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By | 16/08/2022

what to wear for family photos

What Not to vesture to your next family photo session with me

I’m e’er talking nigh what to clothing for your family unit photo session, but what nigh the things to avoid? Sometimes it’southward easier to just read what Not to exercise, rather than the millions of possibilities of what would look amazing, right?

Also, keep in heed that these are only my opinions, and things I’ve realized I don’t love after photographing families for 10 years. Feel free to ignore whatever and all of this if y’all like the opposite!

All photos in this mail are not bad examples of what you SHOULD wear

And if yous look closely, you lot will see that I’ve hidden some links to super bad-mannered family photos throughout this post, too

Do NOT wear the wrong shoes

There are ii ways yous can become incorrect here.

The first is wearing uncomfortable shoes that y’all can’t move around in during your photo session (yeah, I’one thousand talking to you, moms!). Nearly of my sessions involve play, so if yous’re in heels, information technology’s going to be really tough to let loose and savor your family. I also have many locations that crave a chip of walking, which would exist difficult in heels. If you really desire to wear them, I’d advise bringing another option y’all like for the more playful images, and save the heels for a few select photos.

The second way y’all can go wrong with footwear is to wear a manner that doesn’t become with your outfits. Specifically, any athletic shoes typically
don’t expect great. Also, whatsoever shoes with neon on them (even the soles!) really stick out and draw focus. I also don’t recommend all white shoes (unless they’re sandals) because they stand out too much. Peculiarly on guys. Know what is a neat color for guys, though? Brown.
Can’t go incorrect with brown.

One more than affair…
don’t forget to programme socks! This is probably the very final affair anyone ever things well-nigh. But if your child is wearing bright neon socks and your colors are earth tones, then the socks are going to stick out like a sore thumb. Make certain the socks don’t have logos on them that are visible above the shoe. Y’all’re all going to be moving around a lot, running, sitting, etc. Socks will show at some signal, I guarantee information technology, so plan it out ahead of time.

Below is a photo with great shoe choices!

Please don’t wear besides much blue!

Okay, this is a personal preference, but I’ve found over the years that any time clients wear tons of blue, something looks off to me. Mayhap considering I tend to edit warm, and love to play with the aureate sun, and blue sucks upward the warmth from the prototype. So if you’re wanting to add together bluish to your session, stick to just i article of article of clothing (or 2 if 1 is a pair of jeans). And e’er
avoid bright blue! My favorite shades of blue are a chip dirty. That sounds funny to say, but I simply mean they are muted and not bright. The case beneath shows a family who added only i blue item and it’s a great shade! There are also other warmer colors to rest it out and go along their images from looking too cool.

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Avoid wearing clothing that doesn’t fit well

Seems obvious, just information technology’s an important one. Allow’due south focus on guys, here. Dads will be throwing their kids in the air and lifting their arms a lot, so a shirt that is too curt isn’t ideal. Test the shirt out at home! Elevator arms in a higher place your head and run across how information technology looks.

Some other thing to consider in this same realm is the length of the mom’s dress.
Don’t wear anything too curt
for the aforementioned reason… arms lifting and bodies swaying.

Another mistake that moms can make is to wear a clothes that doesn’t cover their bra correctly. If needed and y’all’re comfortable with information technology, skip the bra and habiliment pasties and so you don’t have to worry nigh it! Constantly adjusting bras isn’t going to lead to a carefree session.

Do not wear the wrong pattern

So this one can go incorrect a few means. Don’t habiliment a pattern that’s also big, it overwhelms the subject area. But at the aforementioned time, you don’t want a tiny blueprint if the colors are besides contrast-y (a light and a night color together). A perfect example of this is men’southward shirts that have tiny checker patterns because it looks trippy when photographed. Same with super close-together stripes. Below is a neat instance of proficient patterns.

Matching outfits are out, coordinating is in

I know it was a big affair for a while to clothing matching outfits/patterns only I actually love when at that place is a multifariousness of colors and patterns. So if you’re shopping and encounter mommy and me outfits or matching sibling outfits… just keep looking! The main reason for this is that
anyone wearing the same color is going to alloy into each other. Information technology looks much better to have a separation betwixt people so you tin run across where one person ends and the adjacent starts 😉 If you lot desire to article of clothing the same color as someone else in your family, just selection a different shade then there is a difference. See how in this example below, everyone is in a unlike color so you tin can really see where each person is, even though they are all super close? That’s what nosotros want. And definitely
put your entire family all in different shades of the same color, you want variety.

Family sitting together in the columbia river gorge

Don’t wear turtlenecks, high collars, or hoodies

Covering up the neck area is non very flattering and can add majority, so if you need to add actress warmth in the colder months, vesture an extra layer or stylish jacket rather than wearing a turtleneck. This also applies to tightly wrapped scarves. I desire to see that cervix!

When dressing little boys in the winter particularly,
be conscientious of the collar! If you option up your child, does the collar stick up and cover your child’s face? Even if the answer is “sometimes” and then I suggest y’all cull a different sweater. The same goes for vests and anything that could potentially block function of your child’southward face.

Hoodies aren’t a cracking thought because the hood can flap in the current of air and it ends up looking weird. It likewise just feels too casual to me.

what to wear to your family photo session

Avoid putting your family in the wrong colors

I’ll outset by saying this is all my personal preference, but if you like my work then you probably agree with me, correct? Lol. I’m not a huge fan of black clothing items. All the details get lost in the shadows and it also but dulls your images. Night gray, nighttime wash jeans and dark olive are great substitutions for black, though! Only maybe not navy, because again, I don’t love blue, haha.

And on the reverse end, wearing bright white is also not my favorite. Information technology tin cast bright spots onto faces in sure low-cal, or wait blue rather than white. Off-white and cream are smashing, though, and also white lace is fine because it has then much texture.

Neon! Don’t practice it! 😆

Always add in some neutrals
(like foam, brown and gray). Choosing as well much color and non plenty neutrals is a fault. For example, exercise Non have everyone wearable different shades of purple and xanthous. Instead, take someone in a floral dress with some lite imperial/mauve (avoid bright purple), another person in a light yellowish, someone else in foam, and another in brown. This fashion the colors aren’t then in your face and everything flows nicely. Case below:

Do not get besides formal for your photo session

Obviously, you want to look nice for your photos, but it’due south more of a relaxed vibe. Nosotros are going to exist playing games and having fun so wearing bow ties and blazers merely doesn’t make sense. For dads in particular, I’d stay away from dress pants and business shirts considering they tend to await uncomfortable, and the indicate is to accept fun! Also, basic long-sleeved business concern shirts are too puffy so they just aren’t flattering in photos (plus they have no texture so they look besides silky to me).

best portland fun family photographer

Stay abroad from logos, characters, and words on clothing

You probably already know this, but it’due south super important not to vesture whatever words, logos, or characters of any kind on your clothing. Even that tiny Nike or Carhartt logo in the meridian corner of your t-shirt is going to draw the center in that location rather than the subject of the photo… your family! That’s the entire point of your photo session and then let’due south proceed the attending on you.

Don’t put babies in skirts

I would absolutely recommend that any baby or toddler who volition be held more than 50% of the photograph session should not wear a brim or dress. Ane reason is that their diaper is probably going to end up showing. You can definitely get some cute bloomers but there is something else to consider. Parents are always trying to make sure they don’t squish the skirt so they put it over their arm while they concord the baby. But then it looks similar she’southward just floating in that location. My images are all about connection then I desire to see your arms wrapped around your little daughter, not a floating baby.

And so here’s a better choice! Put her in a romper! Or a cute top with cable-knit tights and ruffle-butt bloomers over them. Or ambrosial babe bell-bottoms and a summit. Something without a skirt. In that location are lots of super cute options out at that place!

baby girl in bell bottoms on beach

Try non to forget the piddling details

Check for the small things that sometimes go overlooked:
-Scrunchies and hair-ties on wrists
-Food in teeth or on kids’ faces
-Watches that are likewise modern (they merely really stand out and date your photos)
-Phones or keys in pockets (or annihilation, really. Empty those pockets!)

what to wear

Lastly, don’t forget to be yourselves!

Infuse your own personalities into your outfits if you can. If your daughter loves twirly dresses so put her in ane, but if she hates them, go for some bell bottoms with a knotted tee or a romper. If your piffling boy is obsessed with the colour orangish, observe a manner to comprise that into his outfit. Obviously, I love to photograph the movement of a apparel but if that’s as well not your way, add together the movement in another way, similar wearing a lace duster/kimono over your jeans and top. You want to look adept just you don’t want to wear things you are uncomfortable in. So next time you are asking yourself what to wearable to your family photo session, recall to put some of your ain style into it!

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And so what should you NOT wear for family photos?

  • Athletic shoes or uncomfortable shoes
  • Socks that don’t go with the rest of the outfits
  • Too much bluish
  • Article of clothing that doesn’t fit well
  • Patterns that accept also much contrast (example: a calorie-free background with a night pattern), small checkered pattern, or shut together, thin stripes.
  • Matching outfits!!! Don’t do information technology!
  • Turtlenecks, high collars, or hoodies
  • Bright white, neon, or too much black
  • Formal clothing
  • Characters, logos, and words on vesture
  • Skirts/dresses for babies
  • Digital watches (like an apple tree picket)
  • Anything in your pocket
  • Messy faces or dirty teeth
  • Hair ties on wrists

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