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Eye Candy Photoshop Plugin Free Download

By | 07/08/2022

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Eye Processed

Centre Candy 7 renders realistic effects that are difficult or impossible to reach in Photoshop alone, such every bit Fire, Chrome, and the new Lightning.

Effects like Animal Fur, Fume, and Reptile Peel are rendered in exquisite detail down to individual hairs, turbulent wisps, and shiny scales.

Center Candy helps you lot quickly explore and design looks. In Eye Candy seven, effects are chosen through piece of cake to recognize icons rather than text menus. Presets are chop-chop previewed by simply mousing over them. The theme is less clicking and more than visual browsing.

“Eye Candy remains the unmarried about useful Photoshop addition bar none.”

“Eye Candy’due south filters let you lot accept elementary images and create, with a click or two, admittedly amazing results.”

Kate MacKenzie,

“For graphic designers, Heart Candy is the ultimate tool to turn typography visions into reality.”

What’s New

Fifty-fifty Easier

Nosotros completely rewrote the Eye Candy user interface to make information technology easier to explore. The theme is less clicking and more visual browsing. Center Processed vii is at present a single entry in Photoshop’s filter carte du jour. That means that you lot can explore all of our effects without leaving the Eye Candy window. Instead of choosing an issue category by reading a text list, you’ll meet icons that prove typical uses of each result. Click the paradigm below to see the full size as it appears in Centre Candy vii.

eye candy 7 effect chooser user interface

In one case you lot choose an outcome, you tin explore presets fast using the navigator, which is a small preview that instantly updates. You lot don’t even have to click. Just mouse over preset names and the navigator shows how the result will expect in your blueprint.

Preset Navigator

In the preference panel you can choose how the outcome is rendered in a new layer. If you prefer the Eye Processed five approach, y’all can take the new layer include just the result and not a copy of your original artwork.

Many Heart Candy effects utilise transparency, so we moved the transparency display control out of the preference console and put it under the master preview. This lets yous rapidly switch the groundwork between checkerboard, black, white, or a custom solid color.

New Effects

By popular need, we rescued the best furnishings from our discontinued Xenofex production: Lightning, Electrify (seen higher up), and Clouds. Nosotros rewrote them for our new Eye Candy 7 framework, which provides faster previewing, better preset direction, and easier experimentation.
Xenofex owners can get Eye Candy at the upgrade cost of $99. In our store you lot can utilise a Xenofex license code to purchase the upgrade. If you can’t notice your 12-letter license code then apply our license code recovery folio, or contact tech support so we tin await you up.

Zillions of Effects

Center Candy has grown over xix years to handle a huge range of graphic blueprint tasks, from subtle extruded edges to glitzy chrome. There are
32 result categories,
over 1000 presets, and controls to let y’all create an unlimited number of your own styles. Take a look at our examples for simply a sample of what Heart Processed can do.

Realistic Effects

Realism sets Center Candy effects apart from the generic filters congenital into Photoshop. Effects like Animal Fur, Fume, and Reptile Skin are rendered in exquisite detail downward to individual hairs, turbulent wisps, and shiny scales. Middle Processed helps designs look natural and organic.


Eye Processed scales furnishings to match the size of your current artwork. That makes information technology less likely that you will take to tweak a preset to make it look proficient.

Non-Destructive Editing

Effects are drawn into a new layer, leaving your original artwork untouched. Heart Candy tin can as well work equally a Smart Filter, which lets y’all modify or remove the effect later.

Professional Features

Centre Candy can handle images in CMYK way and sixteen-$.25/aqueduct, which are needed for professional print work. And, you tin save any look as a preset to consistently recreate information technology in future projects.


We thoroughly test and support this product on the systems listed below. This product may too work in other configurations, but nosotros exercise not guarantee it.


  • macOS x.13 High Sierra or newer
  • Apple M1 or Intel Cadre ii processor or newer
  • Monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater


  • Windows 10 or eleven
  • 64-fleck Windows edition
  • Intel Core 2 processor or compatible
  • Monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater

This production requires one of the following host applications:

  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or newer
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6

Legendary Service

When you purchase Eye Candy, yous benefit from using a stable, reliable product. 1 that you can count on for any blazon of photography workflow.

We’ve been developing honor-winning, avant-garde paradigm processing software since 1993, and are known for our industry-leading software and fantastic customer support.

Fourth dimension later on time, you guys invent amazing software I didn’t know I needed, so once I try information technology, I find I can’t live without information technology!

Dean White,
Pocomoke City, MD

Exposure Software’south bully customer service says a lot about their company and software. I appreciate their helpful support and attitude towards solving whatever bug I have.

Thank you lot, for the fastest, nicest service and communication I’ve ever received from a company!

The aid I received was professional person, fast and simply evidently nice. It doesn’t go much better than that. Oh, and the software rocks, too!

With such wonderful client service I’ll be a client for years to come up!

Dennis Boyer,
Modesto, CA

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