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By | 27/08/2022

10 things you may not know almost Photoshop Lightroom five

Photoshop Lightroom five is a photographer’s dream – information technology includes a vast amount of editing and management features to improve your shooting workflow. What’s more than, equally information technology’south part of Creative Deject, you can exist sure it works brilliantly with Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC.

01. Avant-garde Healing Brush

The Advanced Healing Castor tool in Photoshop Lightroom five makes it extremely like shooting fish in a barrel to remove dust spots, blemishes and other flaws from your images. Of class you tin change the brush size – simply you can also move the brush in precise paths.

02. Smart Previews

Smart Previews are very absurd – meaning y’all tin can piece of work with smaller stand-in files of your full-size images without taking your huge library of photos with you. Generate smaller versions, work on them, and whatever adjustments or metadata additions you brand to these files will automatically be applied to the originals. Smart, indeed.

03. Upright!

With the new Upright tool you can hands straighten tilted images with a single click. The tool analyses images and detects skewed horizontal and vertical lines, even straightening shots where the horizon is hidden. Now isn’t that handy!

04. Video slide shows

If you want to showcase or share your work with clients or collaborators, using the first-class slideshow functionality in Lightroom it’s a sure-fire. You tin combine even so images, video clips, and music in Hd videos that tin be viewed on almost any calculator or device.

05 Organise by location

In Lightroom 5 you tin can hands detect, group, and tag images by location, or plot a photo journey. Lightroom volition automatically brandish location information from GPS-enabled cameras and photographic camera phones. Great for travel photographers.

The new Radial Slope tool enables you to create off-eye vignette effects or multiple vignetted areas in a single paradigm. This adds up to more artistic flexibility – you tin emphasise dissimilar areas of your images with ease.

07. Integrated with Photoshop

Of course, Lightroom 5 is tightly integrated with Photoshop CC. For example, you can select one or multiple photos and automatically open them in Photoshop to perform detailed, pixel-level editing, and then meet your results immediately back in Photoshop Lightroom.

08. Selective adjustment brushes

Want to employ a castor to selectively edit parts of an image? No problem. With Lightroom 5 you can easily adjust brightness, contrast, white balance, sharpness, dissonance reduction, moiré removal, and much more using a familiar, brush-based tool.

09. Better photo books

If you’re looking to impress and share your imagery in books, yous tin do it directly from Lightroom 5. Easy-to-use and highly-editable templates combined with a 25 per cent discount on your first Blurb
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book created in Lightroom make it a feature worth experimenting with.

10. Peachy noise reduction

Noise is a nightmare – only luckily with Lightroom 5 you can reduce it significantly with its powerful dissonance reduction technology. Naturally, you can utilize dissonance reduction to the entire image, or utilise information technology selectively.

This feature first appeared in The Ultimate Guide To Adobe Creative Cloud
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What features of Photoshop Lightroom 5 do yous dearest – or hate? Tell usa in the comments…

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