Difference Between Sony A6500 And A6600

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Sony’s APS-C range of cameras may not accept been grabbing the headlines to the degree of its full-frame offerings, simply information technology’s the quondam models that the majority of consumers actually purchase – and a new flagship camera has been announced in the form of the Sony A6600.

In true Sony style, information technology hasn’t really been that long since the previous flagship was unveiled, and so it’s worth comparing the two adjacent to meet which is worthy of your investment.

As you lot might await, the newer model comes at a cost premium. Information technology isn’t too extreme, though: at the time of writing, the A6600 will likely prepare you lot back approx £300 more than than the A6500.

Notwithstanding, that £300 isn’t an insignificant sum; it’southward money that you could be putting towards a lens, another accessory, or even a trip away. So is it worth splashing out? Both models feature a 24.ii-megapixel APS-C sensor paired with a Bionz Ten processor, which suggests epitome quality should exist similar. Let’south expect at the primal differences.

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Sony A6600 vs A6500 – Pattern and screen

Here’s where Sony has made a couple of small but important tweaks. The result is that shooting with the A6600 is a far nicer experience than its predecessor. At that place’south at present an improved grip, which is 6.5mm deeper and is xv% bigger overall – you may still discover that your pinkie dangles precariously off the bottom edge of the camera if your hands are on the big size, but it’s certainly a more comfortable experience. Sony also claims that the grip’s cloth has been “upgraded” for a “more than rigid experience”.

Being able to customise how different buttons and dials work has always been a focus for Sony, and for the A6600 the company has added an boosted custom button for extra command. Both the A6600 and A6500 are grit- and wet-resistant, which should make them fully able to withstand a rain shower or two while out shooting landscapes or seascapes.

The congenital-in viewfinder remains the aforementioned for the A6600 equally the A6500, existence 0.39in in size and 2359k-dots. Information technology isn’t equally large or as loftier resolution as those you’ll notice on the A9 or A7 full-frame cameras, but it’due south perfectly usable.

Meanwhile, the screens  besides are like at 3in in size and 921,600 dots. However, the A6600’s screen can tilt to face all the way forwards for shooting selfies and videos; vloggers, in particular, will welcome this update.

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Sony A6600 vs A6500 – Autofocus

Sony A6600 vs A6500

Sony has fabricated huge strides in autofocus performance, even for its more than affordable APS-C models.

The A6500 was certainly no slouch, packing a Fast Hybrid AF system with 425 phase-detection autofocus points coupled with 169 contrast-observe AF points for both fast and accurate focusing. It likewise featured Eye AF and Tracking AF.

Building on that first-class performance, the A6600 features 425 phase-detection points as well as 425 contrast-detect points. This means that virtually the entire frame is covered past points. “Real-time” autofocus tracking has also been included. Information technology uses artificial intelligence to switch to the most appropriate blazon of tracking for the field of study, while real-fourth dimension Eye AF as well incorporates Animal Center AF for enhanced pet portraits.

If you’re the kind of photographer who likes to shoot mainly static subjects – such every bit landscapes – then the improvements fabricated hither are unlikely to exist hugely impactful. For somebody who shoots activity and sports, yet, it could be worth the extra investment.

Sony A6600 vs A6500 – Image quality and operation

Sony A6600 vs A6500

In terms of image quality, the difference between the A6500 and the A6600 should exist pretty minimal.

Both use a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor paired with a Bionz X processor, offering five-axis image stabilisation. With improved autofocus tracking, it should be easier to capture some subjects – just, otherwise, image quality should be nearly-identical. A more precise comparison will exist possible one time full production samples of the A6600 become bachelor.

A significant comeback comes in the course of battery life. The A6600 includes the new “Z” bombardment, which promises the best battery life of any Sony mirrorless camera – including the total-frame models. The Z battery has a CIPA rating of 810 shots, although you should exist able to attain better operation with expert power direction practices. Nevertheless, that  810 shots is super-impressive operation indeed. By contrast, the Aa6500 has a more pocket-size 310-shot life.

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Sony A6600 vs A6500 – Video

Sony A6600 vs A6500

Both the A6500 and A6600 characteristic 4K video recording. You should therefore find that in terms of output, both models are roughly equal.

Notwithstanding, there take been some key improvements made to how you lot actually capture that footage. For a start, real-time AF is also at present bachelor in video recording, as well as in stills capture.

Furthermore, every bit well as a microphone socket, there’s now also a headphone jack for monitoring audio. The screen tilting all the way forward volition be appreciated by vloggers and those who record pieces to camera.

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Sony A6600 vs A6500 – Early verdict

Sony A6600 vs A6500

There’s plenty to like about both the A6500 and the A6600. Sony claims that more 40 improvements take been made between the two models. While some of those are significant, others are minor.

At the fourth dimension of writing, the A6600 retails for around £1449 (body just), making it around £300 more expensive than the A6500. Whether you cull to splash the extra cash will largely depend on the kind of photographer you lot are.

The biggest improvements come in the shape of autofocus tracking, which could show useful for action and sports photography. If you lot’re someone whose subjects are commonly  still – landscapes, portraits or withal life, for case – so yous’ll be improve served past the cheaper A6500.

It’due south the A6600’s improved 810-shot bombardment life that really makes information technology worthy of consideration over the A6500. If you’re a travel photographer worried most short battery life, then this could make the A6600 worth the actress coin.

Overall, the older A6500 remains a competent and capable camera that’s notwithstanding well worth considering if you’re looking for a loftier-cease compact arrangement camera. Investing the extra cash in the newest model is worth information technology for several reasons, but information technology’s peculiarly highly-seasoned for action photographers. Nosotros’ll take a await in greater detail at how the A6600 stacks in due class.

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