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Does Anyone Have A Camera Here

By | 25/10/2022

Generally speaking, Toby is non a funny character on
The Office. He’due south meant to be a punching purse for all of Michael’s jokes and comes across very diminutive and lacking in personality. That’s all on purpose, of class, but it too didn’t lead to many scenes where he was in the spotlight. It was ever at his expense.

Still, there are plenty of underrated moments where Toby is hilarious. Moments that don’t become a lot of attending. This list is dedicated to all those moments when anybody’s least favorite HR rep should really be one of the favorites.

Does anyone have a camera!?

the office toby

Everyone knew that Toby had a crush on Pam. Even if the bear witness only actively reminded viewers about once per flavor. Only information technology was always in that location, and information technology comes to the forefront during Toby’southward going away political party. Pam gifts Toby a picture of everyone in the office and he remarks that she isn’t in it. Of course, she was taking the picture. Toby then admits that he doesn’t have whatsoever pictures with Pam, because why would he, but realizes he doesn’t take a camera.

In a fit of desperation, he turns to the part and cries out far as well loudly, “Does anyone take a camera?”

Hr is a joke

Toby speaking up in an office meeting on The Office

All of his life at Dunder Mifflin, Toby has pretty much tried to do the correct matter. He’s always stopping conversations earlier they get as well far into the inappropriate and while it doesn’t e’er have the effect he desires, his intentions are certainly always there.

This fourth dimension, however, Toby doesn’t even bother. When a conversation goes the mode of… rectal things and their upshot on Andy’s impotence, Erin asks Toby to step in. To which Toby can only say, “Erin, HR is a joke. I can’t do anything about anything.”

Humphrey Bogart impression

The Office Toby Flenderson bogart

Toby just doesn’t take a lot of personality, and so when information technology shines through, it can frequently become overlooked. And while what became of Toby’s personality and character choices in the final flavour is highly questionable, there is a fun side plot in Toby’s fascination of the Scranton Strangler.

When he finally resolves to become see the Strangler, he speaks to the camera outside the prison, expecting a friendship to start up. He’s so giddy that he does a cringe-worthy Humphrey Bogart impression that can’t exist missed.

Already Gone

It’s easy to lose track of the number of times that Michael kicks Toby out of meetings. Sometimes he just insults him, sometimes he yells at him, merely his objective is always to do his job without Toby’s interference.

In this particular instance, Michael is talking almost Fundamentals and underlines ‘mentals’ saying you’d take to be mental not to enjoy it. Toby wisely says, “the ‘fun’ is in it.” Michael looks at the board every bit the role acknowledges Toby’s remark and earlier Michael tin even turn around to kick Toby out, he’s already one-half-way out the door.

Neat American Mysteries

Toby’s Republic of chad Flenderman novels didn’t come out of nowhere. His affection for mystery stories was established in flavour 6, in a moment that is really like shooting fish in a barrel to miss. In “The Banker,” when Dwight pretends to exist Toby to ensure that Sabre does, in fact, buy Dunder Mifflin, Dwight’south entire ploy is dependent on one thing—he left a copy of Great American Mysteries in Toby’due south favorite stall.

It doesn’t work. Just Toby does bring the book back with him when he returns. So… information technology did work. Kind of.


When Nellie first arrives at the office, distinctly uninvited, Toby introduces himself—accidentally—as “Tony.” Pam asks what he said and Toby gets and so gloriously bad-mannered talking about how he accidentally said the wrong proper name. It’due south just wonderful.

It’s such a pocket-size moment, but information technology’due south hilarious, both because it happened, and because Pam draws attention to it, and and then Jim. Then Toby has to endeavour to defend himself, which magnifies the awkwardness tenfold. Did Toby really flub his own name or was he so bored with himself and attracted to Nellie that he thought he’d try out a new persona?

Write Your Own Damn Novel

toby flenderson novel

Toby is desperate for friends. For someone to talk to, to associate with, simply so that he isn’t always then alone. But no one cares almost his book nearly, as Angela put information technology, “a sex-crazed blackness detective.”

Jo Bennet, however, stumbles upon Toby’s Chad Flenderman novels when Sabre goes through the computers of every employee in an attempt to find the mole. She offers criticism to Toby and one would recollect that Toby would be thrilled to talk to someone well-nigh Flenderman. That’s non the example, though.

“Write your own damn novel,” he says.

Beach Day

As one of the best episodes in the history of
The Office, Embankment Day has so many focal points. None of which involve Toby, because Toby was left back at the role. Co-ordinate to Michael, someone had to stay back. Of course, information technology was going to be Toby because Michael wanted this to be the about magical day, and that automatically ways no HR intervention.

In that location are only a few cutbacks to Toby, simply each fourth dimension, he’s however dressed in his awful beach gear, broad-brimmed hat and all, going well-nigh piece of work as if zippo has changed.

No More S’Mores

Given how quietly and without excitement Toby talks, it takes some very specific choices to make him funny, because there’southward not a lot of flexibility here. But the specific choices fabricated in this particular instance were perfect.

When Toby goes on Ryan’s wilderness retreat instead of Michael (who wasn’t invited), Toby recounts the story to a handful of folks in the office. He talks about how they had so many s’mores that eventually, he had to say, “no more s’mores, no more southward’mores.”

Bacchus’ Friend

Robert California’southward one season in charge brought out the all-time in a lot of small-scale characters such equally Gabe Lewis and Toby Flenderson. At Robert’due south pool party, he gives a tour to some of the men of the office, and Oscar and Toby hit off a surprise (and fragile) friendship based entirely on Toby’s option of vino. Oscar compliments the selection, but Toby has no thought what he’s chosen.

This comedic side plot hits a crescendo when Toby os pouring vino into Oscar’s mouth. Oscar spits it out, laughing, and cries, “I am Bacchus, god of wine!” Toby’due south hesitant response: “And I am Bacchus’southward friend!”

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