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Five Below Review

Well-nigh Five Below

Five Below Review

Five Below is one of the fastest growing retailers that offers premium brand-name products inside the extremely affordable toll range of under $v, with more than in demand items over that corporeality. The company sells their trade nether all sorts of categories, geared towards people under 20 and the young at heart.

followers on Instagram and
on Facebook, V Below has definitely cultivated a large following. Even notable media outlets like
The Washington Post,
Time Out, and the
Wall Street Journal. Information technology as well donates a lot of coin to nonprofit organizations like Toys for Tots and St. Jude Children’s Enquiry Hospital.

Only does the make live upward to all this hype? This Five Below review will take you through all the necessary information, highlighting certain products, before giving yous an unfiltered await at customer reviews to run across if they’re worth the buy.

Overview of 5 Below

Five Below Review

Founded in 2002 past Tom Vellios and David Schlessinger, the company saw a gap in the market place when their preteen sons didn’t take a place to become for fun. Together, the founders created a place where people nether xx could spend their money on things they wanted, without it being a little kid’south toy store.

The current CEO is Joel Anderson, who helped aggrandize the make’southward online presence and opened over 300 stores in the US. The company fifty-fifty has a few notable name brands such every bit Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Crayola to name a few.

That sounds skilful but before nosotros get into some of the products the brand offers, this Five Below review will take a look at some of the pros and cons:


  • Skilful shop atmosphere
  • Super affordable products
  • Unlimited return policy with original receipt or guild confirmation
  • An extensive product line
  • Brick and mortar stores in 39 states
  • Brand name products for good prices


  • U.Due south. shipping merely
  • No manufacturing information available

In the adjacent section, this Five Below review will take a look at specific best-selling products the brand offers, breaking down whether it’ll be worth your fourth dimension and investment of $five.

Five Below Review

Five Below Review

When y’all come across items at stores similar Five Below, you don’t normally think you can find brand names there. But the brand’s product line is pretty extensive so we’ve chosen a few items from different categories, including: gaming, candy and snacks, living infinite, and toys.

This Five Below review will requite you lot information about how to use the product, what it’s made of, whether it comes in different colors or flavors, and its price.

Five Beneath Bugha Sectional LED Gaming Keyboard Review

Five Below Bugha Exclusive LED Gaming Keyboard Review
Five Below Bugha Exclusive LED Gaming Keyboard

Recall when your parents told you that gaming would get you nowhere in life? Perhaps tell that to professional person gamer Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, the winner of the 2019 Fortnite Boxing Royale. And luckily enough, you can play simply like him with his gaming keyboard.

But uniform with PCs, some of the features on this keyboard are its LED backlit rainbow keys, ergonomic setup and so you don’t go cramps during those 10-hr raids, and other attributes that gamers drool over.

Exclusively available at V Below, y’all can besides get the rest of the Bugha collection through the brand without forking over more than yous need to. There are other like keyboards on sale at places like Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy just they are definitely not the same price.

Bugha LED Gaming Keyboard
retails for
$10. At the writing of this Five Below review, the keyboard is currently sold out.

Five Below Bugha Exclusive LED Gaming Mouse Review

Five Below Bugha Exclusive LED Gaming Mouse Review
Five Below Bugha Exclusive LED Gaming Mouse

A gamer without a good mouse is similar a powerful game grapheme without a weapon; you lot can’t have one without the other. Which is why Five Below made certain to include Bugha’southward
LED Gaming Mouse
as part of the collection.

Lucifer information technology with the Bugha LED Gaming Keyboard this Five Beneath review mentioned earlier and be ready to have on the terminal dominate in fashion. The wired mouse features an ergonomic setup so your mitt doesn’t cramp up at the wrong time, and changes color as yous whorl around. Every bit with the gaming keyboard, this mouse is uniform just with PCs.

Go the
LED Gaming Mouse
to complete the set for
$10. At the writing of this Five Below review, the keyboard is currently sold out.

Five Below Bugha Exclusive One-Handed LED Gaming Keyboard Review

Five Below Bugha Exclusive One-Handed LED Gaming Keyboard Review
Five Below Bugha Sectional One-Handed LED Gaming Keyboard

If you don’t need a full gaming keyboard to boxing your enemies, then peradventure you can destroy them with a
One-Handed LED Gaming Keyboard, some other piece of the exclusive Bugha drove with 5 Below. Pair it with your LED Gaming Mouse and yous’re good to play like Bugha.

Set with all the necessary keys when gaming—wasd, function keys, and ctrl—you’re easily fix up the moment you plug information technology in. Compatible merely with PCs, this
1-Handed LED Gaming Keyboard
volition be the answer for your serious gaming needs.

One-Handed LED Gaming Keyboard
retails for
$10. At the writing of this Five Beneath review, the keyboard is currently sold out.

Five Below Toxic Waste Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Processed Review

Five Below Toxic Waste Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy Review
Five Below Toxic Waste Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy

Eating something sour may make you shudder but
Toxic Waste Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy
will definitely tantalize your taste buds. Even reading the title will activate your saliva glands.

Though it is super sour—y’all’ll squint your eyes at its biting flavor—you lot’ll enjoy it in the end. This Toxic Waste candy comes in a couple flavors: blue razz and strawberry, and tin turn your tongue a fun color. Don’t worry, the 2 fl. oz. roller doesn’t terminal forever so have your fun while you can.

Toxic Waste material Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy
retails for

Five Below Color Changing LED Calorie-free Shower Head Review

Five Below Color Changing LED Light Shower Head Review
Five Below Color Irresolute LED Lite Shower Head

Brighten up your daily shower routine with this
Color Changing LED Lite Shower Head. Every time you wash up, you will feel equally if yous’re on center phase performing your favorite song.

In that location’s no need for any major renos here; all you need to practice is change your shower head! And batteries? No, thanks. This is powered only by water. Yous’ll never want to leave your bathroom after using this multi-colored shower head. The simply major issue would exist your water neb.

Plow your shower into a disco for

5 Below Crayola Globbles – 3 Count Review

Five Below Crayola Globbles - 3 Count Review
Five Below Crayola Globbles – 3 Count

For anyone who loves sensory toys, the
Crayola Globbles
will be correct up your alley. They’re soft, squishy, stretchy, and there’s no mess involved—what more than could a parent ask for? These Five Below toys will keep your four year old and upwardly occupied for hours at a time.

Each package comes with three different colors, and the make states that the colors in the packs will vary. This V Below review does note that these
Crayola Globbles
are also not bad every bit stress relievers.

Squish your style to fun for

Five Below Candy Corn Bat Halloween Squishmallows Review

Five Below Candy Corn Bat Halloween Squishmallows Review
Five Beneath Processed Corn Bat Halloween Squishmallows

Give your loved one something to hug when your entire family is watching a scary flick! This
Candy Corn Bat Halloween Squishmallows
is the perfect stuffie to take hold of when something scary comes on-screen.

Ambrosial fun to decorate your kid’due south bed, these 100% polyester plushie has lilliputian bat wings, topped off with a witch hat to get in the perfect companion during Halloween.

Grab the
Candy Corn Bat

Five Below Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Minis Versus ii Pack Review

Five Below Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Minis Versus 2 Pack Review
V Below Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Minis Versus 2 Pack

While the Crayola Gobbles might be suited for kids and people who don’t want a form, others tin take on the
Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Minis. These mini fighters are squishable, stretchable, and soft to the touch. Your lilliputian 1 volition be occupied with information technology for hours on end.

Each pack comes with two fighters in varying colors. Get these fun, squishy toys for

At the writing of this Five Below review, the
Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Minis
are sold out.

What Kind Of Stuff Does Five Below Sell?

Five Below Review

Five Beneath sells products in a wide range of categories, including beauty, room, toys and games, pet stuff, apparel and accessories, snacks and candy, books, party stuff, and sports.

The brand’southward ‘room’ and ‘beauty’ are pretty wide collections. To break them down a bit more, you can discover products like lights, arrangement essentials, shelving, wall decor, smart domicile devices, blankets, pillows, and even incense, sage, and crystals in the ‘room’ category.

In the ‘beauty’ collection, y’all tin can find hand sanitizer, haircare, travel essentials, makeup, skincare, and nail essentials, among other useful items. The sky is literally the limit in Five Below.

Who is 5 Below for?

Five Below Review

Five Below is intentionally marketed to people under 20 and the young at heart. Though it has a brilliant atmosphere, big selection of toys and games, and general focus on its younger audience, anyone can detect joy in their items.

Plus, a practiced deal tin transcend historic period: the products at Five Beneath can be appreciated by anybody on a budget, or anyone who loves the idea of purchasing trendy products like V Below iPhone vi cases for a little more than $5.

Five Below Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Five Below Review

On Trustpilot, 5 Below customers land that they honey existence able to shop there for last infinitesimal gifts, especially white elephant gifts.

Amanda H mentions,

Always a great fourth dimension online shopping in a rush concluding minute Xmas bday schoolhouse! This is your place!”

Fifty-fifty Robin B says,

Amazing visitor with wonderful products for a smashing prices. And amazing opportunities for a swell career!”

And Douglas fifty-fifty enjoyed his experience at the shop,

The store director Lashuranda was very helpful and knowledgeable about the products! And fabricated my visit very pleasant! I will always come dorsum to v Beneath. Thanks!”

Five Below is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Influenster, with one reviewer maxim that the prices are proportional to the quality of the products: “Kind of like a higher class dollar tree. Everything is five dollars or less. They have some pretty absurd stuff there but it’southward more often than not stuff that should be worth five dollars or less.”

Is Five Below Worth It?

Five Below Review

After reading through all the reviews and comments, it appears Five Beneath is worth it if y’all find yourself in a bind and demand something quick and easy. The biggest thing to remember when shopping there is to have lower expectations. Even though they might take brand names there, for the toll you are paying, information technology may non be the aforementioned as their regular-priced items.

There are always some gems subconscious amongst the stones so if you expect hard plenty, you lot will find items that may final longer than normal. If you are on a upkeep, V Below could be a dandy place to find things to fill the infinite.

For anyone under xx, information technology’d exist a nifty place to waste product a few dollars for some fun items that are passing fads.

V Below Promotions & Discounts

Five Below Review

At the moment, there aren’t whatsoever Five Beneath promo codes since their items are priced so low. However, there is a clearance section where you can find items that are priced well beneath $5, and there is no need for a Five Below discount code at that place either.

Where to Purchase Five Below

Five Below Review

At this moment, V Below is but located in the US, with locations beyond 39 states. The company’s website only ships orders within the contiguous The states, and does non ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the Usa Virgin Islands.

Their retail locations are spread across the states. If you want to locate a retailer about you, y’all can find it through the link here, separated by individual states.


Five Below Review

Where is Five Beneath made?

V Beneath articles nearly of its products in China. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, and to date has two distribution centers in America, where it ships its items.

What is Five Below’s Shipping Policy?

Five Below but ships to residents within the face-to-face U.s.a., which excludes Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the Us Virgin Islands.

All orders are shipped using standard FedEx SmartPost or UPS SurePost shipping, and have a flat rate of
$8, no matter how large or small your society is. Your order should arrive inside 7 concern days, with the exception of holidays.

What is 5 Below’due south Render Policy?

If yous’re unhappy with your purchase or it is defective, y’all can render it at whatever time later you bought it. Best matter almost Five Below’s return policy? You can return your item to any of their retail locations, fifty-fifty if you bought it online!

If y’all want to exchange an detail, it must be unopened. You tin exchange it for another item that has the same value at any time. If yous still have the original receipt or order confirmation, the company can refund yous through the way you originally paid.

To transport your item dorsum to the company:

  1. Contact the visitor with your order number, what yous wish to render, and the reason why y’all’re returning information technology.
  2. The company will fill out a render guild form and send it to your email.
  3. Once you get the email, follow the instructions and impress out two copies—1 to put inside the box and the other as your own copy.
  4. The company recommends using a carrier where you can track your package and so information technology arrives safely.
    1. Ship to the post-obit address:

eCommerce Returns
5 Gateway Blvd.
Pedricktown, NJ 08067

  1. Send your tracking number to V Below and look for them to process your return.

V Below will not cover any shipping fees or provide return labels of any kind.

How to Contact Five Below

There isn’t a fashion to contact Five Below directly, however, their Contact U.s.a. page is divided into different sections such as:

  • Client assist
  • Associate help
  • Vendor help
  • Info nigh returns
  • Souvenir cards
  • Careers

In this mode, each department is similar to a FAQ where yous tin narrow downwardly what y’all demand help with. Otherwise, you tin leave the company a message under the Assist button.

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