Create A Patch From A Picture

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Create Custom Patches

A patch made in heaven. Make your very own custom patches online with no order minimums and free shipping.

Trusted by global brands

Customizable Patch Types

With a low per-item price, not bad margins, and endless customizability, patches are perfect for manner brands, companies looking for promotional materials, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, military organizations, and more. Sell them on their own, iron them onto uniforms, adhere them to apparel, or hand them out at trade shows to increment make sensation.

200 patches from $0.61 each

Equally archetype as information technology gets. Made with fabric backing and textured threading, this iconic patch type is a best-seller for a reason. These thick patches expect and feel high-quality and tin can support designs with 9+ colors.

Recommended for:

200 patches from $0.47 each

Fabricated with fabric backing and apartment threading, custom woven patches are ideal for highly detailed designs. With a thin nonetheless durable finish, they’re better suited for sewing onto clothing than selling on their own.

Recommended for:

200 patches from $0.97 each

Fabricated with cloth backing and digital- or screen-printed with colored ink, custom printed patches are ideal for gradients and other detailed, vibrant designs. These patches are thinner than embroidered patches and allow for unlimited color options.

Recommended for:

200 patches from $0.47 each

The fluffier, the better. Custom chenille patches use a vaulted yarn weave to make a pattern really stand out with color and texture. They piece of work best with designs with 1-3 colors and minimal detail.

Recommended for:

200 patches from $9.31 each

Custom patches fit for royalty. If you lot’re looking for loftier-end patches similar the kind Gucci and Louis Vuitton use, handmade custom bullion patches are the way to go.

Recommended for:

200 patches from $2.27 each

For when merely the nearly durable patch will do. Made out of high-quality plastic that feels like rubber, this is our thickest, heftiest patch pick. It’due south waterproof, flexible, and suitable for rather detailed designs.

Recommended for:

200 patches from $2.27 each

Fabricated with
100% vegan leather, these cruelty-free patches offer a classic, rugged wait. With multiple colors available aside from the usual black and brown, faux leather patches add a unique affect to hats, bags, and other apparel.

Recommended for:

Customize Your Perfect Patch

Limitless customization options for a patch that’south every bit unique and imaginative as your make.

Embroidery Coverage

Add merely the right amount of embroidery to give your design a pop of texture. Choose from 50-100% of embroidery coverage.

Custom patch with no border

Patch Material

Cull which base cloth will form the foundation of your patch: whether it’due south polyester blend twill, felt, black ballistic nylon, camouflage material, vegan leather, or something else.

Patch with black merrowed border

Patch Bankroll

Cull from xviii secure patch backing options, including iron-on backing, velcro hook backing, adhesive backing, sparse plastic backing, magnetic backing, and more.

White puff embroidered patch

Thread Options

Make your patch pop even more past adding premium thread options. Choose to add 12+ thread colors to 1 design or mix it up with metal thread, neon thread, 3D puff embroidery, or even glow-in-the-night thread.

Green merrowed border for custom patch

Patch Border & Edges

There’s no edge to your creativity… but y’all may want to add a border to your patch. Choose from an embroidered border, a merrowed edge, frayed edges, or no edge at all.

Custom patch with green embroidered border

Patch Shape

No need to confine your designs to a basic circle or square – opt for highly precise custom shapes, formed with a laser-cut, hand-cut, or hot-cut edge.

Glow in the dark as a special option for custom patches

Other Patch Upgrades

Take your patches to the next level with optional upgrades, like button loops, rhinestones, reflective details, and more.

How to Create Your Custom Patch

No sewing, embroidering, or DIY-ing required. Become a glimpse at but how easy it is to create a custom-manufactured patch when you partner with The/Studio.

Pace one:
Option Your Patch

Patchmaker, patchmaker, make you a patch. Start with the nuts: what type of patch you’re looking for and how many you’ll demand.

Step 2:
Utilize Your Imagination

Customize every last millimeter of your patch, from the bankroll to the shape to the materials used.

Stride 3:
Get Artsy

Your patch = your sail. Upload your own pretty artwork if you have information technology, or piece of work with one of our pro in-house designers free of accuse.

Pace iv:
Give Us the OK

We’ll send over a mockup or physical sample of your patch for your approval, then make equally many tweaks equally it takes until you’re 100% satisfied.

Step v:
Receive Your Patches

Mail fourth dimension! We’ll send your gorgeous patches to your doorstep, with gratis tracked shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Near frequent questions and answers

Embroidered, woven and printed patches can fit in a Tervis Tumbler. Embroidered patch minimum size is 2”, Woven patch minimum size is 0.five” and Printed patches at 0.5”.

We tin make a patch as small as 0.5” (Printed and Woven) but details are subject area to assessment as complicated designs may no longer be legible in the last product if the size is too small.

Embroidered Patches: 12”
Woven Patches: 12” overall size
Printed Patches: 18” overall size
PVC Patches: v” overall size
Leather Patches: 12” overall size
Bullion Patches: 5” overall size.

2 ÷ (Height + Width) = Overall Size.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches piece of work great for uniforms (armed forces, emergency workers, etc.) and as high-stop accessories for jackets, caps and bags.

Woven Patches

Woven Patches are perfect giveaways at events. If you are organizing an outcome, you can take all the volunteers wearing the patches on their uniforms to add together a unique touch. They likewise work well as artistic accessories for vesture, denims, caps and bags.

Printed Patches

Printed patches are great for giveaways or low-cal-use situations, where you can convey a lot in a single patch.

Leather Patches

Leather patches are classically practical to jeans and jackets of various kinds to give them an upscale look, but they’re also great for t-shirt pockets, canvas and twill textured products, diverse head ware, and bags.

PVC Patches

PVC patches are a fantastic choice for sports teams, airsoft groups, scout troops… the listing goes on! Both versatile and stylish, PVC patches tin serve virtually any purpose. PVC patches also ranges from a wide diversity of colors and shapes.

Bullion Patches

Bullion patches can exist used by anyone, however, some of the most common organizations to utilise them include:
• War machine Branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard)
• Sports Clubs
• Security Organizations (Law, Fire Services, Building Security, etc.)
• Ancestry Clubs
• Volunteer Organizations
• Private Clubs
• Fraternal Organizations
• And more than.

Customers can simply order one design/size in 1 lodge, as every prepare of specifications requires a whole new machine gear up.

Custom Patches for Every Manufacture

Y’all’re about to run across your patch. Whether you’re looking to create a custom patch for your scout troop, sports team, apparel brand, or military unit of measurement, we’ll help you lot bring your vision to life.

Explore a few of our well-nigh popular patch categories:

Custom embroidered motorcycle skull patch

You tin’t ride a Harley Davidson without a custom motorcycle patch. Explore a plethora of different options to create a 1 of a kind custom patch that is worthy of the road.

Custom military patch

Every custom military patch is made with the deepest respect and gratitude to our service men and women. It doesn’t matter what military co-operative you belong to, a custom made patch belongs on your compatible.

Custom sports patch

Nix says “team spirit” quite like a custom sports patch. Score a winning custom made patch with a variety of special options to choose from.

Custom patches we have made for people like y’all.

Be unique! There are no limitations on what you lot can practise with your custom patch blueprint.

They are talking

Don’t take our word for it.

Quality is in the details. If you demand need assistance forth the way, our expert pattern squad will be happy to help.

Get started with your design today!

Why wait? Select your options, share your artwork, and nosotros’ll get you started on your custom products.