniConverter. This is GoPro time-lapse software Mac and Windows support, to enable video editing through various functions.