Do You Need A Flash For Sony A7 Iii Wedding Photography

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Re: Wedding flash setup for sony a7III

timmyW wrote:

… 3X Godox V860ii

How does these compare to the ex600RT in terms of power?

Like the YN 600EX-Rt, they’re also speced with gn 60m @200mm zoom (iso 100). I’d say they’re probably equivalent on power output.

You are going to lose some features, though compared to the RT organization. Godox’s remote wake-up doesn’t work. There’s no hotshoe/shutter connection with their gear, and remote zoom will not piece of work unless you’re using a TTL speedlight with the zoom gear up to “Auto”. Y’all besides tin can’t use a single unit to be both a shutter receiver and a flash transmitter with an appropriate time filibuster. You lot need two Tx/Rx pairs, set to different channels. And Godox’s radio organization doesn’t practise TTL ratios.

1x Godox v860ii + 2x AD200

Are these AD200’s really worth it for me as a wedding lensman or am i ameliorate of with the other combinations?

Depends on how y’all apply your off-camera lights. The AD200 is roughly 3x more powerful, so tin can recycle faster being set to a lower power, and with all the additional accessories they have, could be easier to ready.

At that place is supposed to exist an upcoming round-headed speedlight (read; Profoto A1…um… homage), where yous could share magnetic modifiers with the AD200. Just at this time, you’d accept to use this add-on to do it with a V860II.

And which trigger should i go?

If you’re in the Us and can buy from Adorama? Flashpoint R2 Pro II.  It’due south the latest version and has an improved UI and characteristic gear up over the older X-Pro. Equally long as you don’t need the transmitter to take a hotshoe or single-pin mode :), it’s the virtually capable transmitter unit of measurement with the all-time UI.

Notwithstanding, if you want on-axis flash/fill, then merely using one of the V860II as your transmitter is probably the best way to go.

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