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In this commodity, we will dig into which advanced photo editor y’all should choose:
Photoshop vs Affinity Photo
in 2022. Nosotros volition await at these image editing software apps head to head. Can Affinity Photo supersede Photoshop as the industry leader?

Quick Comparing: Affinity Photo vs. Photoshop

1. Features:

In that location are a bit more features and tools in Photoshop, but only marginally. You lot will discover that both apps include all basic image editing tools, every bit well as what else yous tin dream of from whatever photo editing software, as a photographer. Both apps offer limitless layers, can import nearly raw paradigm formats, pen tools, and any your need. Well-nigh users won’t notice this in their day-to-day workflow, but still, Photoshop leads when information technology comes to features.

Winner: Photoshop

ii. Cost:

Affinity Photo is a low ane-time payment of
$49.99. Photoshop on the other mitt is a subscription and comes bundled with Lightroom in the Adobe Photography plan for
$9.99 per month. If you lot don’t listen paying for a Photoshop subscription, then this isn’t an upshot for you, simply many hate the subscription fees.

Winner: Affinity Photo

3. User Interface:

Both apps are similar when it comes to the user interface. Photoshop has a more sleek nighttime gray blueprint, making buttons seem a bit like, while Affinity Photograph for some features requires a few extra clicks. But these are modest bug, and both are identical in their arroyo to photograph editing.

Winner: Tie

4. Workflow

They are similar in workflow; however, Photoshop has more options for automating the workflow. While Affinity Photograph’s personas keep the workflow divided into what you lot need when you lot need it, Photoshop is more customizable overall.

Winner: Photoshop (by a margin)

5. Compatibility:

You will detect that nigh plugins are designed for Photoshop (but may work in Affinity Photo). However, when it comes to deep integration, then 3rd party plugins like Nik Collection have only developed this for Photoshop, and so far. If nosotros look at compatibility the other way, more apps back up reading Photoshop files, while merely a few apps support Affinity Photograph’s native format (.afphoto).

Winner: Photoshop

6. Learning Curve

If you lot have never used similar programs you will accept an equally steep learning bend, no matter which program you choose. Luckily, you can find video tutorials and courses for both apps on Photography-RAW.

Winner: Tie

7. Updates

At that place are benefits to a regular paid subscription. Updates that include new features seem to exist a lilliputian more than frequent for Photoshop. Not to say that there are never new features in updates from Affinity Photo. It just doesn’t happen as fast. Information technology can take a year betwixt new features being added to Affinity Photo, while 2022 had new features for Photoshop in 3 out of 4 updates.

Winner: Photoshop

Quick Verdict:

Photoshop is overall the all-time photo editor if y’all don’t mind the subscription-based pricing. Y’all can do more than with Photoshop, and it is a more professional person tool for specific tasks.

Still, Analogousness Photo is a close competitor and at only a fraction of the price. Most users tin practise perfectly well with Affinity Photo.

Which app is the for you depends on your needs? Read on to dig deeper into the differences between the two apps.

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What are the Departure Between Affinity Photo vs. Photoshop CC:

Let us begin by looking at the cost deviation and whether they tin can justify the difference in price

Video Form

  • Master Luminosity Masks, Blend Ranges,
    Transmission Blending, Colour Grading and more than…
  • 3 hours 30 min. video course

$ 34.00

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How much does Affinity Photograph Cost?

You can get Analogousness Photo desktop version from the Mac App Store / Microsoft Store in Windows x, or you tin download information technology directly from Serif’s website for a one-time toll of$49.99.

If yous as well want the iPad version of Analogousness Photo it costs you

How much does Photoshop CC Cost?

Photoshop is subscription-based and comes with Lightroom at a
monthly subscription fee
$9.99, which is the cheapest option. The subscription also includes Lightroom. In the 2022 version of Photoshop, the iPad version is included in the monthly subscription.

Photo Editing: The Adobe Photoshop vs Analogousness Photograph Boxing

Affinity Photo is probably the photo editing software that comes closest to being able to boxing Photoshop in terms of functionality.

To be honest, Affinity Photo lacks a few features, simply most of these features are not fifty-fifty used by the majority of Photoshop users.

So what it all comes down to is whether you can build a solid photo editing workflow in Affinity Photo, that gives reliable results.

Affinity Photo vs Photoshop
Analogousness Photograph vs Photoshop: The user interface is 95% identical, then you volition quickly learn the robes with Affinity Photograph

One of the areas that fix Photoshop apart is the new and faster selection tools. The object pick tool enables you to select an object with a single click. Furthermore, you lot as well take other selection options like select focus expanse, select subject area (automatically), and select heaven, which all lack in Analogousness Photo.

One-click selection using the object selection tool in Photoshop
One-click selection using the object pick tool in Photoshop

Differences in Workflow: Photoshop vs Affinity Photo

The logic behind Affinity Photo is just the same equally Photoshop, however, you might take to look for a few things in other places, even though 95% of the features and menu items volition be in the aforementioned spot in the peak carte du jour. In my experience, if you are already familiar with Photoshop, and then you won’t accept a steep learning curve.

Adjustment Layer Panel in Affinity Photo

The adjustment panel in Affinity Photograph takes upwards a bit more of the user interface on the right side, but many of the adjustment layers you can add are the same equally in Photoshop and with similar options for each adjustment layer.

Affinity Photo’s User Interface Is Divided Into Workspaces

One of the differences you will detect is that Affinity Photo is divided into
or workspaces, that are attainable through buttons at the top bar.

The personas are:

  • Photo persona for most photo editing, like in Photoshop with similar retouching tools
  • Liquify persona for image manipulation
  • Develop persona for RAW editing like Adobe Photographic camera RAW and fixing distorted photos
  • Tone Mapping persona for HDR-processing
  • Consign persona to export images in slices.

This makes the interface slightly less cluttered and a little more user-friendly than Photoshop.

Photoshop also has workspaces, just from a normal user’s betoken of view, y’all don’t often switch between them equally part of your standard workflow in Photoshop.

When first opening RAW photos, Analogousness Photo will open in the
Develop persona.

Develop persona equals to Adobe Camera RAW

Only like working in Adobe Camera Raw, proceed your edits in the Develop Persona to basic exposure corrections and for preparing your Raw file for further enhancements.

When you press the Develop push you are taken to the
Photo persona, which is where you will do most of the enhancements like adding aligning layers, working with advanced selections, and applying filters.

Integrating Affinity Photo With Other Apps

Integration with image library applications like Lightroom, Luminar, Capture One Pro, or ON1 Photo RAW is quite like shooting fish in a barrel. For example, in Lightroom simply select the paradigm yous desire to edit, correct-click and select Edit In…, and select Affinity Photograph.

Affinity Photo integrates well with other digital asset management  apps

In that location are a few bug to exist aware of for Lightroom users:

You lot cannot open multiple images as layers in Analogousness Photo. While most epitome library apps can read tiff and other file formats, not many of them can read the .afphoto file format.

Affinity PHOTO Workflow Video Class

Stop fumbling around in Affinity Photo Begin to utilise it like a PRO

$ 34.00

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Using Affinity Photo With Your Photoshop Plugins

There’s a large chance that y’all can proceed to use near of the Photoshop plugins you own as Affinity Photograph supports this. Older plugins like Nik Collection Plugins can simply be installed by using a workaround, but it is doable. The two.5 version of Nik Drove from DXO supports Analogousness Photo.

Choosing Nik Collection from the menu in Affinity Photo

Can you open up Photoshop files (.PSD format) in Analogousness Photo?

Yous can both open up .psd files in Analogousness Photo. You can also choose to save your work in .psd. This is quite useful if you need to send your files to a colleague or a friend who doesn’t have Affinity Photograph.

Photoshop Deportment vs Affinity Photo Macros

Affinity Photo Macros vs Photoshop Actions

I often get the question: “Can I create Affinity Photo actions?” If you are used to using Photoshop actions in your workflow you will be happy to know that Affinity Photograph also supports saving a series of steps into a workflow.

In Analogousness Photograph, this is called macros instead of actions. Withal, you cannot import your existing photoshop deportment into Affinity Photo.

Analogousness Photo Focus Stacking and Panorama Stitching Could Be Improved

From a macro photographer’southward viewpoint, focus stacking could be improved, equally information technology is not quite up to speed.

For instance, Affinity Photograph doesn’t testify the layer masks and which part from each layer was used to create the focus stack. You lot can edit the stack and remove ghosting from the focus stack using the stamp tool in combination with the source console, but just to a sure betoken.

The panorama feature suffers from the same failure to show a layer mask of which part of each image layer was used to create the panorama, then you lot tin can add finishing touches to the panorama stitching yourself. You have to do this in the stitching process and cannot edit it later on you applied the Panorama stitch to a pixel layer.

Panorama stitching in Affinity Photo

Serif Vs Adobe

The choice between using Affinity Photo is often linked to which other apps from Adobe you might exist using. Adobe has go the industry standard in many workplaces. Adobes Creative Deject Suite opens up a whole range of other Adobe programs related to graphic design and photography. If you do video editing and want integration with your photograph editing, then the Serif Suite is currently not able to match this.

All Creative Cloud solutions within the Adobe subscription model come up with cloud storage, which might allow you to cutting down on other deject storage expenses. Plus using Adobe Photoshop offers access to a huge library of assets like Photoshop brushes, font sets, that you have to pay for as add-ons to Analogousness.

If you are a fan of creating digital art, then you might discover that you lot might to need to pay extra to get the add-ons. All the same, if raw image editing tools are all yous need, then the add together-ons are irrelevant to yous.

The Affinity Suite currently these three dissimilar app types and has truthful seamless integration between Analogousness Photo, Affinity Designer, and Analogousness Publisher. Then the consummate trio might enable you to switch to Affinity from Adobe software, similar Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign, and salvage even more money.

Why Not Compare Affinity Photo vs Photoshop Elements 2022?

Photoshop Elements is a much-simplified version of Photoshop, and to a degree that I don’t believe it should be compared to Affinity Photograph. Photoshop Elements is more in the ballpark of Pixelmator for instance if you are looking for an alternative for Photoshop Elements.

Why you might want to go for Photoshop

  • Y’all can practise more with Photoshop actions than you lot can with Analogousness Photo macros.
  • While Affinity Photo is quite capable and fast, in that location are times where it lags in terms of speed.
  • At that place are a lot more than tutorials and video courses available for Photoshop than there are tutorials for Analogousness Photo. A few of the few video courses bachelor for Analogousness Photo are bachelor here on Photography-RAW. Serif also offers a workbook for Affinity Photo, however, our tutorials and video courses on Affinity Photo already cover well-nigh of the content in the book.
  • There are more Photoshop plugins available and custom panels that you can use to extend PS. Scripting is also not bachelor in Analogousness Photograph nonetheless.
  • If you use smart objects a lot in your workflow, you might find it more difficult to adapt to a little different workflow. While Affinity can import a PSD files with a smart object, it doesn’t support smart objects as such.

Reasons why you would want to get for Affinity Photo

  • One of the primary reasons for choosing Affinity Photo vs. Photoshop is that you become almost the same for a lot less.
  • Near photo editing tools only work in raster formats. Even so, you lot tin also create vector shapes in Affinity Photo by using the pen/node tools or the shape tool.
  • It has a alive brush preview. This allows you to see the effect of brush strokes before yous apply them. This is very useful for photographers. Especially when creating masks or dodge and burning using the castor tool.
  • Analogousness Photo saves your disengage history even later on you close the image. It saves the undo history with the image. Y’all tin revert to any undo stages no matter where in the editing procedure you are.
Photoshop vs Affinity Photo

Analogousness vs Photoshop: Is it worth the switch?

Both Affinity Photo and Photoshop are designed to be pure photograph editors and don’t include photo management tools.

Affinity Photo is more than capable of taking over the editing needs of the majority of Photoshop users. Even some professional person photographers take switched. Other photographers are perfectly fine with a subscription that gives you the top-notch and highly professional Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom bundle.

Serif hasn’t created an Affinity program that fits as an alternative to Lightroom nevertheless. And so Affinity users need to find other software to cover their need for photo management tools (basic importing of raw files from SD-cards, quick raw image enhancements, keywording, culling, and so on).

Since Photoshop and Lightroom are arranged together into a unmarried subscription, information technology doesn’t make sense for them to switch from Photoshop to something else.

I hope this Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop comparing assist you make up your mind about which to cull.

Follow this link for a free trial for Affinity Photograph. Alternatively, you tin get a complimentary trial of Photoshop hither.

What’s your experience of using Affinity Photo vs Photoshop – pros, and cons?
What do you call back: Is Analogousness as good as Photoshop?


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