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By | 06/11/2022

What’s ane item that gets left to the final possible moment in family photos? What family photograph outfits to wear! And then hither is our guide on what to wear for family pictures that won’t leave you cringing years later.

Family photography is a great way to capture a meaningful moment in time or a snapshot of the year. They are a commemoration of the dearest shared by the whole family unit.

But setting up a family photoshoot tin can be a brunt. Y’all must do everything… from picking out a great location to ensuring the children are well-behaved (or behaved enough for a pic or ii!).

There are a lot of variables to gene into a successful shoot for family pictures. And a family’s outfits are an important gene!

A happy family, mother, father, children son and daughter walking in a field at sunset

Family Photo Outfits for Photoshoots

Photographers are not stylists or fashion designers by trade. But it even so falls on our shoulders to direct our clients to success. We can even acquire a fleck from the piece of work of way photographers.

If this means consulting on attire and what looks all-time in the family unit photos, so exist it. It is one expanse where people genuinely appreciate the expertise of a photographer.

Not all clothes are created equal. Some fabrics and colors look better than others in front end of our lenses. And in that location are some general rules about the types of wearing apparel that work best.

This is because calorie-free hits colour and fabric in unique ways. And some are more than flattering than others. Color works differently for dissimilar people.

Put me in yellow, and it looks like a post-mortem photo. Merely my friend Mandy never looks more alive than when she’s in yellow. So if you’re planning color-themed family photo outfits, ensure they piece of work for everyone!

Many clothes hanging on a clothes rack

x Best Ideas for Outfits for Family Pictures

Hither are 10 outfit ideas I have for a family photoshoot. Choosing family photo outfits can be hard. And then we hope each thought provides helpful tips yous can utilise.

10. Use Different Fabrics to Off-Gear up Single Colors

For instance, all black is a common choice for family unit pictures. But if all your textile textures are matte, your subjects can blend into the background. The adventure is they will end up looking like floating heads.

Father with daughters in black winter jackets on white isolated background

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose blackness. It just means you should try to mix up the fabrics. Maybe choose shiny black pants mixed with a matte shirt or a blackness jean vest. All these various fabrics catch the light differently in the images. They give your family pictures some separation.

9. Create Engaging Photos with Textured Clothing

Think that images are static. They don’t characteristic whatsoever existent movement. You don’t want your family pictures to expect too fixed. We can generate more involvement by including eye-catching elements. That makes a shot look “alive.”

Family posing by a wooden fence in autumn

Look for clothing that has a texture and vibrancy in its makeup. Some examples might be fluffy or furry items. Mix and match polish and rough, mesomorphic, and fine. That way, your family pictures will take interesting details!

8. Embrace Patterns to Provide Separation

These may seem too jarring to go out in, but patterns look skilful in family pictures. Again, we are adding a motion to a static prototype. Do be enlightened of moire patterns, though. Too, unless these are Christmas family photos, avert reindeer jumpers!

Family wearing colorful patterns and posing on a couch for Diwali festival

What’due south ane advantage of patterns? They provide separation, both from the groundwork and between family members. You lot might demand to play around with who stands where. You lot desire separation. But you lot don’t want clashes. Plus, you lot want to avoid distracting patterns with a large group of people.

vii. Apply Stripes to Flatter Family Fellow member Figures

Believe it or not, there is academic contend over this. Conventional wisdom says that horizontal stripes can make a figure await wider when photographed. And it is said that vertical lines make one look slender and tend to follow the curves of a body. But some academics have challenged this idea.

Two women wearing striped yellow and black dresses

The all-time bet for family pictures is to get your subjects to try a range of outfits. Then help them cull the ones that flatter them most. And you demand to continue the group as a whole in mind. Nobody wants their family photos to look like an interference pattern or a television test carte.

The same can be said for choosing flattering maternity outfits. The cardinal for family maternity photoshoots is flattering wearable that emphasizes the bump! Low-cal, flowing dresses are ever a dandy choice.

6. Wear Solid Colors to Keep the Focus on People

Sometimes family photos have an important location. It might be the family unit home. Or a special place for everyone. Often the location is just there as a backdrop. In that case, you tin can brand the focus all about the people.

A family sitting on a couch wearing bold colors

Solid colors tin can help the viewer focus on the features of the subject. But remember to proceed point 10 in mind. Bold, vivid colors are also a adept await for family pictures.

5. Find Flattering Necklines to Suit Individuals

The neckline is how designers cut the wearable for the neck. A 5-shape or a scoop cervix tends to await best on about people. Fashions alter, of course. And on some people, a crew neck or turtleneck looks great.
A family in neutral-color clothing sitting on a couch

Think Sean Connery or Brad Pitt. (Bad case—they’d look good dressed in a sack!) But you go my point. Family pictures are a blend of unity and individuality. Use the style that suits the subjects.

4. Encourage Fitted Clothing to Affirm Torso Types

If your subjects are “plus-size” or not comfortable with their body type, they might be tempted to wearable oversized wearing apparel. Evidently, the choice is theirs. This is for
family pictures, after all. Merely oversized clothes can distort their proportions far too much in photographs.

Encourage well-fitted clothing, including plus-size family photo outfits. It might be a question of confidence. And maybe your role is to reassure family unit members that they look great. In the stop, assert their selection of wear.

A woman and children dressed up and sitting outside with trees in the background

Establishing a human relationship with the clients is vital. Do this both before and during the family photoshoot. Clients who trust y’all are more likely to trust your opinion on their outfits.

3. Choose Wear That Fits the Location

If yous’re in a studio, something sheen or shiny can catch the lighting well. But remember, it can too bounce light around. And so try to avoid material that’s likewise reflective. If you’re outdoors, a sheer dress or brim can flow beautifully in the air.

You need to consider comfort too. Getting everyone to wear tweed for summer family unit photos is not good. And light, diaphanous wispy apparel in winter are too non good.

Photo of family in winter with matching family outfits

What if it rains? What if it’southward windy? No one wants family photos to wait similar an audition for Marilyn Monroe cosplay. Pick clothing style and material that best fits the surround and make a plan. This might mean having a backup plan for the family outfits.

ii. Allow Individual Style for Condolement and Smiles

Retrieve, it’south not the Kardashians! If you lot’ve ever watched the “Family Portrait” episode of “Modernistic Family,” you’ll know this. Don’t let the pursuit of Instagram perfection erase individuality. Sometimes you might need to gently persuade the lead family member of this.A young family dressed in white against a white background

There are many golden rules here virtually making the subjects feel comfy. A grumpy teen or a cantankerous Grandpa won’t thanks if y’all make them wear something that’s non their style. Smiles in family pictures should not be forced. So make people are comfy with their outfit ideas

1. Outfits Should Make People Feel Their Best

Ultimately, the well-nigh important matter is that family members feel comfortable. These aren’t professional models who can pose and smile wearing awkward and outlandish clothes.

A mother and daughter preparing food with the father looking on in the background

The best family photo wear is what they feel comfortable, confident, and remarkable in. Feeling good is an essential part of family pictures. It lets you lot capture families looking their all-time in the most authentic way possible.

Family Photograph Colour Schemes: What to Consider

In that location are some habiliment colors you’ll probable want families to avoid if they ask for your communication. Of course, this also depends on your skillset as a lensman and photo retoucher. The location of this photo extravaganza is important. Keep that in mind when reading this section.

Using White and How to Expose Information technology Properly

White, equally a color, is a pain. It tin exist super easy to overexpose when trying to properly expose for pare tones. If you must choose a calorie-free colour, off-white is so much better! Simply if you tin’t persuade the client, in that location are some ways around the problem.

If your camera has adept ISO invariance, underexpose ISO and shoot in RAW. This means yous catch particular in the shadows without blowing out the highlights.

Brand sure you use your camera’southward histogram. It’south actually important. It tells yous if your highlights are overexposed. You can’t do much if you lot blow out your highlights.

And to be extra safe, you lot tin can bracket the exposures by two-thirds of a stop. A decent continuous shooting speed helps with bracketing.

A summer family photo on the beach with parents and kids holding hands

Tips for Colors and Backgrounds

Dark colors in a busy or nighttime location are a disaster. Information technology’s a struggle to create adept subject separation from the groundwork. It’s a challenge outdoors, only lighting can help.

Aim lights at either side of your customer from a back angle to create a rim. Just the all-time way to solve a problem is to avoid it in the first place. Matching wear colors to the location is the same problem every bit wearing dark colors in a dark place.

Avoid forest dark-green when shooting in the woods or orange when doing a fall session! Unless a family unit member is adamant to be Robin Hood and lurk in the leaf, try to go along them and the groundwork separate.

A family of four running in a park with their dog

Colour Scheme Tips

Try to continue the color scheme in the same hue. For instance, ensure no one wears magenta (pink) that doesn’t match someone else’due south crimson hue. You don’t want to sit in the editing room making avoidable color corrections. Remember, the best editing happens before you lot press the shutter release.

For large families, you want everyone to keep their individualism. But you still want them to have a coordinated style. This is where color cohesion is and so important! Pick a scattering of colors for the family members to use. They can and so choose their nigh flattering outfit based on these color choices.

And, maybe you can’t leave your pets out of the family portrait? Organizing outfit ideas around your pet’south coat color scheme tin can exist fun. But bear in mind all our advice nigh blending colors.

Colorful Family Photo Outfits for All Seasons

A seasonal family photo session dictates the best colors for family outfits. Summer and fall scream warm colors. Winter and jump suggest more cool colors. Only don’t disbelieve a complementary colour scheme.

Summer family unit photos should be beachy and warm. Neutral colors like white work. Only bold, vivid colors similar blues and yellows are also fantabulous for summer family pictures. Encompass the sunny weather with sundresses and shorts galore!

Take advantage of the warm fall colors and the colder conditions. Choose family photo outfits with long sleeves and fall accessories. Thy can be a complementary colour palette.

A family sitting in a fall forest with a woman holding a dog
An autumn complementary color scheme of blue and orangish

Winter is crisp and magical. Information technology’southward a not bad idea to do family photo outfits with cool colors that are pale and look lite and airy.

Finally, spring is colorful, vibrant, and lovely. For spring family photos, pick a color scheme that emphasizes the bloom. Avoid also many greens or colors that may blend in with your surroundings.

Steps to Picking the Perfect Family Photograph Outfits

Here is a step-by-step guide for picking out family unit outfits for family photos. It is all about planning. Talk with the family and ensure family members are on the same page. Have them talk and listen to each other about the family unit photos.

Brand a planning meeting office of your routine. As y’all encounter from our list, in that location are a lot of details to consider. Role of the controlling process is compiling a shot list.

A family photo with members lying on the ground on top of each other

If they accept gone to the attempt to get everyone together, then make the about of it. There’s no point in just having a big group randomly standing together.

It’s always worth thinking about whether article of clothing changes are possible. If you’re at the family’s habitation, this should be easy. Other locations might nowadays problems. But it’s good to be able to make subtle changes.

You lot don’t need a changing room to swap sweaters or add scarves or vests. These should all be function of the shot list and planning session.

Close-up of folded knitted garments
Having accessories like scarves on manus can add color and texture

Pace 1: Choose a Shoot Location to Determine Outfits

Are you lot taking photos in the forest, in a studio, or on the street? What family unit photo outfits brand sense for these locations? Is it hot, is information technology cold, or is it snowing? Are you taking summer family photos on the embankment?

Y’all desire everyone to wait skillful and be comfortable at the same time. Yous also want the outfits to complement the location. Of class, call back to prevent people from blending into the background as well much.

Step 2: Agree on a Main Outfit as a Basis for Others

Organizing the wear for anybody in family photos can be daunting. Good planning and a good working relationship are vital. To get things going, we need a starting signal.

We recommend chatting with the organizer of the photoshoot to hash out their outfit thought first. This is very important. Y’all and the primary family member need to agree on the base habiliment fashion. In one case you accept that starting bespeak, anybody else’s outfit will fall into place.

A family posing in pastel- and gray-colored clothing against a white background

If you’re reading this as a customer, pick your outfit first. And then organize your family’southward outfits effectually this expect. Again, your outfit acts as a baseline. Apparently, these are your family photos, so you get to cull. But also listen to the lensman, who can requite impartial advice.

Are y’all having trouble figuring out the first outfit? Look effectually your home! Interior decor speaks volumes about personal fashion styles. This is peculiarly relevant if you want beautiful family unit prints to decorate the walls. Choose an outfit that complements the interior manner.

Or y’all tin look dorsum at recent photos. They don’t even have to be family photos. Find ones where y’all loved the mode your outfit looked. That can likewise be your starting point.

Step 3: Choose a Color Palette to Coordinate Outfits

After establishing the get-go outfit, the adjacent step is choosing outfits with the best colors that go with information technology. Try non to exist too jarring with different colors. Also much differentiation may make the family photos also disorganized. As a family, you want to be cohesive and look similar you belong together!

It’s best to pick a handful of colors. This allows family members to choose what they like best from their wardrobe. Information technology also gives you room to dress each family member in something that is virtually flattering for them.

A family of three outdoors in a park with a man holding a child

Mostly, muted colors (not black or white) are the all-time. Navy blue, light greens, and pastel reds are all popular choices. But try to avoid clothing with bold characters and text. And don’t use prints that are too loud. These can all be besides distracting.

The most stress-free method is to pick outfits from the same wearable make. And you tin also option a corresponding collection within that brand. But this can exist pricey, depending on the brand.

Step four: Tell a Story with Family Outfits

Pick a story to tell with family outfits. This creates a unique epitome that the family tin can connect with. A holiday story equals vacation outfits and colors! A beach vacation story can include summertime accessories like sunglasses and seaside colors. And adding an activity tin can assist tell a story as well.

A family dressed in white painting together on floor with paint on their faces
Utilize fun household activities like painting and casual apparel you don’t heed getting dirty

Stride five: Double-Check Details to Avert a Lot of Editing

Photoshop and Lightroom open up whole new worlds of post-production possibilities. But to avert a lot of editing work, ensure family unit outfits photo well.

Picking out colors that blend into ane another likewise much can be a trouble. Over-accessorizing can exist distracting. And scarves or bulky items may look disproportionate, besides.

Plus, pay attending to the details! Ensure people remove the tags on clothes, snip threads, and take hair bands off their wrists. These may seem pocket-sized inconveniences until you lot find yourself editing all these nuisances out of photographs.


Advising on outfit ideas is an excellent opportunity for A+ customer service. Clear, friendly, and informative advice is key to success and client loyalty. Working through an idea as crucial every bit family photo outfits is a great way to build lasting working relationships.

One challenge for a professional person photographer is juggling responsibilities. Helping to cull outfits for family pictures might seem like an extra burden. But this has one purpose—to produce family unit photos the clients honey.

View from above of family lying on the floor and looking up at the camera

That way, they’ll come up back again. And they’ll tell their friends! So outfit ideas might seem like one more detail to worry nigh. But it’s about supplying the all-time-looking family photos for your customer.

Keep the communication in this article in mind next fourth dimension you chat with your clients about their family photos! At present that y’all have some tips for family photograph outfits check out our post on family unit photo ideas next!

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