Does Sony A6000 Have Audio Input

By | 19/10/2022

In this mail service, we are going to review the best Sony A600 external mics.

Sony A6000 does not have an audio jack for an external mic. And so, if you lot want to use an external mic, your options are limited.

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Simply in case y’all were wondering why the A6000 is so special that yous can’t simply ditch information technology for another kind of camera that have mic inputs, here is the reason:

The A6000 has a very impressive autofocus function makes it like shooting fish in a barrel to take videos or pictures. This is why it is a option for many videographers. That beingness said, at that place are some external mics you lot tin utilize with the Sony A6000.

So, if you take an A6000 or you lot’re planning to get 1, you need not worry virtually an external mic anymore.

Let’southward look at the specs of all-time Sony A600 external mics.

Here are our pinnacle 5 Sony A6000 external mics:

#1. Sony ECMXYST1M – My fav Sony A600 external mic



  • Audio Output one x Multi Interface Shoe, ane ten Stereo mini-jack
  • Frequency Response seventy Hz to 20 kHz
  • Dimensions three.0 10 2.5 x 1.5″ (74.2 ten 63.5 x 37 mm)
  • Weight 3.5 oz (100 yard)

Build and blueprint

The Sony ECMXYST1M is 1 of the few options you lot have for Sony A6000 external mic.

Information technology has a compact design, with two mics right on the head. You can attach the ECMXYST1M to your A6000 through the multi-interface shoe mountain on the camera.

Sony ECMXYST1M mounted on a camera

On the side of the mic, in that location’southward a
switch that allows you to choose between normal and depression cut options.
The low cut ways that some of the lowest frequencies would be filtered out.

This is necessary because most noise in that range will not exist rejected by the mic. If y’all’re not sure what setting to choose, I propose that you lot leave it on low cutting.

The shock mountain is pretty good as well considering I noticed that even while recording on the move and the mic was shaking, the sound did non crack every bit I expected since the audio practically goes through the shoe mountain.

Sound quality

Sony ECMXYST1M sound quality

Since the connection is so unconventional, I was really curious nearly what this mic sounds like. The frequency response is 70Hz to 20000Hz. This pretty comprehensive for an on-camera mic, simply that’due south not even the best part.

The two mic heads can exist
adapted for mono and stereo audio fields. If you lot position the mic heads close to each other, such that they’re both facing the sound source, you accept a cardioid pattern unidirectional sound coming in.

On the other manus, if you readjust the mic heads all the way apart, and the angle between them is 120 degrees, yous have a wider soundstage.

The mic becomes directional and captures a more natural audio. It’s more than natural because it not only captures the audio source, but also the ambiance.


  • Lightweight; aids like shooting fish in a barrel movement with the camera.
  • Wide soundstage choice


  • Windscreen non very effective when the camera is on the motion.
  • Gives a sure amount of hiss noise.

Bottomline: This mic is a
sure solution to your A6000
external audio problems because all yous demand to do is prepare it through the shoe mountain, and you’re practiced.

#2. Zoom H1n

Zoom H1n


  • Number of Tracks – two
  • Max Sample Charge per unit/Resolution – 96 kHz / 24-Flake
  • Microphone – Built-in Cardioid Condenser Stereo Pair, 10/Y Configuration
  • Congenital-In Speaker – Yes, 500 mW Mono
  • Display – 1.25″ / 3.17 cm Monochrome LCD (Backlit)
  • Retention Card Support – microSD, microSDHC (Up to 32 GB)
  • Internal Storage – None

Build and blueprint

The Zoom H1n is made of plastic. This does not mean that it’s flimsy or fragile; it’s a high-strength plastic.

Since your a6000 does not have an input port, what you practise is that when you record the audio to Zoom H1n, you need a video editing platform on your computer to sync the sound to the video. Then this means is that you need at to the lowest degree the basic knowledge of video editing.

Also, the zoom has an input level controller or knob that you tin can use to set the gain that comes into the mic.

Zoom H1n control knobs

The good thing about this knob is that you can’t turn it without having whatsoever clicks that get captured past the mic. The Zoom has a lock settings button that helps you to go on all your settings intact, even if you lot accidentally printing another button.

So in instance, you put the zoom in your pockets while recording, and accidentally pressed a button, you take nix to worry about provided you engage the lock settings push button. The only caveat here is that the lock settings button does not piece of work with the input level knob.

Sound quality

Zoom H1n mics

When I checked the specifications for the zoom, and I didn’t run across figures for frequency response, I almost causeless that it was considering the figures were not satisfactory. That was right earlier I listened to the production of this mic.

This got me wondering why they refused to put information technology in the specifications considering this mic sounds really good.

It has a low cut filter to keep out unwanted low-frequency noise and information technology also has a maximum SPL of 120 decibels. This means that you can safely record concerts from a safe distance without any issues.

The baskets that protect the mic heads as well
forbid y’all from using a windscreen
to protect them when on an exterior shoot.

Additionally, the X-Y orientation of the microphones helps yous to brand stereo recordings. This means that you can have some ambiance with your recordings.

At ninety degrees, it means that you lot don’t have likewise much width, and then it is easier to control, also considering the fact that the distance between the mic heads is not adjustable.

As well the well-nigh widely used photographic camera Nikon D3400 too doesn’t have any mic ports. Zoom H1n is the all-time external mic to use with D3400.


  • Protective covering for the mic head
  • Loftier maximum SPL


  • Requires editing skills to sync.
  • The input volume knob can be easily nudged accidentally.


Though you would need to practice some post-production synching, the Zoom H1n provides yous professional-level recording with your A6000.

#iii. Sony ECM-GZ1M Mic



  • Choice-up Design Shotgun / zoom
  • Frequency Response 150 Hz to 15 kHz
  • Interface Sony proprietary Multi-Interface Shoe
  • Dimensions i.1 ten ii.iii ten 4.ii″ / 28 x 57 ten 106 mm
  • Weight one.6 oz / 45g – main unit but




The Sony ECM-GZ1M Zoom Microphone is a
lightweight, solid mic that improves your photographic camera audio greatly. It has a removable windshield included in the box

. This enables you to do outdoors recordings conveniently. To connect this mic to your A6000, simply lock it into the multi-interface shoe mount.

The mountain serves as both the platform for balance and the audio recording road. The audio you capture through the mic gets recorded by the camera because of the
multi-interface connectedness.

This is a convenient option since the A6000 does not accept a three.5mm, ¼-inch or XLR port to receive sound.

Audio quality

The Sony ECMGZ1M has a frequency response range of 150Hz to 15kHz. This means that you won’t go a lot of bass from this mic. If you’re not using information technology for field recording or the ambiance is non a very important part of your recording, and so y’all won’t exist missing anything.

In fact, since sounds beneath 150Hz are locked out, y’all can be certain that most low frequency groundwork dissonance will be excluded from your recording.

Having said that, the mic does not accept high frequencies higher up 15kHz. This means that
voices may lack some sheen.

In summary, this mic is made to capture speech and deliver a clearly recorded dialogue. The
zoom/gun switch is an interesting feature.
When you lot switch to zoom, the mic works with the camera zoom to increment the mic focus.


  • The zoom function enables the mic to accept a better dialogue recording.
  • Depression-frequency background noise like traffic rumbles doesn’t arrive your recording.
  • The multi-interface shoe mountain enables it to piece of work well with the A6000


  • Its frequency response is not wide enough for ambiance or nature recording.
  • Flipping the zoom/gun switch while shooting can exist tricky.

Bottomline: This on-photographic camera mic works well with the A6000, just information technology is better suited to people that tape dialogues indoors or outdoors. If you need to record the ambiance, this mic is not for you.

#iv. Shure VP83F LensHopper

Shure VP83F LensHopper Condenser Mic


  • Power Source – Battery Powered
  • Batteries – one AA bombardment required. (included)
  • Polar Blueprint – Unidirectional
  • Detail Weight – 0.52 Kilograms
  • Indicate To Racket Ratio – 78 dB
  • 10 hours of battery life
  • Integrated Rycote Lyre shock mounting system


Shure VP83 LensHopper sound quality

Shure VP83 LensHopper

If you look at this mic carefully y’all’ll notice that it sends audio to the photographic camera via its 3.5mm output, which is absent in the A6000. So why is this mic on our list? It’s because of its flash recording characteristic.

The VP83F has a slot that
houses the memory card.
You can record your audio straight into the card without sending it to the camera. Of class, this means that you’ll have to do some sound and video matching after capturing the video.


The Lenshopper likewise comes with a windshield that makes it
platonic for outdoor shoots on windy days
. The Rycote lyre mounting system makes the mic steady fifty-fifty when the camera handler is shaky.

When the batteries are total, y’all tin record continuously for up to 10 hours.

Sound quality



The Shure VP83F Lenshopper mic has a rich overall sound texture. If y’all can get the mic placement right and directly it towards the sound source, you lot’ll have a clear and crisp sound.

This mic has a
supercardioid pickup pattern
that makes it first-class at rejecting unwanted sounds. Of course, information technology likewise means that the Lenshopper won’t exist ideal for ambiance recording.


  • It has a long lasting battery that can last yous a full day’s shoot.
  • In that location is excellent rejection of unwanted audio.
  • The recorded sound has a lot of depth and richness.


  • You have to spend some time aligning audio and video earlier doing the main editing.
  • It’southward not ideal for recording ambiance due to its narrow pickup.

Bottomline: If you don’t mind the extra work involved in putting audio and video together after shooting this mic is perfect for you. A huge plus here is that information technology will be useful if you decide to become a camera with an audio input.

#v. Sony ECMW1M


  • Compatibility Receiver: Sony cameras and camcorders with Multi-Interface Shoe
  • Capsule Monaural electret condenser
  • Selection-up Design Non-directional
  • Frequency Response 300 Hz to 9 kHz
  • Wireless Interface Bluetooth – interoperability with other Bluetooth products is non guaranteed

The SONY ECMW1M is a Bluetooth mic that allows you to apply external audio recording with the A6000. It’s a two-piece mic.

The larger part is the mic itself. It is made of plastic and has a clip with which you lot can adhere it to your clothing. This also means that yous must be careful with placement, so as to get the best from your audio source.

Being a prune-on mic, the uses would also exist limited.
You can’t really record more than 1 person at once with this mic.


The smaller part of the mic is the transmitter that is attached to the multi-interface shoe mount on the A6000. The
Bluetooth can work for up more than 150 feet.

At that place’s one major reward I constitute with this mic.

Bluetooth connectivity

Aside from being ane of the few mics that you can use with the A6000, the ECMW1M is a mic that yous mount on the camera while taking long-range shots.

With the mic clipped on your wear, you can identify the A6000 on a tripod and walk over 150m away from the mic while recording your video with clear audio, beacuse the mic is clipped to your clothes.

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, the ECMW1M does a ameliorate job than the A6000 internal mic. Although the manufacturers did not requite whatever figures or charts regarding frequency response, by listening to the sound, we tin can make some deductions.

Sony Bluetooth mic

The mic is omnidirectional, which is expected since it’southward a lavalier. This also ways that you lot must be strategic with placement, then y’all don’t accept more background noise than speech.

The depression frequency sounds like it starts from well-nigh 200Hz.

While this ways that you lot probably won’t take much depth in your sound, but it besides means that you lot don’t take to worry nearly low-frequency groundwork noise, which tin can be hard to bargain with on a adept solar day.

The mid frequencies graphic symbol is quite obvious, or audible. Equally a lav mic, we expect it to be optimized for speech, and it is. The 1000Hz to 5000Hz seem to be more emphasized than others. This style you become balmy telephony to experience when listening.

On the other mitt, if you have a DSLR and looking for a good lav mic, then you should go through our mail service here.

GoPro microphones are also making buzz nowadays. Merely they too need external mics to generate proficient sounding audio. If you lot have a GoPro camera, and so look at our GoPro external mics post to buy the best i.


  • Tin can exist used when the subject area is not facing the camera
  • Long-range Bluetooth connection


  • Non very versatile; tin can only be used in a few scenarios
  • Low maximum SPL

Not very versatile, but the ECMW1M holds its own as the lavalier choice for the A6000 external mic solutions.

What type of mics works best with Sony A600?

Sony cameras

Mic compatible with shoe mounts

If you’re ownership a mic for your Sony A6000, this is probably 1 of the most of import things you should have note of. The A6000 does not have an external mic jack input. What it has is a
multi-interface shoe mount
on top of the camera.

This shoe mount is but compatible with a few microphones, some of which are made past Sony.

Some other interesting affair about this multi-interface shoe mount is that
it has an sound input
itself which means that audio signals can pass through the microphone through the shoe mount and into the photographic camera.

Awesome correct?

And so if yous are going to use a mic with your a6000 camera, particularly if the mic is going to sit on your camera, it must accept multi-interface shoe mount adaptability

External recorders

If you want professional-level sound, you may take to become for the external recorders.

Withal, to use them with the a6000, you need to accept some noesis of video editing and the use of sound editing because you take to sync the video and the sound after recording.

This is because you cannot connect the external recorder to a6000 because in that location is no input audio jack.


If y’all already bought the A6000, or you’re planning on buying ane in the futurity, past now you should not have whatever worries as regards the sound quality. You have been given unlike kinds of solutions that you can use in different situations.

Go ahead and savour your Sony A6000 with superlative quality audio.