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Filters That Make Your Eyes Pop

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For the last couple of years or so, our optics have had to deport entire looks equally we go about our day masked up. And then to make your eyes pop and expect their all-time, mask or not,
AirBrush, the easy photo editor, has got the tools to make those peepers stand out. Got runty lashes? We’ve got you! Need a little makeup? We’ve got you! Got astigmatism? We… we’ll need you lot to see a professional about that. But every other enhancement? Nosotros’ve got you and nosotros’re going to guide you through them now.

Middle Colour

The boldest way to make your optics pop with simply one tap. Go equally natural or as extreme as you want with
Eye Color. Play around with icy middle colors or warm ones to discover a new fit that yous like. Of class, with
y’all accept the option to tone things down for only a hint of contrasting colour. If you wanted, you could only stop there, but nosotros have a lot more than to show yous.


Make your eyes pop - eyelashes

We’ve got a friend who is our in-house mascara queen. They know which ones lengthen, which ones thicken and which ones clump (if you’re into that). Only with our
Tool, we’ve been able to put abroad our notes because of the options. Glam looks, natural looks and some in between. It’s lashes for days, so you’ll never have to recollect about your mascara once more.


girl in green jumpsuit holding her face

If you need to add a bit, or a lot, of glamour, the
Tool comes with multiple options to become you fixed up. Are y’all in a natural mood? Smoky mood? Golden mood? Add some colour if yous’re feeling audacious. We think you lot’ll detect that nosotros’ve something to make your eyes popular.


Make your eyes pop  -eyebrows

If y’all’ve been growing out your
to try out a new brow shape, we’ve got a great way for you to test before you commit. Tin can the brow lamination lady give you that? Choose between straight and bold or feathered and light. Every choice can be intensified or reduced to ensure you’ve got the virtually flattering shape.


woman with short hair, piercings and eye liner

We know the struggle. Some of us caught on and got so adept, a mirror is barely needed. And then some of us no longer buy eyeliner. But the look is so versatile and allows for so much experimentation, that we had to include an
feature that allows you to experience the iconic look. Even if information technology’south simply through your pics. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Dark Circles

make your eyes pop - dark circles

Our last tool is a powerhouse all on its own.
Dark Circles
says it all in the proper name and if yous’re tired of slapping on concealer, nosotros’ve got a convenient alternative. In merely a few swipes, banish those bags to make your optics pop and stand up out. And if you become overboard, there’due south an eraser to make you look as natural as you want. Or go for total perfection, no judgement hither.

And…done! Your optics will be popping, in a expert way, in no time. Eyes will always be a focal point, so brand them stand up out with the enhancement tools from
AirBrush, the easy photo editor. When you post your pics tag them with
so they’re like shooting fish in a barrel to find. So follow u.s.a.
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