Diy Projector Without A Magnifying Glass

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Projectors are becoming a popular need as each day passes by. This is because homes, schools, and offices accept started incorporating it into their must-have gadgets. Anybody wants to have at least one at their disposal because of its numerous benefits. For example, enlargement of visuals. Rather than what phones or TVs offer, yous tin can have a bigger screen.

Besides, it helps to minimize the amount of pressure placed on the eyes as close-range visuals gotten from phones and TVs harm the eye.

This makes learning how to make a projector without a magnifying glass important equally it comes at a depression and affordable toll. You can hands make 1 at the condolement of your home or office and first enjoying these benefits.

Read to the end to notice out just how you can practice this!

What You Will Demand to Brand a Projector

How to make a DIY projector without a magnifying glass is pretty easy and all the materials you need are just somewhere around yous probably wasting away.

Beneath are the needed materials.

  • Cardboard or shoebox
  • Seedling
  • Pencil
  • Razor or X-Acto knife
  • Clean water
  • Smartphone
  • Phone stand
  • Tape or gum

Step-past-Step Guide

You can go one of the all-time high-quality and affordable projectors below $1000. In fact, you’ll notice some superb projectors on the market that cost less than $200.  Just if you lot know how to make a homemade projector without a magnifying drinking glass, you’ll definitely be spending a lot less.

In this guide, we volition share with you how to make a smartphone projector without a magnifying glass that can exist used for movies, presentations, and only anything that the outstanding pico projectors practice.

Step i: Assemble the Needed Materials

Outset of all, you lot need to ensure that you gather together all of the needed materials listed above. They are all of import as they accept their separate functions.

It’s preferable that you get a cardboard or shoebox with dark interiors, only if you don’t have 1 at home, don’t sweat it. Y’all can easily paint the interior with blackness paint (affiche color will do) or make use of blackness tape. Too, ensure that the paper-thin or shoebox you’re using is big enough to change the size and distance of the visual projection.

The bulb is likewise an important component, so information technology’south essential that you utilise a seedling that fits well. According to experts, the SYLVANIA LED seedling is the all-time as information technology is designed to function perfectly with whatsoever kind of energy and it’s not expensive.

Yous’ll need a pencil to make marks equally you will take to make some cut. It’southward best that you isolate the expanse you’ll exist cutting beforehand.

Amid the needed materials is a razor or Ten-Histrion knife. These two pieces of equipment are sharp objects, then it’s essential that you lot’re careful while treatment them. It’south advisable that you don’t let your kids go most them.

The water you’ll make use of must be free from impurities. You lot are to pour water into the seedling until it is total.

You will need your smartphone to play whatsoever movies you want to sentinel. The screen of the smartphone is pocket-size and can’t requite you the feel of a cinema, hence you lot’ll need the projector to give you a wider view.

The phone stand is needed to support the phone and prevent information technology from falling when you put it into the cardboard or shoebox.

Any record or glue you utilise will serve perfectly well. It will be used to hold together every attachment that will be fabricated when constructing your projector.

Stride two: Ready the Seedling

How to Make a Projector Without a Magnifying Glass in 6 StepsBefore positioning the bulb, you’ll need to remove the finish cover that’s normally fabricated of metal. You can easily remove information technology with pliers, leaving only the glass part. Also, ensure you take out the filament. The inside of the bulb should be totally empty.

At present, set the glass part of the bulb into the center of the paper-thin or shoebox (anyone you are using) side. When you’ve got the bulb at the right spot, utilize a pencil to make a flawless mark around the spot every bit you lot volition be cutting information technology away.

Footstep three: Put the Bulb in Position

How to Make a Projector Without a Magnifying Glass in 6 StepsAfter flawlessly making a mark on the right spot of your paper-thin or shoebox, y’all will pick your razor or X-Acto knife and cutting the expanse off. Y’all’ll and then insert the seedling.

You must ensure that the outline of the bulb is carved correctly in society for it to fit perfectly. While cutting the section of the cardboard or shoebox off, be cautious non to extend the cut more than than the expanse y’all marked. If you lot know that you accept a shaky hand, you can call for aid from a family member or neighbor.

After plumbing fixtures the bulb perfectly, employ your tape or glue to make it stick to the cardboard or shoebox (anyone you are using). Wait for approximately v minutes to brand the seedling stick properly.

Step 4: Fill the Bulb with Clean Water

How to Make a Projector Without a Magnifying Glass in 6 StepsAfter carefully and perfectly placing the bulb in the cardboard or shoebox, yous volition accept to fill it with clean water. Y’all must ensure that the water does non pour exterior the bulb.

When you’re washed with filling the bulb, you need to seal it. Yous can practice this by using the bottle cap of a soda bottle.

You can likewise apply glue to ensure that the bottle cap stays in place and that no water spills out.

Step 5: Make a Phone Stand up

How to Make a Projector Without a Magnifying Glass in 6 StepsA telephone stand is an important colonnade in making a bootleg projector. Nearly reviewers even recommend the 2-pack cell phone stand as it fits appropriately with all types of smartphones and it’due south also portable.

However, you tin can construct your own phone stand at no toll. To brand an iPhone projector without a magnifying glass, practise the post-obit.

By the fashion, these procedures also employ to all other types of smartphones.

  • Find a huge piece of cardboard
  • Detect a template for a DIY phone stand up on any craft website and print it out
  • Cut the template out
  • Draw on the card with the template
  • Cutting out the card and put the stand together
  • Glue the stand to the base
  • Use two-sided sticky tape to the stand after it has stale
  • Cover the glutinous tape with a plastic phone cover.

At present, identify the stand inside the shoebox and check that information technology allows you to easily move your phone freely – forward and backward.

Step 6: Encompass the Box Interior

How to Make a Projector Without a Magnifying Glass in 6 StepsAs of at present, y’all accept a projector without a magnifying glass. All the same, you nonetheless have work to do, such as roofing the box’s interior with black paint or paper. You demand a black color because it absorbs lite rather than reflects it. A night interior will amend the viewing experience you’ll get as it volition deliver superior image quality.

You are to design the interior of the box with blackness newspaper or black paint. Paste them painstakingly to embrace the entire corners of the box. Make sure y’all protect the bulb and smartphone from getting damaged as you’re painting.

After it has been painted, allow it to dry. Then, you have your full-packaged customized phone stand. You can go-alee to

transform any room in your home into a picture palace

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, make apply of it every bit

a dandy tool for physical educators

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, for office presentation, etc.

How to Utilize a DIY Projector

Afterwards you’ve made a projector at home without a magnifying glass, you need to larn how to brand use of information technology appropriately. Y’all’ll most probable be seeing an inverted image if it’s not properly set.

The bulb inverses the visuals, so yous’d have to rotate the video you’re watching upside-down in order for it to be projected properly. This shouldn’t exist a problem equally every smartphone comes with an auto-rotate feature. If your phone tin’t rotate, install a screen rotating app to aid you orient your screen. Some other option y’all accept is to place your phone upside-down within the box.

Afterward you’ve rotated the video correctly, perform a test run to see if it’s projecting high quality images. If it’south not, adjust the projector past moving your smartphone frontwards and backward till you lot go a high image quality.

It’south also essential that your smartphone’s effulgence is turned up.

Final Thoughts

Yous don’t need to be an electronics geek to make a projector without a magnifying drinking glass. It’s an piece of cake affair to do. In fact, it’s done past kids in simple schools all over the world.

In this article, nosotros have explained how to make a projector without a magnifying glass in particular, explaining the step-by-step processes involved. We’ve as well explained how to use a DIY projector appropriately at dwelling. As long as you take the required materials, y’all’ll conveniently brand your projector without using a magnifying lens.

Knowing all these will save you from spending a huge amount of money on a set up-made projector.



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Projector Uses in Physical Teaching –

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