Do We Have Photography Freelancers In Kenya

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  • freelance photography

    $10/60 minutes   ·   Starting at $25

    wedding lensman wildlife photographer pet photographer fashion photographer music/concert photographer child/family lensman portrait photography stock photograph photographer lifestyle photograph…

  • Portfolio for photography,  retouching

    photography, retouching

    $50/hr   ·   Starting at $40

    I am a Professional Photographer, Retoucher, and Editor based in Nairobi Kenya with skills in adobe lightroom and photoshop. I also have a wealth of experience in video editing using adobe premiere p

  • Photography

    $fifteen/60 minutes   ·   Starting at $30

    I am an expert photographer who knows the ins and outs of professional photography every bit well as cameras. This includes the performance of DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. I am too an expert at photograph editing

  • Portfolio for Photographer and Social Media Marketer

    Photographer and Social Media Marketer

    $8/hr   ·   Starting at $25

    Over ii years of professional experience in photography on Nature shoots, Events like weddings and retouching images.Through this i employ Adobe photoshop, lightroom, dropbox for photography and editing

  • I provide rich content photography mater

    $twenty/hour   ·   Starting at $50

    I am a professional photographer who is then determined into providing rich photographic content to all my clients. This is irrespective of the nature of the work. I have the relevant feel in pho…

  • video and photography

    $five/hr   ·   Starting at $xxx

    i edit videos with various software, such as adobe premiere pro cc. i am also a photographer and i edit photos perfectly using adobe photoshop, picsart etc.

  • Portfolio for Photography, image editing, typewriting

    Photography, image editing, typewriting

    $twenty/hr   ·   Starting at $100

    I work as a lensman and thus can exist able to come up with quality photos which can be used by companies whenever needed. I have more than 5 years experience and the rating of my works is ever howdy…

  • Other – Photography

    $8/hr   ·   Starting at $fifty

    I can edit and retouch images using photoshop cs5. I can design and edit page laout susing indesign cs5. I can blueprint and edit illustrations, images, logos and business concern cards using adobe illustrator

  • Portfolio for Photographer and Retoucher

    Lensman and Retoucher

    $100/hr   ·   Starting at $100

    I am a photographer(Lifestyle, Style, Advertizement and Documentary) operating from Nairobi, Kenya. Partnering with like minded teams to create visually compelling images for individuals and brands th…

  • photography/modeling

    $20/60 minutes   ·   Starting at $40

    Am offering photographs for production promotion, for your products,both animal and human photos.5usd/moving picture.

  • Professional photography services

    $xxx/hr   ·   Starting at $xxx

    Demand specific artistic photographs for your profile, website or social media pages? Allow me do that for yous? I have a passion for photography and utilise a Catechism photographic camera to take those photos you need. I wil…

  • Photography

    $8/hr   ·   Starting at $25

    Photo editing and promotional shout outs in Instagram. Content and creative writing. Managing Instagram accounts.

  • Video | Photography | Graphic Design

    $35/hr   ·   Starting at $35

    Visual Designer committed to delivering top quality work that exceeds customer expectation. I take 5 years of experience working with data, video and photo.

  • Graphic Design and Photography

    $15/hour   ·   Starting at $30

    100% quality work & following all requirements. I am a Professional person Photoshop editor and I take been in this field for more than four years. I am passionate about My piece of work and I am focusing on Quality 100…

  • Portfolio for Brian Photography and online writing

    Brian Photography and online writing

    $20/hr   ·   Starting at $70

    I am a skilled photo editor and online writer, most of my work is photo editing, designing business, wedding, and invitation cards. Online writing like academics, ebook writing and even projects.

  • Portfolio for 3d Design

    3d Design

    $50/hr   ·   Starting at $xxx

    I do 3d modeling, rendering, lighting, texturing and animation. This could be an entire project you lot need designed or a unmarried footstep like say a 3d model based off a movie or maybe textured realistic r…

  • Graphic Pattern, Photography, Web Design

    $25/hr   ·   Starting at $25

    Triad media is a blueprint business firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. Established in 2022, we take a wealth of experience in graphic blueprint, photography, web pattern and press. Inventiveness & Production are 2 matter…

  • Photography

    $20/hr   ·   Starting at $25

    Documenting stories, events, fashion, wildlife and nature.

  • Portfolio for Video editing, Photography, video shoot

    Video editing, Photography, video shoot

    $ten/hr   ·   Starting at $27

    I’one thousand a artistic video editor, photographer and photographic camera man, i by and large cover bug affecting the communities here in Kenya e.g poverty, lack of basic need etc and broadcast to the world through social

  • Portfolio for Videography, photography$video editing

    Videography, photography$video editing

    $100/hr   ·   Starting at $eighty

    Skilled video editor with a four yr feel in video production.I produce the best quality videos, through experienced editing, color correction and motility graphics design. Am also a skilled phot…

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