Difference Between 50mm 1.8 And 1.4

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Have you wondered what is difference between the 50mm 1.8 vs 1.4? Wondering do you need to invest the extra coin in the 50mm ane.4 or would the 50mm 1.8 be a improve fit?

When I first started to learn nigh transmission mode my friend, Megan Cieloha, told me it would be actually hard with my kit lens and recommended I purchase the 50mm one.eight. I remember thinking “$100 for a lens, oh my goodness, that is expensive!” Piddling did I know that was the most inexpensive lens I would purchase.

I think the 50mm “nifty fifty” is a fantastic lens to start with. It is inexpensive compared to many of the other lenses out there, it’south a prime lens, and it’s aperture can go equally broad every bit 1.8. The lens packs quite a punch for it’s price tag.

My 50mm lives on my camera most of the fourth dimension. It actually is a not bad everyday lens. I kept my 50mm 1.8 for 2 years before I updated this past December to the 50mm 1.4D. I was even able to purchase a refurbished ane from a reputable visitor. Personally, I love the 50mm i.four! It is a little heavier which for some reason makes me believe it is better quality. Withal, one time I started to upload my images I could run into a difference in the color quality and sharpness.

I had big plans to get some portrait shots for you to see the 50mm one.viii vs 1.4 in comparison only when I tried to practice that this morn I dropped my camera with the 50mm 1.8 on it. Yup, that is right, I dropped my photographic camera and broke my lens. Double check your camera is locked on your tripod prior to moving the tripod. Likewise, remember that post I did on insuring your equipment. This is why!

I did take these two shots a couple of days ago so distressing I don’t have more for you to see adjacent.

Settings: f/ii.0, ss ane/200, ISO 100 – these are SOOC (directly out of the photographic camera)

Not all the 50mm lenses are the aforementioned. In Nikon lonely in that location are 4 = AF 50mm 1.viii, AF-South 50mm i.8, AF 50mm ane.4D, and AF-S 50mm 1.4G. Below is some stats about Nikons 4 50mm lenses.

Nikon 50mm ane.8 vs 1.4-D version

Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF

-Toll – $100-130
-Weight – 5.v oz (156g) the lightest of the lenses
-Mount – plastic
-Blades – seven (this affects the roundness of your bokeh)
-Aperture – f/1.eight-f/22
Note: This lens does non autofocus on the Nikon D40, D60, D3000, D3100, D5000

Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF

-Cost – $325-350
-Weight – eight.1 oz (230g)
-Mountain – Metal
-Blades – 7
-Aperture – f/ane.4-f/16
Annotation: The D version does not support the D40, D60, D3000 and D5000

Nikon 50mm ane.8 vs 1.4-Yard version

Nikon 50mm f/one.8G AF-S

-Toll – $200-$225
-Weight – vi.6 oz (187g)
-Mount – Metal
-Blades – vii
-Aperture – f/one.8-f/16
Note: This lens will autofocus on the entry level cameras and has a silent wave motor

Nikon 50mm f/ane.4G

-Toll – $450-500
-Weight – 9.9 oz (280g)
-Mount – Metal
-Blades – 9
-Discontinuity – f/ane.4-f/xvi
Note: This lens volition autofocus on the entry level cameras and has a silent wave motor

If you are a Canon possessor, your choices are a little easier since there are only two to choose from the 50mm 1.8 vs ane.four

Catechism 50mm one.viii vs 1.4

Catechism EF 50mm f/1.8

-Price – $100-125
-Weight – four.6oz (130g)
-Mount – Plastic
-Blades – five
-Discontinuity – f/1.viii-f/22

Canon EF 50mm f1.4

-Cost – $350-400
-Weight – x.23oz (290g)
-Mount – Metal
-Blades – 8
-Aperture – f/1.iv-f/22

Examples of the images from the AF Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF

f/2.2, ss 1/800, ISO 160

f/1.8, ss 1/125, ISO 1000

f/2.0, ss 1/2500, ISO 100

Examples of the images from the Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF

f/2.v, ss ane/400, ISO 100

f/i.vi, ss 1/20, ISO 800

f/2.5, ss 1/200, ISO 800

If you would like to read more and see a lab comparison of the 50mm 1.eight vs 1.four cheque out this post – 50mm Lens Shoot-Out: f/1.8 or f/i.4?

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