Crop Factor Canon 7d Mark Ii

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What is the ingather gene of the Canon 7D Ii?

The Catechism EOS 7D Mark 2 is equipped with
an APS-C sensor, whose diagonal measures 27mm. The sensor has a crop factor (or format factor, or focal length multiplier) of 1.six.

The crop cistron is defined equally the
ratio of the 35mm total-frame film diagonal to the diagonal of a digital sensor. This number indicates how a lens behaves in relation to the size of the image sensor.


Sensor size comparison with a movie slide

With a crop factor of 1.6, the sensor in the Canon 7D Two is smaller than the receptor area of a 35mm film slide or negative. Equally a result, a lens that is attached to the Catechism 7D II will offer a
narrower angle of view and provide deeper depth of field
than a lens of similar focal length and discontinuity on a film camera. The equivalent focal length is obtained past multiplying the actual focal length of the lens with the ingather factor. For example, a 31mm lens on the Canon 7D II will provide the same angle of view and depth of field as a 50mm normal lens on a film camera (31mm * i.half dozen = 50mm).

Canon 7D II and Credit Card sensor measures


Sensor specs and performance

The table below
compares the sensor specs
of the Catechism 7D II to those of several similar cameras. The reported DXO values are indicators of the sensor’due south imaging quality (higher is better), covering color depth (DXO Portrait), dynamic range (DXO Landscape), and loftier-ISO noise (DXO Sports). Larger sensor cameras tend to outperform cameras of the same generation that are equipped with a smaller imager. On the other hand, larger sensors are more than expensive and require bigger and heavier lenses than smaller calorie-free receptors.

Sensor Characteristics







one. Catechism 7D II APS-C xx.0 5472 3648 1080/60p 22.4 eleven.8 1082 70
2. Canon T6i APS-C 24.0 6000 4000 1080/30p 22.7 12.0 919 71
3. Canon T5 APS-C 17.9 5184 3456 1080/30p 21.9 11.3 724 63
four. Canon 70D APS-C 20.0 5472 3648 1080/30p 22.5 11.6 926 68
5. Catechism SL1 APS-C 17.ix 5184 3456 1080/30p 21.viii xi.3 843 63
6. Canon T5i APS-C 17.ix 5184 3456 1080/30p 21.7 11.ii 681 61
7. Canon 6D Full Frame 20.0 5472 3648 1080/30p 23.8 12.1 2340 82
8. Canon 60D APS-C 17.9 5184 3456 1080/30p 22.2 11.5 813 66
9. Canon 7D APS-C 17.9 5184 3456 1080/30p 22.0 eleven.7 854 66
10. Canon 50D APS-C xv.1 4752 3168 none 21.viii eleven.4 696 63
11. Canon 20D APS-C 8.2 3504 2336 none 21.nine xi.0 721 62

Further information on the sensor in the Canon 7D II and the photographic camera’s operation tin can be constitute in the camera manual.


In the United States, the 7D Mark II was
initially launched
in September 2014 at a cost of $ane,799.


7D Mark II offers at

Camera to camera comparisons

In example yous would like to cheque on the
differences and similarities with other camera models, just use the search menu below. Alternatively, you can follow any of the listed hyperlinks for comparisons that others plant interesting.


Specifications Summary
Photographic camera Model Canon 7D 2
Camera Blazon Digital single lens reflex
Camera Lens Canon EF mount lenses
Launch Date September 2014
Launch Cost USD 1 799
Sensor Specs
Sensor Engineering science CMOS
Sensor Format APS-C Sensor
Sensor Size 22.iv x 15.0 mm
Sensor Area 336 mm2
Sensor Diagonal 27 mm
Crop Gene ane.6x
Sensor Resolution xx Megapixels
Image Resolution five 472 ten 3 648 pixels
Pixel Pitch 4.10 μm
Pixel Density 5.94 MP/cm2
Moiré control Anti-Alias filter
Film Capability 1080/60p Video
ISO Setting 100 – 16 000 ISO
ISO Boost 100 – 51 200 ISO
Image Processor DIGIC 6 (Dual)
DXO Sensor Quality (score) 70
DXO Color Depth ($.25) 22.4
DXO Dynamic Range (EV) eleven.8
DXO Low Calorie-free (ISO) 1082
Screen Specs
Viewfinder Type Optical viewfinder
Viewfinder Field of View 100%
Viewfinder Magnification 0.63x
Top-Level Screen Control Panel
LCD Framing Live View
LCD Size iii.0 inch
LCD Resolution 1040k dots
LCD Attachment Fixed screen
Bear upon Input No touchscreen
Shooting Specs
Focus System Phase-observe AF
Manual Focusing Aid no Peaking Feature
Maximum Shutter Speed 1/8000s
Continuous Shooting ten shutter flaps/s
Shutter Life Expectancy 200 000 actuations
Silent Shooting no E-Shutter
Time Lapse Photography Intervalometer Built-in
Fill Wink Born Flash
Storage Medium CF or SDXC cards
Single or Dual Card Slots Dual card slots
UHS carte du jour support UHS-I
Connectivity Specs
External Wink Hotshoe
Studio Flash PC Sync socket
USB Connector USB 3.0
HDMI Port mini HDMI
Microphone Port External MIC port
Headphone Socket Headphone port
Wifi Back up no Wifi
Geotagging GPS built-in
Body Specs
Environmental Sealing Weathersealed body
Battery Type LP-E6N ability pack
Battery Life (CIPA) 670 shots per charge
Body Dimensions 149 10 112 x 78 mm

(5.9 x four.4 x in)
Camera Weight 910 g (32.1 oz)

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