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Do I Include Usage In Photography Estimate?

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Professional Corporate, Association, & Tradeshow Photographers

Nationwide Service

Available 24/7

Full Coverage Insurance

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Corporate Result & Tradeshow Photography

Corporate Consequence Photography Services

With a dedicated team of photographers beyond the nation, Christie’due south is committed to providing quality photographic coverage of your result while giving impeccable service. We want to cover your effect accordingly, while making attendees feel welcome without disruption. A few of our corporate upshot photography services include:

  • Corporate Consequence Documentation Photography
  • The iLite Mobile Photo Booth
  • Professional On-Site Headshots
  • Large And Modest Corporate Group Photos
  • Full Laurels Ceremony Coverage
  • On-Site Event Photo Printing
  • On-Site Greenscreen Photo Stations
  • Instant Wireless Slideshows
  • Custom Photograph Sharing Websites

35 Years Of Experience

We have over 34 years of experience photographing events, large and pocket-size. Since nosotros focus on corporate result photography, nosotros understand the important shots, how to interact with the trade show attendees, when and where our photographers need to be.

24/vii Availability

We have staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you take a last infinitesimal effect alter or need a professional corporate outcome photographer, we are here for you. Answering the phones 24/7 is just i of the ways we strive for excellent customer service.

Tailored Pricing

We welcome the opportunity to speak to each one of our clients to find their needs and put together the services that fit their events all-time. Contact us at any of our event photography offices. Phone call Today or email for a complimentary upshot photography consultation and estimate.

Fully Insured Services

Christie’s maintains total liability coverage for our photographers. At the bulk of our regularly staffed venues, our certificate of insurance is already on file. This means your company is well protected in the unlikely case of an blow involving our event photographers and staff.

Manufacture Interest

Christie’s Photographic is proud to be a sponsor of coming together planner and catering associations nationwide. Nosotros provide photographic services in the cities we have staff and gladly provide services at no charge for meetings.

Professional person Squad

With a dedicated team of professional corporate event photographers across the nation, Christie’s is committed to providing quality photographic coverage of your event while giving impeccable service. We want to embrace your issue accordingly, while making attendees feel welcome without disruption.

Professional person Attire

Our staff knows to apparel appropriately for your event, wearing business appropriate outfits. Y’all won’t meet us in jeans. This allows you lot to put your best foot frontwards to your company’s executives, staff and clientele.

Full Usage Rights

With Christie’due south Photographic Solutions, you always own your photos. Nosotros offer a diversity of image delivery method including rush editing services, secure download websites, and on-site downloads after your outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Christie’south Photographic Solutions?

You can find talent in individual photographers and small companies. But what nosotros offer is multiple consequence photographers on staff, liability insurance for our staff, 24/7 client service, and 35 years of experience working with corporate events and tradeshows. When you need a last infinitesimal event photographer late in the day, our staff is available to help.

How Will You Deliver My Images?

Christie’southward offers many delivery options to fit your needs. USB drives, Download links, Shareable links for attendees to view, download, or purchase prints, Printed photos and Custom options, depending on your event needs. Visit our Delivery Methods Folio for more information.

Volition You Work With My Budget?

We provide pricing per result rather than equally a blanket process. Rather than charging for a full day of photographic services, nosotros price based on the fourth dimension you actually crave a event photographer on-site. Contact us and nosotros will put together a customized quote that is specific to your needs.

Practise You Travel For Corporate Events?

Many of our clients have grown familiar with our staff and prefer to work with the same team. We will travel anywhere our clients request our result photography services and provide travel pricing based on electric current costs of flights and hotels.

Do You lot Offer Custom Consequence Photography Packages?

We offer event photography solutions to fit your needs instead of a ane-size-fits-all package. Telephone call or electronic mail united states of america and let us know the details of your event today.

Who Owns The Image Rights?

We provide our clients with full ownership rights to photos taken on site.

Why Does Liability Insurance Affair?

Many hotels require proof of liability insurance for staff working onsite. Hotels within the areas where we accept offices take this on file for us already, and for most, nosotros are their preferred photographer. Liability insurance protects against lawsuits arising from tertiary parties claiming actual injury, property damage, or personal injury.

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